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Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Quick Summary

If you’re a series cyclist and looking to take your workouts up to the next level, you might consider the Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling bike. This bike offers many features, but some may find it lagging in a few areas depending on what your particular workouts need.

If you’re used to spin bikes and all the features they have, then you’ll likely find that you can get by on the Asuna 6100 just fine. But if you are someone who’s used to more commercial style bikes with LCD screen readouts and features, you may not be too impressed with what this bike has to offer.

It all depends on your unique experience with exercise equipment coupled with what you are looking for with your own workout session. This is what will dictate whether or not this is the bike for you.


Model Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike

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The flywheel in an exercise bike is what creates resistance. You can choose the level of resistance to increase your workout intensity.

Adjustable resistance
Resistance Type

The type of resistance shows what kind of flywheel is being used (if any), and its weight if the manufacturer provides it.

Magnetic resistance

Type refers to the style of the ride: Recumbent bikes allow you to lay back, while Upright bikes are more like road bikes (lean forward).

Drive System

The bike's drive system is how your pedaling interacts with the rest of the bike (flywheel) to give you a good workout.

37 lb. rear flywheel

It's important to choose an exercise bike that will last, and the material of the frame determines how durable the bike is.

Structural Frame

The most important part for comfortability during your workout, the seat should be adjustable and have ample cushioning.

Adjustable Seat

Pedals are the driving force for an exercise bike, and should be comfortable, adjustable, and easy to control without slipping.

Dual-Sided Pedals

Bike Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate programs allow you to track how many times your heart is beating per minute (bpm), and some control the workout for you.


Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

Display console
Max. Weight

Max. User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that the bike can safely support, which can represent durability.

350 lbs

Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this treadmill will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

43” x 22” x 52”
Accessory Tray

Some bikes include an accessory tray for holding items such as water bottles, wallets, keys, or MP3 players like iPods.


Cooling Fans


Some exercise bikes can fold up and/or have wheels that make it easy to roll them around for convenience and to save space.


The warranty is a very important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs by the manufacturer.

Frame: 5 years
Parts: 180 days

Rating: 85.5%

Our Rating

Rating: 85.5/100. While it does have many great features, it also falls short in a few key areas as well. First, take the warranty. While the frame warranty is quite good at 5 years, you only get 180 days for other parts and components. Labor is not even included in this warranty plan, so if anything should go wrong with this bike, you are going to have costs to pay.

We feel that quality fitness equipment should give you at least one year of full coverage, so this is far less than effective. Keep in mind that the company not warrantying it for that long could mean that it is likely to break down, especially outside of that very initial 180 day period.

The digital monitor is also small; however, this is standard for most spin bikes. It isn’t quite the fairest comparison to look at this bike versus a standard exercise bike that comes with the full LCD monitor as the bikes are designed for different purposes. But if you look at your bike options as a whole, then this screen is definitely not something that is built to impress.

On to the good, we do like that this bike does offer a 37 lb. rear flywheel. This is definitely going to help the bike feel as though it’s riding like new because there will be no worries about sweat dripping onto that flywheel in the front. The fact that it’s also 37 pounds is good and will help keep the bike stable and you feeling great as you go about your workout session. The bike is also built around a magnetic resistance system, which is going to help give you the best no-maintenance and quiet form of resistance out there. It’s also going to feel smoother as you ride, so your workout will be more enjoyable.

As this is designed to be a sprint bike, you will be reaching high speeds (or you should be!) so the smoother the ride, the better you’ll like this bike. If you were to use it and find that you were constantly facing uneven resistance, you simply won’t want to carry on with this bike for very long.

The pedals on this bike also earn it a higher rating as well as these pedals are built for performance. You’ll receive dual sided pedals so you can choose how you want to bike. The pedals come complete with a foot cage so you can get that maximum level of comfort and security you desire and are also designed to accommodate both high performance SPD cleats as well as traditional fitness shoes. When your feet are in these pedals, slippage is to a minimum and you may even find your fitness level is enhanced because of them.

Finally, we like that this bike has a max user weight of 350 lbs. It’s clear that the frame is sturdy and should support a good amount of weight and force, so this is a bike that you should find you feel quite comfortable using.

The biggest drawback this bike brings is the fact that it does only have a 250 lb. weight capacity, so for larger individuals, it may not be well suited to them. Even if you are just nearing 200 or 225 pounds, you may find that if you sit on this bike and get going at a decent intensity level, it starts to feel quick shaky on you, so if that’s the case, you’re probably going to want to go with one that has a higher overall weight capacity instead.


  • Offers dual sided pedals that most people are going to feel maximally comfortable using
  • Has portable wheels so you can easily move this around as needed
  • Has an adjustable level of resistance with a conveniently placed knob. This will allow you to adjust and adapt as needed on the go. When you’re in the middle of your workout, the last thing you need is to be fiddling with buttons, especially at higher intensity levels
  • Has an adjustable seat for maximum comfort. You can easily adjust the seat height so that it moves up or down to your comfort. You can also easily reach around and adjust the seat, even while riding so if you are doing a longer workout, you should be easily covered.
  • Adjustable handlebars that you can customize as you please. They come with multi-grip handles a slip free design for optimal comfort
  • Utilizes magnetic resistance for the most smooth right and precision with the resistance level
  • Offers up to 10 different resistance levels so you can keep yourself continually challenged with your workout sessions
  • Is designed to be used as a sprint bike so should support very high intensity speeds easily
  • The bike is designed to be extremely quiet so you should be able to reach top speeds without disrupting those around you in another room.
  • The bike has a Q-factor of 176mm. For those who aren’t aware of this, it means that the bikes will be more bio-mechanically efficient and will help you keep the rider’s hip, knee, and foot in proper alignment, which can then help reduce your risk of injuries and ensure you are training the muscles as you should be.
  • The brakes are extremely effective on this bike and will bring it to a complete stop as soon as pressed down
  • The LCD monitor does give you good stats including the time you’ve been cycling, the distance traveled, calories burned, RPM, and pulse rate.
  • Comes with a built in tablet holder that you can use to read or watch a video if desired


  • The warranty on this machine is quite lacking at just 180 days for all parts except the frame (the frame warranty is good at 5 years)
  • The LCD monitor is not that impressive – especially if you are used to a general exercise bike with a larger monitor and programming capabilities
  • This bike does not offer any built-in programs to help you complete your workout sessions


The Asuna 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike is a good bike for those who are hoping to improve their HIIT performance and get a smooth ride. While it doesn’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, it will get the job done and will have you comfortable as you do it.

This bike offers a great 37lb. flywheel that uses magnetic resistance to help keep the ride smooth an quiet and the bike itself has a user max weight rating of 350 lbs. You’ll feel very secure when on this bike.

The foot levers are also built to help reduce any shaking you experience and the pedals have built in foot cages on one side and a flat surface on the other so you can choose which pedal type is most comfortable for you to utilize.

The adjustable handlebars help ensure that you are ergonomically in the right position as you ride and feel comfortable in your journey at all times.

Finally, the portable wheels on this machine make it easy to move from room to room if needed, which is excellent for a home or small gym studio setting.

Workout Programs

This bike has no build in program features so you are going to have to come up with your own workout program options.

Asuna 6100 Features

This bike features a 37 lb. flywheel and a magnetic system coupled with adjustable resistance with the turn of a knob, and adjustable set and adjustable handlebars. You can completely customize how this bike feels based on your own biomechanics.

Designed for sprinting, it also offers a very smooth movement pattern and gives a great Q Factor, ensuring your body is kept in good position as you go about your workouts.

Warranty & Guarantee

The warranty on this bike includes five years for the frame and 180 days for all the other parts. The warranty is one area where the bike is lacking.


Overall, the Asuna 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike is not a bad buying option if you are in the market for a spinning bike. If you are looking for a general exercise bike to just use to enhance your fitness level, you may find that you are disappointed in the lack of programming that the bike has to offer.

It’s going to give you a very different feel than what you’d get from a general exercise bike, especially one that has iFit capabilities. The screen on this bike is also smaller than on other standard bikes so if that’s something important to you, also key to note.

But the bike itself runs very well and is quiet, so if those are qualities you look for and you want to do HIIT, then it’s a great choice.