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Best iFit Coach Workouts

iFit Coach workouts have three formats: basic, Google Maps and video. When you build your own programs, the choices are infinite! But considering ready-to-go options, below are some of the best iFit Coach workouts in each style. These favorites work with iFit Coach treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes.

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Best iFit Coach Workouts – Basic

Multiple graphs showcasing calories burned based on workout styleBy “basic” iFit Coach workouts we mean classic computerized workouts. These are inspired by standard programs on health club machines — Rolling Hills, Intervals, etc. — but iFit variety is much greater. Whatever your skill level and fitness goal, there’s always a “just right” routine.

Basic iFit workout programs show your progress with graphs. The views aren’t flashy, but the programs allow wonderfully precise personal training… And as shown here, one of the best iFit Coach workout series mixes basic programs with interactive Google Maps workouts.

Basic iFit Workouts Example: Level One: 4 Weeks to Fit for Treadmill

Level One: 4 Weeks to Fit for Treadmill is among our favorite iFit Coach series for beginners. Each week features three short workout routines: two in basic format, and one in Google Maps with Street View. We love how these workouts fit together:

Level One 4 weeks to fit for treadmill

  1. To help you confidently build skill, the basic workouts give predictable patterns of challenge.
  2. The Google Maps workouts let you apply your “basic training” to simulated real-world trails. Altogether you visit four European countries.

For example, coastal Ireland is Week 1’s reward. Here’s the plan:

  • Workout Day 1 – Basic hill training
  • Workout Day 2 – Basic interval training
  • Workout Day 3 – Field trip! Build upon your first two workouts with exercise in emerald-green northern Ireland.

Profiles of the Week 1 workouts show a logical progression:

Profiles of the Week 1 workout progression in form of a graph


Each week the challenge increases, and different running styles are introduced (e.g., steady climbs and speed surges). Overall this series is an impressive introduction to treadmill training… and when you’ve mastered the course, Level 2 awaits!

Stats for Level One: 4 Weeks to Fit For Treadmill

Average Distance: 1.78 miles

Elevation Gains: Minimum 30 feet, maximum 556 feet

Average Calories: 152

Best iFit Coach Workouts – Google Maps

Tour the world from your home gym! Virtual getaways with Google Maps are a key to iFit Coach popularity. Google Maps programs in iFit Coach add scenic views to indoor exercise, plus they adjust your machine’s incline to mimic the rise and fall of landscapes. Below is a favorite Level 3 collection that hits seven continents in 30 days.

Google Maps iFit Workouts Example: Around the World in 30 Days

Around the World in 30 days with a map and compass in the background

Around the World In 30 Days is a Google Maps world tour for iFit bikes, ellipticals and treadmills. A Level 3 collection, it has some of the best iFit Coach workouts with intermediate-level climbs and truly awesome views.

Here are three screenshots of the iFit Grand Canyon workout: a Google Street View, a satellite view, and an elevation graph.

screenshots of the iFit Grand Canyon workout: a Google Street View, a satellite view, and an elevation graph.

What makes “Around the World” an iFit Coach favorite?

  • Fantastic views help keep motivation high. A wide variety of Earth’s greatest hits are included. Snowy Antarctica is your starting point, and a tropical island is your final destination.
  • These workouts fit a busy lifestyle. The average route is just 2.3 miles long. Several are only a mile.
  • The sessions are well organized. The day after a tough climb, for example,iFit Coach gives you a relatively easy downhill path.

Stats for Around the World in 30 Days

Average Distance: 2.3 miles

Elevation Gains: Minimum 0 feet, maximum 1,411 feet

Average Calories: 204

Best iFit Coach Workouts – Video

Fitness videos have taken big strides since the fall of Blockbuster, and iFit has led the way. The best iFit Coach videos feel interactive; you virtually experience a personal trainer’s coaching and/or an outdoor path. This iFit video shows previews:

The video quality is cutting-edge. All iFit Coach videos are filmed in HD. Some give you two volume controls: one for the music and one for the coach.

iFit Video Workouts Example: Level 5: Tour de France 2017

Tour de france iFit training program banner

Ride the Tour de France in the good ol’ USA! The iFit Coach Tour de France 2017 training program replicates all 21 stages of the world-famous race from Dusseldorf to Montgeron. The sights are rewarding and generally the rides are intense. The typical TDF segment is about 20 miles long with an elevation gain of at least 500 feet.

As a Level 5 workout program, the full Tour de France 2017 is for advanced cyclists only… but some segments are friendly to beginners. For instance, the start of the race is mostly flat or downhill:

Tour de France map view with workout trail highlighted and a workout elevation graph

iFit Coach has made video workouts of Tour de France races since 2013. These cater especially to owners of ProForm Tour de France exercise bikes.  

Stats for Tour de France 2017

Average Distance: 21.6 miles

Average Elevation Gain: 1,219 feet

Calories Burned in Most Workouts: 400 – 900

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Your Turn

iFit members, add your experience! What makes your list of best iFit Coach workouts, and why? Let us know with a comment below.


  • Steve Nielsen March 27, 2019 at 7:39 am
    Love the Tommy Rivers King of the Mountain cycle series. Great coaching and explanations.
    • Courtney Grafton March 27, 2019 at 3:37 pm
      We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying Steve!

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