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Choosing Your Ideal Treadmill Program

Make a ChoiceLooking for a done for you workout that will challenge your body and help you reach your goals?

The nice thing about purchasing a cardio machine is the fact that most varieties will come with ‘done for you’ workout programs already set right into the machine. All you need to do is select them and you are all set to begin.

This said, some people often aren’t sure what program is going to be best suited for them, so let’s walk you through the options so that you can make a wise decision.

The Hill Program

The first program is the hill program and will be one that will challenge your lower body strength to a considerably degree. This one is great for those who don’t want to run, but who do still want a more intense workout session.

You’ll be walking on an incline through the vast majority of the workout session, challenging your leg muscles every step of the way.

The Interval Program

Next you have the interval program. This program is going to be ideal for those who want to test their speed capacity as you’ll be alternating very fast bouts of running with active rest periods. This type of session is also great for boosting the metabolic rate and enhancing your fat burn capacity as well.

It is more intense however, so often best used by those who are advanced with their training level.

The Random Program

The random program is for those who want variety. If you often find yourself getting very bored as you go about your workout protocol, the random program will quickly take care of that. You will be greeted with a new workout each and every day so this is a fast way to combat hitting that dreaded plateau.

The Fat Burn Program

Finally, the last program that you’ll come across is the fat burn program. Don’t let the name mislead you. While this program will have you burning more calories from body fat, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will have you losing weight faster than any other programs. Remember, it’s all going to come down to your total calorie balance.

Get that in order and you will see results. This program is going to have you working at a much lower intensity level, so is often a good option for beginners.

So there you have the main types of treadmill workout programs that you can use as you go about your cardio sessions. Take some time to choose whichever fits your goals the best and you will be off to superior results.

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