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Staying Safe While Using A Treadmill

If you’re about to get started with a workout routine using a treadmill, there are a few important points that you must remember about staying safe while using one.

Many people think that using a treadmill is pretty straight forward – just press go and start walking or running, but there are a few other factors to consider.


In order to get the best workout possible you want to be sure that you’re using all the various functions of the treadmill correctly while staying safe at all times.

Let’s have a quick look at a few of the most important things to note about using a treadmill.

Always Wear Proper Footwear

The very first thing that you must remember when using a treadmill is to always make sure that you’re wearing proper footwear.

Most people already know the importance of having good running shoes when going for a run outdoors, but for some reason some figure that this doesn’t apply when on a treadmill.

Just because the treadmill will have a supportive deck does not mean you still don’t need supportive shoes. Wear the same running shoes on the machine as you would outdoors.

Use The Safety Clip

The next thing to consider is using the safety clip. Now, if you’re a seasoned runner or just going for a very light walk you may decide you don’t need it, but if you are uncertain about using a treadmill as you’ve never been on one before, it is a good idea to use for at least a few times.

Getting used to the movement of the belt underneath you can take some time and having that clip on you will provide great assurance support.

Make Use Of The Heart Rate Monitor

Many treadmills also come equipped with a heart rate monitor so if the model you’re using has this, you’ll also definitely want to make good use of that as well.

Heart rate monitors are excellent for allowing you to see how hard you’re working so you can be sure that you’re staying within comfortable limits.

Remember, it’s good to push yourself but don’t ever push yourself past a safe level. If you’re overexerting yourself, you could start to feel light-headed or faint, which would quickly become very serious when on a treadmill.

Consider Using The Incline

Finally, if you’re someone who’s looking to increase the intensity of your session on the treadmill but doesn’t want to move up to a full run, then consider using the incline instead.

Walking on an incline is a terrific way to strengthen the legs, burn more calories, and get your heart rate up just as you would running.

It’s a great way to intensify your workouts without adding any excess stress on your joints.

So there you have the main safety and performance points to remember as you get ready to use a treadmill. When used properly, this can be one of the top pieces of fitness equipment to help you attain a body you’re proud of.


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