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Sole E35 Review

Quick Summary

Smooth and reliable, the Sole E35 has always been a best buy. Key performance specs include a high-quality 25-pound flywheel, a 20″ stride and 20 incline settings. Other features include an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth audio speakers, wireless chest strap compatibility, and a USB charging port.

Want to learn more about the Sole E35 to see if it’s the right elliptical for your workout needs? Read our full Sole E35 elliptical review below.


Model Sole E35

Our custom rating considers all of the elliptical's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

List Price

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Resistance is what determines calories burned per stride. The more levels, the more precisely you can control the difficulty.

20 Levels
Resistance Type

The type of resistance affects the performance of your elliptical. Magnetic and Eddy-Current are the most common types.

Eddy Current Braking
Stride Length

Stride Length is important for comfort and smooth strides. A stride length of 18-21 inches is ideal for most heights (5'3 - 6'7).


Elliptical pedals can be cushioned and adjustable for maximum comfort and minimum impact on joints for injury prevention.

Cushioned & Adjustable

Some elliptical trainers can be set at an incline to increase difficulty and burn more calories.

20 levels

The flywheel controls the smoothness and resistance of your workout. In general, the higher the better.

25 lbs

Elliptical Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.

User Profiles

For each profile the elliptical allows, you can create a custom user account with saved programs and goal settings.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate programs allow you to track how many times your heart is beating per minute (bpm), and some control the workout for you.

Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible

Elliptical Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

7.5" LCD
Max. Weight

Max User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that it can safely support, which can represent durability.

375 lbs

Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this elliptical will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

71"H x 82"L x 31"W
Weight: 231 lbs
Upper Body

Most ellipticals have handles to hold while you're working out that provide an upper body workout.

Accessory Tray

Some ellipticals include an accessory tray for holding items such as water bottles, wallets, keys, or MP3 players like iPods.


Ellipticals that include a sound system allow you to listen to your MP3 player/iPod through built-in speakers (without headphones).

Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans are designed to help keep you cool during an intense workout on your elliptical.


Some ellipticals are designed to conserve space by folding up. This is a convenient option, but some features might be reduced.

Quick Controls

Quick Controls allow you to select speed, incline and even workout programs with the touch of a button (usually on the handles).


The warranty is an important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs.

Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 5 Years
Electronics: 5 Years
Labor: 2 Years (In-Home)

Rating: 92.6%

Our Rating

Rating: 92.6/100.

Why is the Sole E35 elliptical a top seller? Like other Sole Fitness elliptical trainers, it has the mechanics and durability to outperform others in its price class. It’s also backed by an excellent warranty and Sole’s reputation for great customer service. Now sporting Bluetooth and other enhancements, the Sole E35 elliptical has become a home gym favorite. Although it has an MSRP of $2,799, you can bag it online for less than $1,500.

Is the E35 the best elliptical for you? It’s designed to fit the typical trainee in terms of skill and body size. A wide range of resistance comes from its 25-pound drive and the elliptical path is 20″ long, which is the same stride length used on Sole’s E98 Light Commercial Elliptical and other club-quality trainers. That said, elite athletes might prefer a model with an even heavier drive, or prefer to opt for a Sole elliptical with an adjustable stride like the E95S.

Pros & Cons


  • Reputable brand with fantastic customer support
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Very quiet operation
  • Smooth 25-pound flywheel
  • Pedals are cushioned and adjustable for comfort
  • Power incline with 20 settings
  • 10 workout programs
  • Wireless and touch heart rate receivers (wireless chest strap included)
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Creature comforts including an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth audio speakers, USB charging port, cooling fans, and water bottle holder


  • Can’t download new workouts
  • Stride length isn’t adjustable

Sole E35 Elliptical Full Review

Moderately priced and smartly engineered, the E35 elliptical is another winning machine from Sole Fitness. This $1,399.99 cardio trainer can serve a household for many years, providing just the right level of challenge for typical trainees. It won’t be outgrown quickly, and for peace of mind, it carries a best-in-class warranty too. 

Dig deeper into the E35’s workout programming, special features and buyer protections below.

Workout Programs

Like all Sole ellipticals, the E35 can guide exercise with 10 programs. Five programs are classics for elliptical trainers: Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Interval and Strength. Two programs are controlled by heart rate; they adjust the machine’s resistance to help you exercise in your target heart rate zone. The remaining options are manual mode and two user-designed programs.

Sole E35 Features

Workout programming is shown on a 7.5-inch LCD built into the console. To ensure a clear view of data, the console’s angle is adjustable.

Sole workout programming can also be shown on your tablet or smartphone by running the Sole Fitness app. If you choose this option, this also means that after a program is set up, you can enjoy other apps on your device while you train; Sole’s app will run in the background to control the elliptical machine’s incline and resistance and track your fitness stats. You can use the app to send your exercise stats to your favorite fitness app such as FitBit, MapMyRun or Apple Health.

A top performance feature of the Sole E35 is its power incline. With 20 settings to choose from, it allows targeted muscle-toning that’s not possible on trainers with just one flat elliptical path. For even more dynamic training, the pedals can move in reverse motion too.

Worried about staying comfortable during your workout session? The E35 has got you covered. Its pedals are both cushioned and adjustable (through the 3-position articulating foot beds) to encourage longer training sessions. They’re also oversized to allow for foot repositioning, which reduces fatigue. Their 2 degree inward slope reduces ankle and knee stress, something that is common in other elliptical machines. 

For heart rate monitoring this elliptical is delivered with a wireless chest strap and also has pulse sensors on its stationary handlebars.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Sole E35 Elliptical warranty provides the following coverage:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Parts: 5 years

– Electronics: 5 years

– Labor: 2 years

Sole elliptical trainers are sold with 30-day money-back guarantees. Sole Fitness, unlike many of its competitors, provides in-home service for all repairs.


The Sole E35 elliptical with Bluetooth is a great buy at its $1,399.99 sale price. Considering its long warranty, fantastic customer support, and many built-in creature comforts, it’s safe to say the Sole E35 will serve you well for years to come. It’s designed for years of trouble-free operation and has the power to help you keep reaching new heights of fitness.

Recent Updates

October 17, 2022: Updated price and specifications to most current model. Added FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is the Sole E35 elliptical?

The Sole E35 weighs 231 lbs and has a maximum user weight capacity of 375 lbs.

Is the Sole E35 elliptical foldable?

No, the Sole E35 is not foldable.

Is the Sole E35 quiet?

Yes, the Sole E35 elliptical is relatively quiet – particularly compared with treadmills that require repeated thumping of the feet.

In what year was the Sole E35 elliptical made?

Sole released the E35 in 2o12, and since then it’s been updated every few years.

What is the Sole E35 elliptical worth?

The Sole E35 currently has a sale price of $1399.99.

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