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Weslo Momentum G 3.8 Review

This product has been discontinued


Weslo Momentum G 3.8

The Weslo Momentum G 3.8 elliptical is sold at supercenters like Wal-Mart and Sears, and about what you would expect for the price paid.

At $199, the Weslo Momentum G 3.8 is tempting for first-time fitness equipment buyers, but you should be weary of an elliptical with very little warranty coverage.

It will meet the requirements of some smaller, lightweight users who will be able to fit into the short stride length (12″) and smaller frame (250 lbs. max user weight). Learn more by reading our full Weslo Momentum G 3.8 elliptical review below…


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Full Review

Quick Summary
Rating: 28.6/100. Very affordable yet extremely basic elliptical provides the means to an exercise but little else. Appropriate for those on an extremely tight budget.

– LCD display w/ speed, time, distance readouts
– Monitor heart rate with EasyPulse
– Designed for smaller users w/ short stride length
– Compact trainer for those on a budget
– Burn more calories with upper-body workout
– Get the most intense workout w/ RPM meter

– Extremely poor warranty coverage on trainer
– Stride length, frame will not support larger users
– Very few extras (cooling fan, quick controls, mp3)


The Weslo Momentum G 3.8 elliptical is appropriately classified in the “budget elliptical” price range and is pretty bleak in terms of quality features.

For starters, the basic resistance and 12 inch stride will not satisfy most consumers looking to break a little sweat during their exercise, but it will fulfill a particular niche of body size.

Just know that at 89 lbs., the elliptical is unsteady, shaky with a resistance system that some consumers complain is prone to breaking.

Workout Programs

The Weslo Momentum G 3.8 offers absolutely no pre-defined workout programs.

Therefore, you’ll have to go old school and research different elliptical workouts on the Internet and then print off the instructions.

If you’re a Go-Getter that likes to experiment and research different exercise options, catering the workout 100 percent to your own preferences you might like this fact.

However, most would just prefer a few standard workout options given that practically every other elliptical on the market has at least something.

Elliptical Features

You get what you pay for. The Weslo Momentum G 3.8 has very few extra features, but enough to get you exercising.

The LCD display is a nice addition. It tracks your RPM to inform you when to pick up the pace or slow down, including the standard speed, distance, time readouts.

The G 3.8 elliptical is also equipped with an EasyPulse sensor to monitor your heart rate.

Burn more calories and add muscle tone with the upper-body arms.

When you are finished with a workout, easily transport the trainer across any room with built-in transport wheels. If space is an issue, you’ll really appreciate the fact that the elliptical weights less than 100 lbs.

The ellptical also features a water bottle holder, though no quick controls, cooling fan, mp3 port, etc that are fairly common on most ellipticals.

Warranty & Guarantee

The lousy Weslo Momentum G 3.8 elliptical offers no warranty coverage on frame and electronics. It does include:

– Parts: 90 Days
– Labor: 90 Days

Contact ICON Fitness for more information.


The Weslo Momentum G 3.8 is a means to exercise, though the durability of the trainer is certainly questionable bringing up the point of whether or not it is a smart long term investment.

On a tight budget? Consider other ellipticals under $500.

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