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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 vs M6 vs M8: A Comparison Guide

If you’re someone who has your eye on a Bowflex Max Trainer, now that right off the start, you’re going to be making a great purchasing decision. This machine has been receiving so many positive customer remarks about how quickly it can get you into shape and how comfortable it is to use.

This said, Bowflex has just released two new models in their line up – the M6 and M8 and you may be wondering how these stack up against each other. Which machine is going to deliver you the maximum benefits possible? Which machine is better suited to your exercise needs? Which machine is in your budget?

These are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself so let’s get these answered and more.

Your Bowflex Max Trainer Overview

Before we dive into the more detailed specs, let’s give you a brief overview of these three machines. There are some clear similarities (why change a good thing?) and some differences worth noting.


Target User  BeginnerBeginner / IntermediateBeginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Space Requirements 78.5” X 97”78.5” X 97”78.5” X 97”
Power SourceAC powerAC powerAC power
Machine Weight 143 lbs.148 lbs.148 lbs.
Ceiling Height Requirements User height plus 15”User height plus 15”User height plus 15”
DisplayBasicInteractive Backlit DisplayEnhanced Dual Mode LCD/LED Screens


Now that you have some basic information about these machines, let’s go into finer details.

Price Point

Since price is a determining factor for many people, let’s get that out of the way to start. The price of the M3, which is the basic model is set to $1299. While this is still more pricy than some of the cheaper bikes, treadmills, or ellpticals out there, it’s still a price point that most people can feel comfortable with. Remember that even at the most basic level, the Max Trainer is still an advanced higher quality machine. Meaning it offers you may features at even the starter model that other machines don’t have.

From there, you’d go up $400 to $1699 if you want to get into the M6. While this may seem like quite a jump, the quality of machine you actually get is much greater, so the M6 is typically a better bet for most.

After that, if you want the highest level model, you’ll be paying $2299 for it. This model has the works and is designed to give you the ultimate in workout sessions. For those are very serious about their fitness sand want the best of the best, this is the one you’ll want to go for.

For everyone else, it’s probably not a necessity.

Target User

So who are the target users of each of these machines? As you may have guessed from the above, each model has its own target user.

The M3 is really only suited to beginner exercisers. As it only has 8 levels of resistance, this makes it a machine that one will grow out of if you are constantly looking to progress. As you get stronger, you’ll find that level 8 doesn’t challenge you any more and at that point, you’ll be forced into getting a new machine.

The M6 on the other hand is a good option for people who are looking to kick things up a notch and do more with their workout. This machine has 16 different levels of resistance, so is one that can easily accommodate to more intense workout sessions as they get underway. This machine can still be used by beginners just the same, but includes that great growth room.

Finally, the M8 is a machine that is designed for everyone, including those advanced exercisers. With 20 different levels of resistance, you simply can’t go wrong here. You’ll be able to use this machine well into your fitness career.

Space Requirements

In terms of the total space requirements needed, all three machines are the same, so you won’t really get anything in terms of space saving benefits by going with one over the other.

The machine itself is quite compact in design, so will not require as much space as a treadmill and even less than some ellipticals as well.

Power Source

The power source for all three machines is AC power, which is good as running this on batteries would get expensive quickly. All three come with the AC power connector you need.

Ceiling Height Requirements

The machine height is another point to take into consideration. You want to ensure that you have high enough ceilings in your space to use them comfortable. For all three Bowflex Max Trainers, you’ll need a clearance of 15 inches plus the user height.

Meaning if you’re six feet, that means you are 72 inches tall and will require 87 inches then, or about seven and a quarter feet. Most places have eight foot ceilings so you should be fine with this machine. But if you are taller than 6 feet then it’s good to prepare yourself that you may be cutting it close.

Machine Weight 

The weight of the machine can also tell you just how stable the machine is as you are doing your exercise on it. If the machine is very lightweight, this may mean that you are going to feel wobblier as you ramp up the intensity level, something that most people are definitely not going to appreciate.

The machine weight for the M3 is set to 143 lbs. while the machine weight for the M6 and M8 is set to 148 pounds. This is a very minor difference here, so not something to be concerned over.

On top of this, the machine is not extremely heavy overall, so is easy to move from room to room.


Finally, another point of difference between the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 vs. M6 vs. M8 is the display that is featured. You’ll get a basic display model with the M3. It gets the job done quite nicely but doesn’t come with any bells and whistles.

The M6 upgrades you to a interactive backlit display, which will help you move through the control panels a bit easier and many users will find is a more pleasurable experience.

If you want the full deal, the M8 provides you with an enhanced Dual Mode LCD/LED screen, so you can set it how you prefer and you will also get actual feedback from the machine as it coaches you through your workout sessions. This is one feature that will be great for beginners as the machine will actually give you a boost like a personal trainer would.

So there you have a quick comparison guide between the Bowflex Max Trainer models. The M3, M6, and M8 are all fantastic choices that will help you reach your fitness goals and ensure that you are enjoying yourself while you do. Consider your own needs and preferences in a fitness machine and then weigh those against what these have to offer. No matter of what your budget is, you will be getting a terrific workout experience.

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