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Black Friday Fitness Deals 2018


Like a Thanksgiving belly, Black Friday keeps getting bigger. Americans spent more than $3 billion online during the sale storm last year — and fitness companies noticed. Now they’re working for big helpings of the 2017 Black Friday online sales total. As websites compete for shoppers, you can save around 50 percent (sometimes more!) on treadmills, ellipticals machines, indoor bikes and all-in-one home gyms. Here are tips about Black Friday fitness equipment deals online.

Black Friday Treadmill Deals

All kinds of treadmills show up at Black Friday fitness sales: folding treadmills, non-folding treadmills, treadmills especially for runners, and more.

Generally the lowest prices at Black Friday treadmill sales are on treadmills for walkers. That’s simply because these fitness machines have lower prices from the starting line, compared with those for runners. On Black Friday you can easily buy a durable walking treadmill for under $800. The best treadmill deals under $800 will include parts coverage for at least three years, based on regular prices being up to $1,499.

Good treadmills for runners won’t cost much more. Sold at around 50 percent off, a good selection will be priced under $1,000 for Black Friday fitness sales. A few elite models that normally cost around $4000 could sell for $1999 or less.

In any case, do read impartial treadmill reviews before finalizing your online shopping cart. Like any other product, sometimes treadmills get big discounts because they’re duds.

Black Friday Exercise Bike Sales

Exercise bikes are catching up to treadmills as America’s most popular home fitness machines. Exercise bikes generally cost less than treadmills, and on Black Friday you’ll see a wide selection of respectable options under $500. By “respectable” we mean bikes that are durable and have wide ranges of resistance. For satisfactory resistance you’ll need an exercise bike with a heavy flywheel, or else a bike that uses air resistance.

Which type of exercise bike is best: stationary, recumbent or indoor cycle trainer? That depends on the rider.

Some of the shift toward indoor biking is led by baby boomers: After some wild decades, they’re aiming to baby their knees! And for low-impact exercise a traditional stationary bike or recumbent exercise bike is best. Recumbent bikes are gentlest on your knees, but for calorie burn a traditional stationary bike is more efficient.

Also gaining in popularity are indoor cycle trainers. Compared with other exercise bikes, indoor cycle trainers perform especially like road bikes. They’re ideal rainy day alternatives for cyclists who are training for outdoor bike races. These bikes are also excellent for quick weight loss, although the intense cycling they support (“spinning”) isn’t safe for everyone.

Black Friday Elliptical Sales

Low-impact exercise at any intensity is possible with elliptical machines. Some are even designed to support the motion and speed of running. Ellipticals make exercise easy on your joints, tendons and ligaments because your feet never leave the pedals. Staying in constant contact with your exercise surface is key to reducing shock.

Shopping the Black Friday fitness equipment deals, remember the resistance! Resistance on an elliptical is critical to 1) the potential challenge available 2) the smoothness of the ride. This means that even for beginners, an elliptical with a lightweight flywheel (e.g., 13 or 15 pounds) could be a disappointment. Look for ellipticals with 20-pound flywheels or heavier. They won’t be the cheapest machines, but their prices will be uncommonly low for the value.

Spending $1000 or less on a top-scoring elliptical is a definite Black Friday sale option. Even before the shopping holiday, longtime favorites from Sole, NordicTrack and other leaders were reduced to $999 or less online.

Black Friday Home Gym Deals

Which home gyms are the best Black Friday fitness deals? Each year we notice especially low holiday prices on weight stack gyms and gravity gyms. At full price these classics sell for about $400 to $4,000. During Black Friday sales online, you can certainly buy a good quality strength trainer for less than $400… and with at least $750 to spend, you’ll have a much wider selection.

But for Black Friday 2017, we think new hybrid gyms are most exciting. Over the past year they’ve been muscling into cardio trainer territory. Hybrid gyms are for strength training and cardio training — for your whole body, all in one session! These resistance trainers are always time-savers… and if discounted as Black Friday fitness equipment deals, they might be top values. For details see our reviews of the Bowflex HVT and NordicTrack Fusion CST.