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Best Treadmills with Speakers of 2021(4)

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If you purchased a treadmill with an iPod dock then your new purchase should also include built-in speakers. Treadmill manufactures have decided to take advantage of the latest exercise craze — working out with iPod/mp3 players — by offering compatibility on most models. If you visit the local gym these days you will notice that most people workout with a personal music device even if the gym is playing music of its own.

Unfortunately, earphones are prone to falling out of your ears while you run and can get really uncomfortable after awhile. However, when you exercise to music being played from speakers you do not have to worry about annoying headphones. That is why if you are a music lover owning a treadmill with iPod dock and built-in speakers is very important.

If you decide that owning a treadmill with iPod compatibility and built-in speakers is a must than you need to start by searching for treadmills that have an iPod dock. Traditionally, if a treadmill is compatible with iPod/mp3 players it is also equipped with built-in speakers, though a few select treadmills have an iPod dock but require earphones to actually listen to the music.

While you can expect all iPod docks to be universally the same across different treadmill manufactures the quality of speakers can substantially differ in value. Just like you would not expect $10 speakers from Wal-Mart to sound as good as $300 speakers at a music store the same can be expected with treadmills. Simply put, some treadmills with speakers are of better quality than others.

How big of a difference do high quality speakers make for your fitness experience?

Think about it this way. Have you ever purchased a CD and then listened to it on low-quality speakers (such as stock speakers on laptops)? Then, have you tried playing that same CD on a high-quality stereo system? What a difference it makes, right?

Treadmills with speakers (even the best ones) are obviously not of the same quality as a major home stereo system yet some are actually surprisingly good. Since owning a treadmill with an iPod dock and built-in speakers is so important these days a lot of budget treadmills are now equipped with music compatibility, but this is usually where the sound quality suffers the most. You get what you pay for so if you want a crisp sound you need to pay a little extra.

Treadmills with speakers will definitely enhance your fitness experience and replicate what you might find at the local gym only this time you are in control of the playlist. Again, the quality of sound will have the biggest impact because no one can exercise with speakers that do not get loud enough to be heard over the stomping of feet or sound really poor at high volume.

If you’re a true music lover it definitely makes sense to pay a little more for an iPod dock and built-in speakers. As we continue to see more treadmills with mp3 docks we will also likely see more and more¬†with enhanced¬†speakers. Until that time, expect to potentially pay $500-$1,000 more for music capabilities.


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79 LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i

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81 echelon stride

Echelon Stride

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