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Black Friday Fitness Deals 2021

Black Friday 2021 (and also Cyber Monday) are here, and that means the biggest fitness deals of the year are about to arrive. We’re expecting to see significant deals and discounts on treadmills, spin bikes, ellipticals, fitness trackers, and a host of other items for 2021 and we will be updating this page with details of said deals as soon as we have them.

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Here’s where to go for the best 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of the year

Black Friday Treadmill Deals



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Up to 50% Off


Up to 50% Off

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With supply chains still a’snarl from last year’s quarantine, more people are finding better deals online than ever before. It seems the trend these last few years is for the sales to start earlier and earlier, so you won’t need to wait until Black Friday 2021 to start shopping. It’s been an interesting past two years in the fitness space, given that the rampant demand for at-home fitness equipment has spiked and slowed and spiked again as more professionals are working remote from home. As the home fitness trend appears here to stay, this might be the best time to grab those missing pieces of fitness equipment for your home gym before the new year.

Treadmills can be categorized in various types: folding, non-folding, walking, running and compact.

Folding Treadmills

Folding treadmills allow for easy storage after use, non folding are usually bigger and you will need to find a permanent space for them. The majority of the top contenders in the space these days do have some degree of folding ability, but  have a look at the spec sheets before pulling the trigger.

Walking Treadmills

Walking treadmills are usually the most inexpensive because they aren’t required to stand up to much impact like that of a treadmill for running. And these will probably be the big sales advertised that get you through the door. The walking track space is usually 20” W x 55” L.  On Black Friday you can likely by a decent walking treadmill for under $500.

Running Treadmills

Running treadmills, offer more durable platforms and allow for walking jogging and running. With deals like 50-60% off they aren’t going to have much price difference between the walking and running treadmills. Many of these treadmills will cost—depending on the brand, series and quality—under $1000. Check out our treadmill reviews to start.

Black Friday Exercise Bike Sales

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Exercise bikes for the home are not like they use to be. Improvements have been made to ergonomics, to materials, and to overall design. All of that aside, the biggest change these days is that you can virtually ride along with your own personal trainer, with a class without being in the class, or on a terrain halfway around the world. The spin bike segment has been heating up like crazy in the last few years, and brands like Peloton, MYX, Echelon, and others have been driving one another to push the limits of workout tech and interactivity. Granted in many cases this means an additional monthly subscription cost, but the added benefit is most often worth it. Even in the realm of more standard indoor cycles, these bikes are an excellent option for low impact workouts. There are also still plenty of recumbent bikes on the market, that work well for those with limited mobility, back issues, or other concerns.

Black Friday Elliptical Sales


Up to $450 Off
Free Shipping and Free Mat

Up to 50% Off

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Elliptical machines are also a great low impact option that gives a cardio workout while toning your lower body. A few things to keep in mind, the heavier the flywheel the better the workout, and the smoother the glide; a flywheel weight of 20 lbs. or higher is a good place to begin. Although pricier, Black Friday deals make it a worthy purchase. Finding a good elliptical from the top brands can be done for around the $1,000 mark, with some variance depending on the promotion that’s available at the time.

Black Friday Home Gym Deals

Up to $400 Off
Free Shipping and Free Mat

Strength training at home has improved with the machines using flywheels, pulleys and more. This makes for a better workout as well as streamlined machines. A few to look out for on sale are the NordicTrack Fusion CST, Bowflex HVT, and the Total Gym GTS.

Looking at the landscape for Black Friday 2021, we think new hybrid gyms are most exciting. Over the past year they’ve been muscling into cardio trainer territory. Hybrid gyms are great for all-around strength training sessions when the focus it a total-body workout and some of them follow the same model as the bikes we mentioned above by including built-in screens and broadcasting personal training sessions right into your home. These resistance trainers are always time-saver, and if discounted as Black Friday fitness equipment deals, they might be top values.





We’ve also built out a series of direct links to Amazon for you, where you’ll find specific deals on Treadmils, Exercise Bikes, and other fitness equipment over the mega weekend of deals. Shopping Amazon over Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a bit nutty, as we’ve seen deals come and go in a matter of hours; things sell fast. That in mind, if you see a bargain on a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, or other piece of equipment that we’ve recommended, Amazon unfortunately isn’t the place where you can really hum and haw for too long on these big deal days.

The launch of Black Friday deals has become the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, and the way things have been going lately, it seems brands have no issue starting their sales earlier and earlier each year. Don’t wait for Black Friday itself, these days you’re best served by keeping an eye out for sales by early to mid November. It’s a bit of a tricky game, especially in 2021, because on one hand there’s the theory that prices could dip even lower when you get to Black Friday itself, but at the same time, knowing how much of a challenge brands have had when it comes to keeping things in stock this year, you’re better off pulling the trigger sooner rather than later (before items are sold out). That goes for all types of home gym equipment. It’s a good time to build your home gym, you’ll save up to 50 or 60 percent on spin bikes, treadmills and ellipticals. Before you dive into Black Friday shopping mode, it’s best to figure out what works for you; which is all based on your goals, fitness levels and available space. 

Each of these brands will be updating their Black Friday deals lists on the fly, so it’s best to keep checking in on each of the brand sites over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to see what’s coming.