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Bowflex Series 7 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

While discontinued from production by Bowflex, the Series 7 remains available as a used model online and one certainly worth a look for the right price. Built with a powerful motor, the unit features a solid frame from a reputable brand and offers a 15-year frame warranty. That said, it’s not just an older model, but a big one at that. Measuring 86.6″ x 36.3″ x 55.2″ and weighing 280 pounds when in use, the unit does fold up for easy storage, but it does require more space than some of its peers. For the right buyer though, it may well be the perfect treadmill to park in a home gym or garage.

If bought as a used model, keep in mind that parts might be difficult to source. That said, Bowflex as a manufacturer does a good job of serving its products. And, a good home treadmill is worth its weight as more and more jobs are going remote. For a full review of the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill read below…

Our Rating

Rating: 81.3/100.

A solid folding treadmill across the board, the Series 7 features a relatively small 7″ HD touchscreen and built-in media shelf. Newer models do offer better screens, it’s true. But other big plusses for the Series 7 include speed and incline up to 12 mph and 15%. With heart rate hand grips and a Bluetooth HR armband, the machine also sports a SoftDrop folding system and Comfort Tech deck cushioning. While newer home treadmills these days are proudly sporting screens double or triple the size of this one, it’s worth remembering that a home treadmill can always be used in conjunct with a smart television or other device. A built-in media shelf does come with attachments with which one can secure either a phone or tablet as well.

Not Bowflex’s latest or greatest, but rated about 4 stars on average. Frankly, if it weren’t out of production and only available as a used model, we’d rank it higher. But in this price range, the 7 Series is very much worth considering.


  • Industry standard 3.0 CHP motor
  • Large 20″ x 60″ running surface
  • Built-in media shelf
  • Bluetooth-enabled for heart rate and smart devices
  • Bluetooth HR armband included
  • Bowflex JRNY Fitness App compatible
  • The Strike Zone Cushioning system
  • Vibrant backlit skylight LCD display
  • Built-in three-speed workout fan
  • SoftDrop folding


  • No speakers
  • Discontinued model


The Bowflex Series 7 is a contender worth a second look in the $1,000 price range. With a 3.0 CHP motor and 20″ x 60″ deck, the two most important aspects of a treadmill are secure. The treadmill’s speeds top out at 12 mph and it features up to 15% incline, which means fast runners won’t have to worry. The Bowflex Series 7 also boasts a whopping 375-pound user weight max, which is good indicator of overall stability. The Bowflex Series 7 also offers 15 pre-defined workout programs, pulse grips and telemetric heart rate monitoring, Backlite Skylight LCD display, and The Strike Zone Cushioning on the deck. The machine features quick incline and quick-speed keys for easy access to desired settings.

Customers shopping for home exercise equipment are a diverse bunch indeed. At another end of the spectrum, some folks seek bells and whistles. For those wanting a solid balance between size, offerings, performance, and price, a used model such as the Series 7 might just be the ticket.

As with most Bowflex treadmills, this unit comes ready to work with JRNY Fitness App. A $19.99 per month, or $149 per year, subscription is required for the app, which can utilized by both Android and iOS devices. In addition to daily workouts, the JRNY program utilizes AI-technology to create adaptive workouts and offers routines based on preferences. Real-time coaching is also offered by way of the app, as well as virtual runs through more than 50 different locations across the Earth. On-demand classes and curated musical playlists offer users are popular features as well as a relatively unique partnership Bowflex has with Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ where users can stream a wide range of entertainment options while working out. The JRNY app also works with other Bowflex machines and can be taken anywhere any time on a separate device.

Workout Programs

Even without a paid app such as JRNY, there are a wide range of workout options on the Bowflex Series 7. The treadmill’s basic programming includes a Manual Setting as well as Cardio, Fat Burn, Speed Interval Jogger, and Hill Intervals. As with other Bowflex treadmills, the machine also offers a heart strength/recovery test, cardio heart rate calculation, and a body mass index (BMI) test. The Series 7 offers two custom programs for individualization as well as two additional heart rate programs. The treadmill features built-in pulse grips or telemetric option for quick heart rate readouts and does come equipped with a Bluetooth HR armband.

Given that the treadmill offers a top speed of 12 mph and 15% incline there aren’t many workouts one can’t do here. From slow walking to High Intensity Interval Training, a unit this size can handle it. If the Bowflex JRNY Fitness App isn’t the right pick, consider the number of apps out on the market now are booming. For a detailed review of what’s available, check out our full page here.

Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill Features

The first feature a Series 7 buyer might notice is the 7″ Backlite Skylight LCD display which keeps users informed during intense workouts. Not one of the bigger screens on the market, but certainly sufficient. A built-in media shelf features an attachment for tablets or phones, and to that extent, one can utilize a wide variety of screens whether for apps or entertainment. As a home treadmill, it’s also easy enough to park the machine near a smart television and utilize it for programming.

When purchasing a treadmill, running surface size and the motor are two of the bigger price points. With a 20″ x 60″ running surface and 3.0 CHP motor, the Series 7 is a solid mid-level machine. Bigger motors and wider surfaces would need to be considered for especially tall runners or those wanting marathon training, but with a a 375-pound max user weight, and 15-year warranty, one can rest assured this treadmill was built to last.

As a folding treadmill, the Series 7 fits in into the home with cutting-edge SoftDrop folding technology. The unit folds up to a fairly compact 40.87″ x 35″ x 65.5 ” size, though the 298-pound weight of the machine does not necessary make it extremely compact. Big for a folding unit yes, but keep in mind that a weight max such as this is going to require that size. The treadmill also offers a built-in three-speed cooling fan, a cushioning system on a durable two-ply belt, as well as two bottle/cup holders.

Questions & Answers

  • Can one buy a replacement heart monitor strap that works with the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill?
    Yes, options are available both on the Bowflex website as well as elsewhere online.
  • Does the Bowflex Series 7 easy to assemble? 
    Yes, as with other members of the Bowflex family, assembly is actually quite easy.
  • How do I lubricate the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill? 
    The first step is to ensure the treadmill is unplugged at the power source and completely off. Next, loosen the treadmill belt and lift it with one hand while spraying the lubricant onto one side, and then perform the same measure on the other side. After tightening the belt, turn the treadmill back on and let it run at a slow speed for 5 to 6 minutes so as to distribute the lubricant over the surface. Be sure to wipe away any spilt lubricant from the sides of the machine.

Warranty & Guarantee

While discontinued as a model, the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill warranty and guarantee package does include:

– Frame/Motor: 15 Years
– Mechanical/Electrical: 5 Years
– Labor: 2 Years


Overall, the Series 7 from Bowflex is a fantastic choice for a treadmill, and if one can find a good used model, we’d give it a favorable look. With treadmills being advanced and upgraded as frequently as they are these days, don’t hold the fact it’s discontinued against it. We like the size and stability of this machine, and frankly Bowflex products have a good reputation across the board. For runners seeking a quality training partner, the Bowflex Series 7 might just be their answer.

Looking for a newer option? Find out how the Series 7 compares to the Top 5 Treadmills Page.


  • David July 6, 2020 at 11:47 am from New Jersey, U
    Hi, I have this Series 7 model treadmill and it's been covered and was barely used. Is it possible to get this a tune-up ?
    • FitRated July 22, 2020 at 4:39 pm
      Hi David, you will have to contact Bowflex Customer Support to see if they can help you with your machine. You can call them at (800) 605-3369 or message them on their Facebook page. Hope you get the tune-up your machine needs!

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