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Cybex 625AT Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Cybex 625AT Arc Trainer is a club-quality cross trainer that outperforms elliptical machines in two key ways: calorie burn and joint protection.

It’s more versatile than ellipticals too; the 625AT supports stepping, striding and gliding along with upper body toning.

This unit is iPod/iPhone compatible and can be upgraded with a 15.6″ monitor showing video workouts, TV and the web.

Learn more from the 625AT Arc Trainer review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 89.1/100. The Cybex 625AT Arc Trainer is a unique alternative to elliptical machines. Instead of using an elliptical path, it provides an arc or crescent-shaped footpath that supports about 16% more efficient calorie burn. The arc motion is very low impact, which helps trainees exercise for longer time periods without feeling fatigued or risking joint injury. The 625AT also has the advantage of a long adjustable stride. With a maximum length of 24″, it supports cross-country gliding, short steps and everything in between. This helps keep workouts interesting and allows for targeted muscle sculpting at 21 incline levels. Also impressive on the 625AT are the moving arm bars. These don’t simply move with the trainee but push back, delivering results about 80% more quickly compared with elliptical trainers.

Nine workout programs are included. One is controlled by heart rate data, which can be sent wirelessly or with touch sensors. Programming is shown on an LED monitor. Also available is a 15.6″ high definition monitor with access to additional workout programs, live TV, on-demand TV, an Internet browser and other benefits.

Cybex Arc Trainers are made in the USA and sold with a choice of three warranties: residential, light commercial and full commercial. Custom frame colors are available to match customers’ branding or home decor. The MSRP for the 625AT is $7,845.


  • Three lower body exercises: glide, stride and climb
  • 21 incline levels
  • Moving arm bars
  • Very low impact
  • Ideal for cardio, weight loss and strength training
  • Preset workout variety
  • Heart rate control
  • Wireless and contact heart rate receivers
  • Maximum 900 Watts resistance
  • Machine adjusts its resistance to user weight
  • iPod/iPhone compatible
  • Optional 15.6″ monitor with web and TV
  • Optional Cybex GO with extra workouts and tracking
  • Optional audio channels
  • Custom frame colors
  • Compact size
  • Made in the USA


  • High price
  • No cooling fan


The Cybex 625AT Arc Trainer packs lots of workout potential into a compact space. Sometimes described as “three machines in one,” it supports very low impact gliding, striding and stepping with efficient calorie burn. This machine is fantastic for toning the hamstrings, glutes and lower body in general — and as for upper body toning, it’s almost twice as effective as elliptical cross trainers. Our Arc Trainer review continues with a look at the workout programs and other features.

Workout Programs

The 625AT Arc Trainer can be used in manual mode, Quick Start, and with nine varied programs: three for weight loss, two for strength, three for classic cardio conditioning and one that uses heart rate control. These programs control the machine’s incline and resistance. Most programs can be used at 10 levels.

Data shown are time, calories, calories per hour, strides per minute, calories per hour, Watts, METs and heart rate. Additionally a multicolor indicator shows the heart rate zone.

The display is multilingual. The options are English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Danish and Dutch.

Cybex 625AT Arc Trainer Features

The console has a magazine rack, two accessory trays and a bottle holder.

The default monitor shows progress on a simple LED. (The top Arc Trainer has a touch screen.)

An available upgrade for the 625AT is a 15.6″ HD monitor, which can be used in Internet mode, TV mode or with Cybex GO workout programming. The HD monitor can be programmed to show a fitness facility’s logo and welcome message.

An audio receiver can be added for digital radio.

The Arc Trainer is compatible with iPod and iPhone, providing on-screen controls. It can also sync with a mobile app for convenient tracking of exercise data.

The 625AT frame is available in virtually any color to match fitness facilities and home design.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Cybex 625AT Arc Trainer is sold with residential, light commercial and commercial warranty packages. All provide 10 years of coverage for the frame. Other coverage is as follows:

– Residential: 5 years parts, 3 years labor

– Light Commercial: 3 years parts, 3 years labor

– Full Commercial: 3 years parts, 1 year labor


If it fits your gym budget, the Cybex 625AT is highly recommended. It’s popular at top fitness centers and is sensibly sized for home use too. This total body trainer makes it possible to sculpt and strengthen the whole body, manage weight, exercise the heart and avoid joint pain. It’s especially motivating with the optional upgrades of TV, Internet and digital radio — but even without the frills, it encourages almost anyone to make exercise a habit.

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