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Brazil Butt Lift by Beachbody Review

Quick Summary

Brazil Butt Lift by Beachbody is a 60-day home fitness program for women. As the name suggests, the plan is devoted to lifting your booty and making it firmer. You can expect to raise your bottom by an inch or more and visibly tone your whole body.

Brazil Butt Lift workouts are led by Leandro Carvalho, who’s a personal trainer to Victoria’s Secret Angels and other top models. His exercises combine elements of ballet, capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance. Read on for a full review of the Brazil Butt Lift workout Base Kit and the Deluxe upgrade.


Program Brazil Butt Lift by Beachbody

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Skill LevelIntermediate
Program DurationVaries
Workout StyleHigh Intensity

Rating: 81%

Our Rating

Rating: 81/100. The Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit is a customizable home workout program for shaping the glute muscles. The kit includes a guide to what different exercises do, a set of workout videos, and more. Over eight weeks you’ll use different video workouts depending on your “booty type” or body shape.

The various Brazil Butt Lift exercises work together to strengthen the three glute muscles for a perky and rounded result. They also help burn fat, bringing a more contoured look to your rear end and whole body.

Each exercise video is 10 to 50 minutes long with strength and cardio training moves inspired by ballet, capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance. The videos are led by the Brazilian-born “personal trainer to supermodels” Leandro Carvalho, who gets international recognition for his one-on-one work and fitness classes.

The Base Kit of three DVDs is shipped with a resistance band, meal recommendations and other extras. It costs about $50 including shipping and handling. The Deluxe Kit includes ankle weights, stronger resistance bands, and three additional workouts from Leandro to help maximize results. It costs about twice as much.

Brazil Butt Lift videos are available on DVD and streaming from the Beachbody On Demand website. Beachbody has a 60-day refund period for the basic and deluxe DVD sets.


  • Shapes your bottom. Brazil Butt Lift exercises strengthen all three gluteal muscles: maximus, minimus and medius. This provides shapely structure. At the same time, the exercises reduce fat around these muscles for a firmer look.
  • Tones the whole body. Leandro’s exercises tend to target the rear end, but they help trim and tone your whole body — arms, legs and core.
  • Exposes you to dance and Brazilian martial arts. Many of the exercises use moves from ballet and Afro-Brazilian dance. Leandro also teaches movements from capoeira, a dance-friendly Brazilian martial art.
  • Available on DVD and streamed online. If you buy Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift DVDs you’ll get online access to the videos too. You can also forego the DVDs and access the videos exclusively online with a subscription to Beachbody On Demand.
  • Extras. With purchase of the Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit DVDs you’ll receive a beginner-level resistance band. Also included are a Booty Makeover Guide and TriAngle Training Workout cards. These show how different exercises work the glute muscles in different ways, helping you choose the best videos to schedule on your Booty Makeover Calendar. Other parts of the Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit are a tape measurer and body measurement tracking card; the Fat Burning Foods Guide; and the 6 Day Supermodel SlimDown Plan.
  • Minimal equipment required. The basic Brazil Butt Lift exercise DVD kit (the Base Kit) is shipped with a beginner’s resistance band to enhance strength training. You might want to use stronger bands as you move through the program. These are sold separately but included with the Deluxe Brazil Butt Lift kit. You will also get the most benefit if you exercise with ankle weights, which are included with the deluxe set as well. A yoga mat (not included) is recommended for use with the floor exercises.
  • Online support. Purchase of Brazil Butt Lift DVDs includes access to Team Beachbody, which is an online forum for 24/7 support and advice from weight loss experts and Brazil Butt Lift users.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Home fitness DVDs bought through the Beachbody website are sold with a money-back guarantee. If you buy a Beachbody digital membership instead, you’ll get a free trial of Brazil Butt Lift videos and others in the On Demand library.


  • Time commitment. Leandro’s Beachbody booty lift workouts usually take at least 20 minutes/day and are high-energy. One of the videos is 50 minutes. You get one or two days off per week, but you might prefer a program that’s easier to fit into an extremely packed day.
  • Commercial messages. The Butt Lift workout videos, like all Beachbody workout videos, include advertisements for Shakeology (a nutrition drink mix) and other Beachbody products.
  • Sore muscles. Expect soreness from working your gluteal muscles like never before! If you won’t stay committed when some pain is involved, then moderate-intensity dancing, pilates or yoga might be a better home exercise match.
  • Price. When you buy this eight-week Beachbody DVD program you get supplementary materials such as a resistance band, measuring tape and “Bootylicious” meal suggestions. For about the same price, instead you could get a six-month subscription to Beachbody On Demand.


Brazil Butt Lift is a home fitness plan dedicated to shapely buttocks. It works all three major butt muscles (maximus, minimus and medius) with personal trainer Leandro Carvalho’s TriAngle Training system. The “Base Kit” program features seven workouts that you can access online or on DVDs. These workouts use proven booty-toning moves from ballet (such as pliés) and also have a Brazilian flair with movements from Afro-Brazilian dance and capoeira (the Brazilian martial art that incorporates dance and acrobatics). Traditional home exercises such as jumping jacks and pushups are also part of the drill. Bonuses shipped with the DVDs include the Bootylicious Meal Plan, a resistance band, a body measuring tape and chart, and more. A Deluxe Brazil Butt Lift DVD kit is also available with additional workouts and exercise accessories.

How it Works

The Brazil Butt Lift exercise program is named after the Brazilian butt lift, a type of plastic surgery that involves injecting fat into your backside to add contour. Yikes! Try nature’s way instead… By strengthening your buttocks muscles, and burning some fat that sits beneath them, you can naturally lift your whole booty by an inch or more over eight weeks. At the same time you’ll lose weight and tone your whole body.

The Brazil Butt Lift exercise guide and flashcards show how different exercises in the videos help shape the buttocks in different ways. Depending on your needs, you might use some of the workout videos more than others. With the Deluxe Brazil Butt Lift kit you’ll have three more workouts to choose from, plus the kit includes ankle weights and mid-level and advanced resistance bands.

For the most benefit, use a resistance band and ankle weights when exercising, and follow the Bootylicious Meal Plan.

Brazil Butt Lift Workouts

The Brazil Butt Lift workout schedule involves eight weeks of exercise. Most weeks you’ll exercise six days, but some weeks include two days off. Following the workout guide, you can choose the best video schedule for your body and for keeping exercise interesting. Two video sets are offered: Base and Deluxe.

The following workout videos are included in both of the Brazil Butt Lift DVD collections:

  • Basics – 20 minutes of practicing the exercises used in the video series
  • Bum Bum Rapido – 10 minutes of jumping jacks, squats, leg lifts, lunges and postures focused on lower-body toning
  • Bum Bum – 35 minutes of the cardio workout just described (Bum Bum Rapido)
  • Tummy Tuck – 19 minutes of crunches and planking to firm the core
  • Cardio Axe – 29 minutes of booty-friendly fat-burning Brazilian dance
  • Sculpt – 47 minutes of total-body resistance training with weights and push-ups
  • High & Tight – 35 minutes of exercises that especially help slim the hips and “saddlebags”

The Deluxe Brazil Butt Lift kit has another three video workouts, all short, including Rio Extreme (a tougher version of Sculpt); Upper Cuts for the arms; and Abs Rapido.

Brazil Butt Lift Pricing

Beachbody sells the Brazil Butt Lift DVD Base Kit for $39.90 plus shipping and handling. The first payment is $32.90, which includes $19.95 as the first payment plus $12.95 for shipping. If you choose to keep the Brazil Butt Lift program, then you’ll be charged another $19.95 thirty days later.

New for 2017 and beyond, when you buy Beachbody DVDs you get access to the same videos online as well. Stream them to your computer, TV or mobile device.


When you consider a muscle map of your body, the moves that Leandro teaches for “butt lifting” make perfect sense. All in all, for most women in good health and with room for a lift, it’s difficult to imagine the program not working. Keep in mind though that Brazil Butt Lift workouts are relatively high-intensity. You’ll get some days off, but none of the exercise routines are calming nor meditative. Also, it might be more cost-effective to subscribe to Beachbody On Demand than to buy the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs.

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