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Nautilus E514 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Nautilus E514 is currently the only elliptical available from Nautilus and is priced at a level most people can afford especially if you are trying to get away from costly gym fees.

The Nautilus E514 offers biomechanically correct design and comfort features including 16 resistance levels along with an 18 inch stride and ergonomic elliptical path.

Bi-directional pedaling ensures all muscle groups are worked on whether you choose to pedal forward or backward.

Learn more by reading our full Nautilus E514 elliptical review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 54.4/100. Entry-level trainer is the only elliptical currently offered from Nautilus. Burn calories and get fit with a simple to use elliptical that doesn’t have many sophisticated features, yet enough to get the job done.


  • 16 individual levels of resistance available
  • Solid selection of pre-defined workout programs (16)
  • Four heart rate programs including telemetry monitor
  • Built-in cooling fan keeps you comfortable and focused on task
  • My Nautilus workout tracking included with purchase
  • 18 inch stride length slightly below average but supports most users


  • Does not fold and not very transportable (weighs 165 lbs.)
  • Not music friendly, very few electronics
  • Customer complaints about difficulty storing the unit


The Nautilus E514 features Magnetic Eddy Current Brake resistance with 16 individual levels available.

The stride length on the Nautilus E514 (18″) is slightly below average, so if you have long limbs you might want to consider another trainer.

Transport wheels allow easy maneuvering from room to room, while the blue backlit display keeps you abreast of all important stats such as time, distance, pulse, speed, resistance and burned calories.

Workout Programs

One of the best features on the Nautilus E514 is the workout variety. The E514 elliptical is packaged with 16 total workout programs.

Seven profile courses add variety to your workout ensuring that you won’t grow bored exercising.

Monitoring your heart is covered with the four polar heart rate programs with included telemetry, grip and chest belt.

Program two user profiles any way you desire including customizing your own course while tracking your progress moment by moment.

Determine training for the upcoming 5k race by switching easily from miles to kilometers.

Nautilus E514 Elliptical Features

The Nautilus E514 includes a powerful cooling fan that keeps you striding longer while the water bottle holder brings you the convenience of staying hydrated during your routine.

Keep abreast of the latest sports, read about the latest makeup techniques or finish your favorite novel utilizing the attached magazine rack.

Customize your workout experience with six profile courses, four polar heart rate programs (chest belt included) and two programmable user profiles.

Monitor exercise data on the console with blue backlit LCD display.

Bi-directional pedaling allows you to pedal forward or backward to target specific muscle groups, and the oversized deluxe footpads, water bottle holder and magazine rack round out a nice list of features.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Nautilus E514 elliptical warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: 10 Years
– Parts: 2 Years
– Electronics: 1 Year
– Wear Parts: 6 Months

Contact 1-800-628-8458 for additional details.


The Nautilus E514 is an entry-level elliptical that provides you with a fair amount of diversity in workout programs.

See how it compares to other ellipticals in the $500 to $1,000 price range.

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