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Best Screen Protectors for Smartwatches

While people can skate by without buying a case for their smartphone, screen protectors are practically a must. Some of the following screen protectors are cases in that they fit over the interactive touch screens of these smartwatches.

Adhesives are pretty popular screen protectors because they’ll fit over most surfaces. With cases, you will have to make sure they properly fit over your smartwatch and if you decide to upgrade, the case may not fit over the new smartwatch.

Here we’ll explore the best screen protectors/cases for Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung.




Series 1 & 2

  • WEIPAI 2-Pack
    • This pack is our choice. It’s backed by a warranty if any of the protectors are defective or damaged.
Series 3
  • Benuo Case
  • Misxi Case
    • This case is our top pick. It’s not the sticky or adhesive kind but surrounds the entire touchscreen. That means no air bubbles/uneven surfaces but its still protected from scratches and even a low-level drop.


Vivoactive HR

  • IQShield 6-Pack
    • This protector is our favorite. Apart from having a warranty, there are six protectors per pack for the same price as the ones following.
  • Kimilar 5-Pack


Forerunner 235 & 225
  • AKWOX 4-Pack
    • This is our choice for Garmin Forerunner products. It works for a number of Garmin products with circular touch screens and comes with screen cleaners.
  • Rerii 2-Pack







Gear S

Gear S2/S2 Sport

Gear S3

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