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Peloton vs. Echelon Connect: Comparing Luxury to Economy

The Peloton and Echelon are two stationary bikes designed for cyclists and those looking to take their indoor workouts to the next level. Both bikes have different apps that offer unique elements to keep indoor workouts exciting and challenging. In this review, I will break down the best features of both and compare head to head. While both bikes will provide you with a great ride, one may be best suited for your personal goals and interests.


The Peloton is sweeping the nation for its next level workouts, luxury style and ability to leave riders dripping in sweat as if they were in a spin studio. The Peloton comes in at a higher price point than most bikes on the market but aims to set the bar high with elite level instructors and thousands of varying rides. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Peloton app built into screen display with monthly membership
  • 5” HD touch screen
  • Thousands of different rides and workout options
  • Clip-in pedals with the option to purchase Peloton cycling shoes
  • Dumbbell rack on back of bike (weights not included)
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Magnetic smooth flywheel
  • can hold up to 300lbs
  • Elite instructors teaching live from a studio in NYC


The Echelon is cool red and black, light bike that includes a holder for your tablet or phone to display the Echelon Connect App on while riding. The bike comes equipped with the option to use SPD clips on one side and cage clips on the other allowing riders to use cycling shoes or their own sneakers. The Echelon is affordable, easy to set up and caters to beginner riders with their user-friendly app. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Rear flywheel and sleek colors
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Universal pedal design; comes equipped with caged pedals that also can be flipped for SPD compatible clips
  • Easy set-up and maneuverability
  • Easy to use app with many beginner friendly rides
  • Lightweight at 105lbs
  • Ability to choose your own display; can hold different sized displays such as phone or tablets of various sizes

So which one is best for you?

Peloton Pros

·         Large screen display with clear images

·         Elite trainers with great music

·         Extremely smooth flywheel

·         Cycling shoe clip-in option

Echelon Pros

·         Lower price point

·         Lightweight and easy to move around your home

·         SPD clip and cage pedal options

·         User friendly app and beginner rides

Peloton Cons

·         Higher price point

·         No fan in display or tray for items

·         Dumbbells not included

Echelon Cons

·         Older ergonomic setup; raised handlebars and rear flywheel (more like a spinning bike)

·         Lower quality app rides and workouts


My Experience

  • Both bikes are quiet to ride in terms of the flywheel but the Peloton being magnetic creates a much smoother ride.
  • The built-in display on the Peloton is high quality and modern in its touch screen functions whereas the Echelon requires you to use a tablet or phone with the app which may not be the best quality of images.
  • The Peloton definitely has a more luxury look and feel but is heavier to move around your home and would require slightly more space than the Echelon that is very light and easy to move.
  • The Echelon is significantly more affordable than the Peloton—so, if cost is of concern then you are definitely going to want to lean towards the Echelon. However, if you have the budget for the Peloton, the workouts and overall quality of the bike make it well worth it.
  • The Echelon includes both cages and SPD clips so you can ride right away with a couple options whereas the Peloton comes with clip compatible pedals only that would require specific shoes or purchasing the Peloton cycling shoes.
  • When adjusting the resistance on the Peloton, the numbers increase showing you exactly how much resistance you are adding as the instructor leads. The Echelon resistance I found to be not very sensitive so often was turning a lot to feel a change in the resistance at all.
  • The Peloton is a bit more sturdy with a heavier overall weight, so riding out of the saddle or pushing sprints physically felt more comfortable than the Echelon.
  • When comparing the apps, I found the Peloton app far exceeded the Echelon in terms of the spin classes as I felt the instructors were more authentic and inspiring. I also enjoyed the music far better on the Peloton. The Echelon rides are filmed with essentially 2 different angle, outdated music and cheesy themes for workouts.

In Conclusion…

Both of these bikes are offer great workout options that will leave you sweating. When deciding which of these bikes is best for you I would recommend narrowing down to the app qualities, physical bike setup and price. I would start with the app quality, as this is what you will be following on a day-to-day basis. Loving the workouts and feeling inspired to ride is what is going to give you the best bang for your buck. If you are interested in studio-similar classes and intense rides, the Peloton is amazing, whereas if you are more of a beginner or new to spin classes, the Echelon may be a better match. The physical bike setup is important, as you want to be comfortable when riding daily. The setup of the Peloton is more similar to that of a road bike (which I personally preferred) whereas the Echelon reflects more closely what you would see in a local gym. The Peloton is a bit bulkier due to its screen and higher weight where the Echelon is lighter and does not have a screen.

The Peloton does require a monthly membership on top of its higher price point where the Echelon does offer many free ride options to trial. The Echelon does require you to own a tablet or phone to display the app where the Peloton has the screen built in. Both could be determining factors when comparing head to head.

Lastly, the price point is something to consider for your own budget and what you are looking to achieve from your new purchase. Both bikes offer unique features so it may come down to the best price point. In terms of overall features and quality my personal preference was the Peloton but the Echelon offers a better price point, more basic functions and is beginner friendly. My advice, compare the pros and cons and determine which factors are most important to you and your personal fitness levels and you will be able to choose the bike that best suits your needs!