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Samsung Gear S3 Review: The Smartest Watch Ever

Smartwatches are exceedingly popular these days, giving people many of the capabilities they normally get with their mobile devices in a more convenient package that can be worn around their wrist. As they are fulfilling the requirements of both, they not only need to do it all, but do it better.

Samsung Gear S3 Review

They need to be resistant to the elements, tell time, give people information about the weather, have Internet access, allow users to make calls and keep track of their locations. And that’s just for starters. Many are equipped with everything from speakers to GPS locators, helping people avoid all sorts of dangerous situations and making it easier for them to stay connected.

That is a lot for any device, but as our Samsung Gear S3 Review shows, it’s more than possible.

Samsung Gear S3 Key Features and Benefits

Resistant to the Elements

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One of the most important features that any smartwatch can have is resistance to the elements. You experience plenty of temperature changes when your walking around or jogging. Then there are hazards like dust, which is nearly impossible to avoid, and water, which threatens to ruin your device every time you wash your hands.

Fortunately, the Samsung Gear S3 has IP68 water resistance, and it is also resistant to dust and the extremes of heat and cold. This resistance to the elements truly make this watch durable, and hassle free to wear.

Internet Access

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You want to be able to get all of the same benefits with your smartwatch that you would with your larger and more cumbersome smartphone, like Internet access. Using the Spotify app, you’ll get just that with the Samsung Gear S3. You can do Wi-Fi/LTE streaming, which will enable you to access the Internet using this small and convenient device. While it’s going to be difficult to do all of the same things on a device like this that you would on a smartphone, you have the option, and that’s what counts.

Advanced Fitness Monitoring


The main purpose of a smartwatch is for exercise, and while you can use your smartphone for this purpose as well, it makes more sense to use a watch. The Samsung Gear S3 certainly has more capabilities than a typical fitness watch, including an accurate optical heart rate sensor you can use in order to track your fitness progress. Since the Samsung Gear S3 has three to four days of battery life, you also don’t have to worry about losing power unexpectedly during your workouts. The GPS capabilities can also allow outdoor exercisers to travel far without the fear of getting lost.


– Solid GPS system
– Stainless steel casing
– Strong scratch resistance owing to Gorila Glass 3 SR+ glass
– Resistant to temperature changes, water, and dust
– Wi-Fi/LTE streaming using a Spotify app
– Optical heart rate
– Altimeter, Barometer in ONE
– 4GB storage
– Speaker and microphone enable calls
– Three to four days of battery life


– Relatively high weight at 62 grams
– Large and somewhat cumbersome watch face
– Will not work as a diving watch

Samsung Gear S3 Versus Gear S2

The most immediate different between the Gear S3 and the Gear S2 is size. The Gear S2 is known  for being small, while the Gear S3 is large enough to accommodate more tech options. This also means that the Gear S3 is much heavier than the Gear S2. But there are benefits to that added weight. Thanks to its larger size, the Samsung Gear S3 also has a larger battery and an extended battery life.

Samsung Gear S3 vs Gear S2 Infographic
See the Gear S3 and S2 Comparison Infographic on Samsung Here.

And every Gear S3 has GPS and a speaker, features onlly found in select Gear S2 models- not all of them. The two models share most of the same features otherwise, so customers get all of the features on the Gear S3 that they were able to get on the S2, like 4GB of storage.


Q: Can people make calls with the Samsung Gear S3?
A: Yes. The device is equipped with a speaker and microphone.

Q: How durable is this device?
A: It is made from long-lasting stainless steel, and it is resistant to temperature changes, water, scratches, and dust.

Q: Does this device have a GPS system?
A: Yes. People can keep track of their location using the GPS system of the Samsung S3.

Customer Reviews

Customer reaction to this new device has largely been positive. People have been talking about how they like the enhanced capabilities of the Samsung Gear S3 and the fact that it still manages to have a lot of the same features as the older model that it replaced. Some people have complained about the size, but they were certainly not complaining about the additional capabilities that the size enabled. Knowing where to buy Gear S3 can make a huge difference for customers. Almost any Samsung Gear S3 Review that people read online will be relatively positive at least. Finding Samsung Gear S3 Discounts can help people gain access to a device like this one.


Almost any Samsung Gear S3 Review will show that people really do like this device and consider it an improvement over the devices that they have used in the same general product line. At the same time, the Samsung Gear S3 manages to be the sort of device that improves upon the original without sacrificing what people liked about the original to begin with, which is a potential pitfall in situations like this. People will truly be able to get all of the benefits that they expect from their smartwatches with a device like this one. The Samsung Gear S3 is a solid device.See Best Price

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