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Best Rigs and Wallmounts

With the burgeoning popularity of Crossfit and Boot Camp programs, commercial gym owners and home fitness fans alike are grabbing hold of workout rigs and wall mounts for all the right reasons. Designed for the creative mind with friends looking to work out together, these set ups can be quite intimidating at first sight. Essentially a network of modified squat racks crafted together, both rigs and wall mounts strike one as the free weight barbell lover’s answer to all-in-one-machines, but with the added bonus of group exercise opportunities. Great for Boot Camp-style workout parties, both bodyweight drills and the Big Four barbell exercises – squat, bench press, overhead press, deadlift – work well with multiple simultaneous users. Anything your mind can imagine, from hanging knee raises to good old fashioned bicep curls, are part of the mix when considering the iron addict’s jungle gym.

Best Overall

Monster Lite Monkey Rig 2.0

Rating: 98%

Best Rigs and Wallmounts










Big Kids' Playground
Monster Lite Monkey Rig 2.0




3x3" 11-gauge

24’3” X 6’-8”

Best Bangin' for the Buck
Monster Wall Mount MW-20




3x3-inch 11-gauge Steel

20' X 6'

Most Unique
Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig




3x3-inch 11-gauge Steel

10’6” X 16’7”

Rogue Monster Rig 2.0 M-20




3x3-inch 11-gauge Steel

20’ X 6’

Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack




3x3-inch 11-gauge Steel

43.75” X 56.1875”

Rigs and wall mounts are a great way to spark up a gym of any size, and most certainly make a professional training studio all the more profitable. Lifters of any age or stage can find something to work on with these units, which encourage a mix of body weight exercises and traditional barbell movements. Sufficient space is typically the first concern of a potential customer, and the main reason for looking at both halves of the equation, as a good way to look at the wall mount is being half a rig.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are rigs and wall mounts different?
A: A wall mount is essentially the front half of a rig affixed to a wall.
Q: Are these for Crossfit, bodybuilding, or powerlifting?
A: Any and all the above.
Q: What kind of gyms like these?
A: Gyms with group exercise programming.

1. Monster Lite Monkey Rig 2.0

A veritable playground for big lifts, this rig combines the strength and versatility of the standard Rogue 24-inch Monster Lite Pull-Up Rig with a 24-run course of Single Monster Lite Monkey Bars which escalate in height. The monkey bar rungs are spaced 1-foot apart and offer a unique twist to group exercise ideas. In addition to more than 10 traditional pull-up stations, the rig offers an additional six bench and squat stations. Each of the 12-foot uprights is constructed with 3×3-inch 11-gauge steel with Westside spacing employed in heightening holes.


Very unique idea
Dozens can use together
Multiplicity of uses


Price is higher
Best for big groups
Large foot print

2. Monster Wall Mount MW-20

Gym owners looking to add top tier lifting and pull-up stations while saving some space are who the Monster Wall Mount MW-20 was made for. Designed to be bolted directly to a solid wall, this wall mount is designed to consume roughly half the space of a full rig while providing comparable group work opportunities. The MW-20 is the Monster Wall option at 20-feet long, with other options including 10-feet, 14-feet and 24-feet. But 20-foot model seems to hit the Goldilocks spot with two squat and bench stations, six pull-up spots, two pair of Monster J-Cups and each of the 108-inch uprights constructed of 3×3-inch tube of 11-gauge steel.


Less space used
Great for small groups
High quality materials


Requires solid wall
Limited options for placement
Not suitable for all locations

3. Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig

The result of engineers combining a Rogue RM-4 Power Rack and angled beams connecting the outermost front uprights to the back with a customizable storage system, the Rogue Monster Wingspan takes its name from the appearance of its horizontal stretch. Unlike other rig and wall mount systems, this unit is built for customization with numerous options available, from kettlebell racks to bar holders. Built for the dreamers, depending on how the unit is affixed, as many as 10 pull up stations could be situated across the wingspan. The base structure consists of 10 Monster 100-inch uprights made from 3×3-inch 11-gauce steel with numbered uprights and a medium gloss black powder coat. The downside to this unit is that as a base model one only pull up bar is included and many parts have to be purchased separately to realize the full potential.


Creative design
Mass storage
Great potential to customize


Many parts sold separate
Fewer workout stations
Price is difficult to estimate

4. Rogue Monster Rig 2.0 M-20

Available in 11 different color finishes, the Monster Rig 2.0 M-20 could be described as what the Monster Wall Mount – MW-20 would be as a free-standing piece. Like the rest of the rig and wall mount family of equipment, this series is built for customization and add-ons down the road. The Rogue Monster Rig series is available in 10-foot, 14-foot, 20-foot and 24-foot lengths, with the M-20 bringing the most offerings for the money. Effectively a doubling of its wall mount counterpart, the M-20 offers four bench/squat stations and 13 pull up stations. Four pair of Monster J-Cups, 10 Monster 2.0 108-inch uprights all come as part of the 3×3-inch tube of 11-gauge steel units.


Multiple color options
Double the capacity
Great size for the dollar


Many pieces sold separate
Bigger foot print
Too big for some gyms

5. Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

Sometimes simplest is best. For the small gym owner or Average Ann who simply wants a high quality workout without a payment plan needed, the Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack is probably what they’ve been searching for. No bells and whistles, but it does come available in 11 different colors. Once attached to a solid wall by way of a locking pin and hinge system, this wall mount offers users a single pull up station which doubles as a bench/squat and deadlift area with retractable arms which allow for unit extension from the wall. Uprights measuring 90.375” in height constructed of 3×3-inch 11-gauge steel, each upright offers Westside hole spacing and brackets for bar placement. Simple enough for a homeowner to install, do ensure the wall being utilized is secure enough to hold the weight involved.



Very affordable
Requires limited space
Good for any operation


Single user station
Does require solid wall
Fewer options