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Best Force USA Home Gyms of 2023


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Force USA offers a diverse catalogue of home gym equipment, primarily plate-loaded, for fitness fans seeking a commercial-grade workout. Whether seeking to compete in powerlifting meets, or just wanting to lift heavy at home, this long-tested brand delivers high-quality gear. Whereas other home gym brands rely solely on cables or pulleys, the Force USA collection is heavy on the side of barbells and iron. Fit for commercial gyms, the gear is built for advanced and serious lifters seeking to upgrade their garage into a Heave Ho' Heaven. See below are picks for the best Force USA models on the market, but continue reading into the different categories of equipment offered. A one-stop-shop for strength gear, the brand offers Olympic plates, bumpers, barbells, and more. Both upper and lower body units are represented and customers would be hard-pressed to find a traditional brick-and-mortar store with this diversity.

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Force USA
G10 Trainer

Force USA
G20 Trainer

Force USA
G6 Trainer

Force USA
G15 Trainer


Force USA
G3 Trainer


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There are a few different types of Home Gyms. There are weight stack, power rod and body weight.

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Force USA Home Gyms Buying Guide

A force with which to be reckoned for sure, Force USA serves as a one-stop-shop when it comes to fitness for the home, garage gym, or frankly, even a commercial gym. Made in the U.S.A. with heavy-duty steel, the brand specializes in plate-loaded machines and systems, meanwhile carrying a number of accessories from various bars and attachments to gym mats. That said, some of the brand’s upper level all-in-one trainers do feature both plate-loaded and weight-stack options, although the majority of units are plate-only

Sold exclusively online, Force USA products come with lifetime structural warranties, discounts for first-responders and military personnel, as well as financing plans.

To plate-load or weight-stack, that indeed is the question. Force USA’s product line answers with a resounding chorus of plate-loaded equipment, and for heavy-duty lifers, that’s gym jams to their ears. Whereas other home gym set-ups, like Total Gym or others, focus on cable resistance and weight stacks or rods, the equipment in the Force USA catalogue looks like something you’d see in a commercial gym.

The big upside to plate-loaded machines is they do tend to be sturdier, and one can load up significantly more weight. Most weight stacks associated with cables and pulleys max out at the 220-pound level, where as just three 45-pound plates on either of these units is 270 pounds. Bigger pounds translate into bigger gains for dedicated iron addicts.

A powerlifter’s delight, these units are also an easy sell to strength-athletes of any sports, really. The chief down-side to a plate-loaded machine is that one has to purchase the plates separately. To increase one’s resistance five pounds at a time, one would need two 5-pound plates. Purchasing an entire weight set can add up on costs of course.

The other consideration that comes with plate-loaded machines is that they do tend to be much bigger and heavier, and therefore placement is key. The solid concrete floor of a garage would be ideal for a machine with multiple plate horns that could wind up holding between 700 and 800 pounds in one place, when both the plates and machine are considered.



The Force USA All-In-One series includes the G3 and G9 as entry-level units, with the G6, G12, and G20, coming at the top, the latter three offering both plate-loaded and weight-stack options. The great thing about the Force USA All-In-One series is that each is built around a commercial-grade squat rack, a Smith Machine, and a solid pull-up station. The accessories range from plate-loaded cable systems to quite advanced weight stacks.

In terms of footprint, the All-In-One series machines range in height from 87 to 91 inches, 72 to 80 inches in width, and 55 to 95 inches in depth. If considering one of these machines, sufficient space is key. Also figure that as the machines are built to hold up to 900 or more pounds, a secure floor is required. These aren’t machines one moves about the living room between workouts.

Check out ForceUSA’s All-In-Ones here >>


Power Racks

Force USA Power Racks include the MyRack Modular Power Rack and the MyRack Folding Power Rack. For a free-weight lover who simply wants to squat, bench, deadlift, and press overhead, these are high-quality steel cages with up to 2,000 pounds in capacity. The MyRack Folding Power Rack can be mounted on a wall, opened and closed, meaning even in small apartments folks can get their lift on.

Priced at $599 and $699, the big consideration here is whether or not to expand. The MyRack Modular Power Rack is actually designed for build-on additions, such as extended cable machines or pull-downs. If one is looking for a starting point from which to build, this is it. The folding rack option is better folks who simply want to be able to lift in their own homes.

Check out ForceUSA’s Power Racks here >>


Leg Machines

From a commercial-grade Glute-Ham Raise Developer and a Compact Leg Press, up to a full-size 45-degree Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo, the Force USA brand of lower-body gear is well-built and meant to last. Fit for garage gyms or commercial facilities alike, these unlike are designed for plate-loaded to high levels with a variety of exercises offered on each.

For anyone considering a true garage gym, the Monster Ultimate 45-degree Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo machine is a real show piece. Not just a hip sled, but an easy hack squat as well, for those who want a real leg pump from all directions, this could easily replace a traditional barbell squat. Priced right, the machine is built with high-quality steel and weight horns.

Check out ForceUSA’s Leg Machines here >>


Weightlifting Benches

With seven varieties from which to choose, the Force USA offerings run from the simplest of utility benches up to heavy-duty Olympic-grade bench presses with safety arms. These would make sense to partner with the purchase of an All-In-One unit, or a power rack. Benches can serve multiple functions, to include body support when rowing, use for weighted step-ups, or pull-overs.

For some home fitness fans, one bench and some dumbbells might be sufficient. The range of benches offered span the simple to complex, but there’s no question one can earn the burn with hand-held weights and a bench on which to fly away. Priced $169 to $899, there’s something for any level of interest.

Check out ForceUSA’s Weightlifting Benches here >>



With five offerings available online, the Force USA collection includes a variety of Olympic barbells, as well as a Force USA Walkthrough Trap Bar. Priced between $299 and $399, the bars can be bundled into group purchases for discounts.

The walkthrough trap bar is particularly interesting and fairly unique. Whereas most trap bars form a complete hexagon, this piece is opened on one side so users can “walk through.” This allows for a number of other uses in terms of suitcase carries or farmers walks. A little pricier than one might find sold separately, keep in mind package pricing is available.

Check out ForceUSA’s Barbells here >>


Bumpers & Bands

Given the plate-loaded nature of the Force USA machines, it’s only natural the brand offer a broad array of plates. From traditional Olympic plates to bumpers, the online store also carries resistance bands and pegs. With rubber-coated Olympic plates offered in both kilograms and pounds, these bars can be augmented with high-resistance bands to perform any number of advanced strength-training drills.

Plates come in an assortment of packages and can be purchased individually. Rubber-coated Olympic plate packages range between 200 and 580 pounds, with individual plates spanning 2.5 to 45 pounds. Color-coded bumper plates come in packages from 160 to 680 pounds, with individual plates between 10 and 55 pounds.

Check out ForceUSA’s Bumpers & Bands here >>



The Force USA gym flooring comes by way of Versafit in 1-meter squares, 3- x 3-feet. Available in a variety of darker colors, the squares range in price between $29.99 and $39.99. Made from recycled rubber, the units are designed for easy cleaning with a mop and water. Flooring would be especially crucial home gyms looking to include a heavy rack of any kind.

Offered in both commercial and residential grade, the mats are 5/8-inch in thickness and weigh about 27 pounds each. Whether one is seeking to actually use equipment, or perhaps just an exercise zone with bosu balls and cords, these mats do indeed come in handy. A garage floor can be quite cold without them, and they are designed to prevent scooting and scraping.

Check out ForceUSA’s Flooring options here >>



With offerings ranging from TV brackets, J-Hooks, and dip handles, to Safety Spotter Arms and cable crossover machines, everything a garage gym enthusiast or even commercial gym owner needs can be found here. Whether to accessorize a bench press, or an All-In-One unit, the Attachment section is quite diverse.

The Force USA collection is designed to build upon itself, meaning a bench press here can lead to a squat rack there. With this in mind, the attachments available are guaranteed to match up to these machines and make the brand a true one-stop-shop for the home fitness buyer.

Check out ForceUSA’s Attachment options here >>

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