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21 Day Fix by Beachbody Review

Quick Summary

The 21 Day Fix is a popular Beachbody home fitness program for men and women. It combines 30-minute workouts with a nutrition plan for fast weight loss and body toning. Across more than 500 customer review scores, the Fix averages more than four out of five stars.

This home exercise program is delivered on DVDs, and DVD owners may also stream the workout videos online. Included are a meal planning book and color-coded kitchen containers to guide portion control. Read on for a full review of Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix.


Program 21 Day Fix by Beachbody

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Skill LevelIntermediate
Program Duration21 Days
Workout StyleCardio
BenefitsWeight Loss

Rating: 80%

Our Rating

Rating: 80/100. The 21 Day Fix is a DVD fitness program for weight loss and toning. It takes less exercise time than most other home workout programs: just three weeks of daily 30-minute routines. But portion control (nutrition) is critical to getting the full “beach body” benefits of the Fix. To help make balanced nutrition easy, the workout DVDs are shipped with color-coded food containers in different sizes. For example, a large green container is for vegetables and a medium yellow container is for carbohydrates. Those who buy the 21 Day Fix DVDs can also access the workout videos online.

The 21 Day Fix was designed by Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity personal trainer whose qualifications include certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and success as a “bikini competitor” focused on strength training. People enjoy her mix of workout styles: cardio, resistance training, pilates, yoga and more. For each exercise Calabrese presents an easier modified move to accommodate a wider range of viewers.

How much does the 21 Day Fix cost? Including shipping the price is $72. You can pay in installments or all at once.


  • Highly Efficient. If you want to get fit faster without spending all your spare time exercising, this program will deliver. It’s one of the most effective ways to firm up your body while improving your health in just 30 minutes. You’ll carry out the program for just three weeks and see great results over that timespan.
  • Results That Speak For Themselves. You know when you see before and after photos that seem almost too good to be true? This program delivers those. And only once you try it, will you see it for yourself. Because of the set-up of this program and the unique combination of exercises it uses, you’ll see faster results than you have on other fitness programs. Most people who do it and take it seriously can see up to 10-15 pounds of weight loss over the three week period, provided they also follow a sensible reduced calorie diet plan. Not looking to lose weight? No problem. You’ll still see great benefits to your fitness level and your physique by completing the three week plan.
  • Great For Beginners. If you’ve never worked out a day in your life, getting started with a fitness program can feel scary at times. Not with this program. The 21 Day Fix exercise schedule and nutrition plan is easy to follow and very straight-forward. Someone who has zero experience can do it. The diet plan does take some time to read through, but once you see how the diet is laid out, you’ll quickly catch on and find it’s very easy to follow. You just have to follow the food guidelines set out and eat the right amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for the day.
  • Final Push At The End. The program also incorporates the option of doing a final push at the end and doubling up, doing two sessions instead of one per day for maximum results. Note this is not necessary, but it can help you take your results that step further.
  • Fast Slimming Plan Included. Need to drop some weight in a hurry? No problem. This plan comes with a 3-day fix plan, which is helps you quickly slim down by flushing out extra water from your body so you can get ready for that high school reunion, beach vacation, or hot date you have planned.
  • No Fail Approach. No matter where you are, you can do the 21 day fix. It’s great for travelers as it comes with meal containers that you fill up to ensure you hit your day’s quota. This way there are no excuses. Plus, the videos are all accessible online, so you can just log in wherever you are and get the workouts done.
  • Very Little Equipment Required. Some fitness programs require you to purchase special fitness equipment in order to complete the regime. Not the 21 Day Fix. This program only requires a towel, workout mat, and some appropriate workout shoes and clothing. Once you have that, you’re set.


  • Some people have found that the 21 day fix is somewhat repetitive. While you aren’t doing the same workout each and every day, you will cycle through the same set of workout sessions over and over again over the course of the three weeks.
  • No Off Days. Because this program does only span over three weeks, you are exercising each and every day. Some people complain that this makes it hard to stick with. Note that some days are built to be easier however, so you won’t have to push yourself to the limit every session.
  • Not Designed For Muscle Building. If one of your goals is to build muscle, you’ll want to keep looking. This program is great for losing fat and toning your body, but is not going to help you build muscle to a significant extent.
  • No Free Trial Option. This program does not offer a free trial option, so you will just have to buy into it straight away. Fortunately most people who do, really do love the program.


Beachbody is a company that almost everyone has heard about in the fitness industry. It specializes in providing you with the latest, up to date and on trend exercise video sets. These are sold via DVD or are accessible online for those who prefer them in that delivery mode.

This particular program, the 21 Day Fix is a three-week program that is suitable for both men and women and has the aim of helping you lose body fat and enhance your overall muscle tone and definition.

You’ll perform 30 minute workout sessions each and every day for a period of three weeks while on this plan and then also control your food intake. The plan calls for specific snacks and meals that you’ll eat, all portion sized to help you drop fat quickly.

The workouts are performed by celebrity personal trainer, Autumn Calabrese, so you’ll have her to motivate you every step of the way.

How it Works

The Fix includes a daily exercise session and encourages participants to monitor their nutrition.

  • The workouts are for 30 minutes per day, with optional extra workout time in the final week.
  • The food portions depend on the person’s body size and goal weight; some people may refill their containers more than others.

Optionally you can add Shakeology, a nutrition drink sold by Beachbody, to enhance results. A Shakeology drink container and sample mix may be included with purchase.

21 Day Fix Workouts

Six workout sessions are repeated over the 21 days. Each session focuses on a different set of muscles or a different type of exercise. The six workouts are named:

  • Upper Fix – Tones the shoulders, chest, arms and back
  • Lower Fix – For sculpting the glutes and legs
  • Total Body Fix – Upper body and lower body toning
  • Cardio Fix – Cardiovascular health
  • Yoga Fix – Flexibility
  • Pilates Fix – For core strength (torso and lower body)

No special equipment is needed besides an exercise mat. A mat reduces impact to your body and helps keep you clean during floor exercises such as yoga and push-ups.

21 Day Fix Pricing

The DVD set and accessories sell for a one-time payment of $72, or three payments of $19.95 each plus $12 shipping and handling.


Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix is recommended for men and women who 1) aim to drop weight quickly & safely, and 2) are willing to follow Calabrese’s “portioning” approach to nutrition.

The Fix packs all the major types of exercise into just three weeks for impressive whole-body results. This program costs more than many subscription services do, but it might bring results more quickly. Most customers seem very pleased with 21 Day Fix, and many repeat the exercise program for another round of benefits.

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