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Black Friday Fitness Deals Online


Black Friday gets bigger every year. This year extra-low Friday sale prices are in effect longer than 24 hours online, with some websites offering the savings on Thanksgiving Day (or earlier) and extending Black Friday deals throughout the weekend. Fitness equipment shoppers can save nearly 50% off this year’s top treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and home gyms.

Here we share tips about why to buy fitness equipment online, where to find the best fitness deals, and what to look for in Black Friday fitness sales.

Why to Buy Fitness Equipment Online

Of all the Americans who shop Black Friday sales, more than 50 percent shop online. Shopping online for almost anything has obvious advantages. For starters, it lets you save time and avoid the hassles of holiday traffic. Avoiding mobs in stores is a bonus too.

As for buying fitness equipment online in particular, the cost savings can be huge. Along with getting a lower online price for the product itself, you can save on bringing the machine home. Many of the top websites for fitness equipment sales build shipping into their sale prices. Local stores might charge extra for delivery.

Where to Buy Fitness Equipment Online

The top Black Friday fitness deals are generally found on manufacturers’ websites such as, and Because the manufacturers don’t take a middleman markup and don’t have the expenses of physical stores, they can offer lower prices than local dealers do. The manufacturers also have especially low delivery costs because they ship in such large volume.

A few brands actually reserve their highest quality machines for the manufacturers’ websites and sell slightly less robust models elsewhere. You might only notice the difference when shopping if you compare warranties.

Usually the manufacturer provides the best customer protections in terms of a warranty package and money-back guarantee. That’s not always the case though, so be sure you read the agreement before buying.

About Clearance Discounts on Fitness Equipment

A spirit of “out with the old, in with the new” takes over as the next calendar year draws near. Both older and newer models of fitness machines are featured in the Black Friday sale ads. Cardio machines with the deepest discounts tend to be from the current model year, but also on sale for Black Friday are machines for the next model year. Unless buying the very newest equipment is important to you, then opting for the cheaper version from this year is probably best. In many cases the price difference is big but the older and newer models aren’t much different from each other.

Read on for a look at Black Friday sales for treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and home gyms.

Black Friday Treadmill Sales

Treadmills are America’s most popular fitness machines. They can suit all fitness levels and are

easy to use for light, moderate and intense training. Generally it’s hard to buy a good runners’ treadmill for less than $1,000, but Black Friday fitness sales put the odds in your favor. Minimum standards we recommend for treadmill motors are 3.0 CHP for runners’ treadmills and 2.5 CHP for walkers’ treadmills. Choose a treadmill with at least a two-year parts warranty for a good value.

Black Friday Exercise Bike Sales

Exercise bikes are close behind treadmills in popularity. Most are very compact in comparison with treadmills, so they can be more practical in some homes. About 2 feet wide and three feet long are common dimensions although recumbent bikes are longer.

Look for an exercise bike with magnetic resistance if quiet operation is important. Most indoor bikes nowadays use magnetic resistance, but some have manual systems to better emulate road bikes.

For the three main types of exercise bike type we’ve prepared comparison charts showing top models to consider during Black Friday fitness sales.

Black Friday Elliptical Sales

Elliptical machines are very efficient cardio trainers. Because the user’s feet don’t leave the pedals, the ride is very low impact. In addition to being heart-healthy trainers, ellipticals support weight-bearing exercise with resistance from a flywheel. Typically they offer 20 levels of resistance for the lower body and provide stationary and moving handlebars.

Ellipticals with heavier flywheels provide smoother rides. On mid-priced machines in Black Friday gym sales this year you can expect 20-pound and 25-pound drives.

Black Friday Home Gyms

Top fitness brands including Bodycraft, Bowflex and Total Gym are selling home gyms and dumbbells in a wide range of price categories with Black Friday discounts. Top-notch free weight systems can be yours for less than $500. Multi-gyms are holiday priced anywhere from just under $1,000 to about $4,000, and the most advanced systems support hundreds of strength-training and toning exercises. Multi-gym warranties of five to 10 years are common.

‘Tis the season to shop stress-free. Enjoy our free reviews and finding your Black Friday deal!