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Why Increase Running Speed Versus Distance?

Running SpeedAs you go about your running workouts, one question you may ask yourself is how you will go about making sure that you keep progressing along.

For some people, simply getting the runs in is enough. They are simply looking to move their body, get away from the hectic pace of their day, and make sure that they are leading an active lifestyle. For them, progression isn’t as important.

But for most people, if they are going to devote hours each week to something, they want to be getting better at it. Hence, progress is what they want to see.

When it comes to running, there are two ways that you can improve your rate of progression. These include increasing the total distance that you are running per workout (or per week), or else increasing the speed in which you run at.

While some people are truly distance individuals – they love increasing how long they are out there for and can’t wait to get in an hour-long run, for most people, that just isn’t the case.
Speed proves to be the more appealing way to boost the intensity of their workout routine and move their progress along so what they choose to focus on.

This said, there are many advantages that come along with increasing the total speed that you are running with. Let’s have a quick look at what those advantages are so that you can see why you may want to consider this improvement.

Speed Improves Metabolic Conditioning

The very first reason why you should be focusing on speed more often over increased distance is by increasing the pace in which you are running at, you will also increase your total metabolic conditioning.

Meaning, you will experience a metabolic rate that runs faster 24/7. This then means that you can burn up body fat faster all day long – even at rest.

Interval training (elliptical trainers can do this well), where speed is absolutely maximized, is one of the top ways to improve metabolic conditioning and get you into great shape as quickly as possible.

Speed Reduces Total Workout Time Commitment

Next, another big reason to consider doing more speed training is that it allows you to become a better runner without having to devote any more time to your actual training routine. If you are increasing the pace of your workout session, if anything you will find that you have to workout less, not more.

For those who have a very busy schedule, this is clearly a huge benefit that can’t go overlooked.

Speed Increases Power

If you focus on increasing your total level of speed, you’re also going to be doing a good job to boost your total level of power as well.

Speed generation is going to take a high level of total muscle force and strength, so the more speed ability you possess, the stronger you will be on other activities that you may participate in.

For those who are involved in recreational team sports, increasing running speed is very beneficial.

Speed Reduces Your Risk Of Overuse Injuries

Finally, the last benefit to boosting speed over distance is that you will also slash your risk of overuse injuries as well. If you are logging more and more miles each week, don’t be surprised if it isn’t long before an overuse injury sets in.

By focusing on speed, you can help to lower the risk that this does in fact occur.

So there you have the primary reasons to focus on increasing speed over distance. If you do this, you can rest assured you will be seeing results.

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