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Treadmill Workouts

Treadmill workouts vary as much as the individuals using them. All treadmills come with pre-defined workout programs. The price usually dictates how many workouts are included. Setting personal goals also factors into what type of workouts to use. Choosing which workout is best for you depends if you are using your treadmill to lose weight, tone muscles or train for running events. What kind of shape you are in also plays a key role in your workout routine.

Personal Workout

Defining your own personal workout allows you to tailor treadmill exercises to your own comfort level. Start with warm-up including stretching before you even put your feet on the treadmill. Once on the treadmill walk steadily gently increasing speed until breathing heavier. Add ankle or arm weights to burn more calories. Start speed walking, jogging or running once your body is warmed up. Adjust the time of cardiovascular as you get in better shape. Cool down by reverse walking for five minutes. Reverse walking greatly benefits tight muscles and further tones the body. After your routine, be sure to drink plenty of water to replenish your system.

Incline Combined with Speed (Hill Climb)

Take a hike from the comfort of your home. Adjusting incline provides the same effect as hiking a hill or mountain. Combining incline with speed gives you the advantage of either walking or running up the hill. Maintaining a steady pace is the most important aspect and both incline and speed can be adjusted to accommodate your routine. Or, adjust your pace in one of the pre-defined programs that automatically increase over a specific amount of time.

Personal Trainers

Many websites such as iFit and Treadmill Trainer coaches you through your workout routine just like having your own physical trainer right beside you. Trainers provide motivation, encouragement and literally get inside your head through your iPod or MP3 player.

Interval Training

Interval training combines low intensity with high impact running. Not only does this type of workout burn fat, it also achieves peak cardiovascular fitness boosting your metabolism even after you are done training. A 15 to 20 minute session achieves the same results as one hour of cardiovascular exercise. Interval training includes repetitions such as working two minutes at 85% alternating with 1-2 minutes working at 65%. Experiment on your own plugging in different percentages and workout minutes to achieve the maximum benefit for your routine.

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