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Sole TT8

Sole TT8

Rating: 94.5%

Sole TT9 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Sole TT9 Treadmill became its series leader in 2019. Club quality, it has commercial and home-use warranties. This low-maintenance model is very similar to the TT8, but the TT9 is the only Sole treadmill with a touchscreen. Compared with the TT8 it’s even more durable too.

Highlights include a 10” touchscreen with browser and Bluetooth; a spacious track; excellent shock absorption; and incline/decline to diversify workouts. Read on for a full TT9 Treadmill review.

Our Rating

Rating: 96.5/100. The TT9 Treadmill with touchscreen is the new top-of-the-line model from Sole Fitness. Sole Fitness has long been a favorite fitness company among “sensible shoppers” or those who prioritize durability. The new TT9 Treadmill marks a new step for the Sole brand, as it’s their hardiest treadmill and has a touchscreen with web. This all-purpose cardio trainer is available with long warranties for home use and light commercial use.

Like most light commercial treadmills the Sole TT9 is meant to fit almost anyone. The belt speed range is from 0.5 to 12 mph, the workout surface is long and extra-wide, and the machine can support up to 450 pounds. In our review, workouts on the TT9 feel remarkably comfortable thanks to the spacious design and high quality suspension.

Next are lists of pros and cons followed by details about the parts and programming.


  • Light commercial quality; very low maintenance
  • 4.0 continuous horsepower AC motor
  • Cushioned 22″ x 60″ running surface
  • Power incline and decline to enhance muscle tone and calorie burn
  • 10” touchscreen for workouts, reading email, watching videos, etc.
  • Bluetooth for logging data in the Sole Fitness app or another activity tracker
  • 10 preset workout programs, customizable
  • Wireless and contact heart rate monitoring
  • Sound system
  • Competitive warranty for light commercial or home use
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Bluetooth audio speakers
  • USB charging port


  • Heavy and not a folding treadmill; not best for people who relocate frequently
  • Doesn’t offer virtual outdoor exercise settings, unlike some other modern treadmills
  • Costs more than the typical home treadmill


The Sole TT9 is a high-end non-folding treadmill introduced in 2018. Its sale price includes a valuable warranty for residential or light commercial use. From its touchscreen console to the shock-absorbing deck, in our review this newest option from Sole will satisfy almost any walker or runner.

Workout Programs

Sole treadmill workout programs can automate the workout belt’s speed and incline. For safety and customization, a trainee can override the program anytime.

The TT9 Treadmill has a 10-item workout program menu. Eight workouts are preset and two are user-made. You can find the same programs on other Sole treadmills, but only the TT9 gives convenient touchscreen access. The preset choices are:

  • Manual mode
  • Cardio
  • Fat Burn
  • Hill
  • Interval
  • Strength
  • Heart rate control 1
  • Heart rate control 2

Programs can be customized for time and other variables.

Sole TT9 Features

The Sole TT9 is a “connected” fitness machine with a 10” touchscreen as its control panel. The touchscreen has web apps, plus the treadmill has Bluetooth for sharing workout data. You can wirelessly export your workout numbers to the Sole Fitness app or third party apps such as iHealth.

A commercial AC motor powers the belt at speeds from 0.5 to 12 mph. The motor has 4.0 continuous horsepower and is optimized for quiet operation.

The workout area is slightly above average in size, measuring 22” wide x 60” long.

Sole tread belts are all high quality, and the TT9 Treadmill is equipped with their best option. It has four layers and is permeated with lubricant to be very low-maintenance. Furthermore it runs over 3” rollers and a wax-coated deck. These features help ensure smooth operation and reduces demand on the main motor.

The deck is extra large to give the treadmill more weight capacity compared with the TT8. Named CushionFlex, this deck provides excellent shock absorption, making exercise gentler on the joints compared with outdoor training. It also absorbs sound to help make the fitness machine home-friendly.

Power incline and decline are included to diversify training. The TT9 has 15 uphill settings and six downhill settings. Controls are built into the handlebars, and incline can also be automated by workout programs.

Contact heart rate sensors are included. This cardio trainer is also compatible with wireless heart rate monitors.

Amenities on the console include music speakers cooling fans, bottle holders, storage areas, an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth audio speakers, and a USB charging port.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Sole TT9 Treadmill is sold with light commercial and residential warranties. These include:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Motor: Lifetime residential, 5 years light commercial

– Deck: Lifetime residential, 5 years light commercial

– Electronics: 6 years residential,  3 years light commercial

– Labor: 3 years residential, 1 year light commercial

All factory-direct Sole treadmills have 30-day money-back guarantees.


Sole has long been a top choice for light commercial settings because it combines durability and good ergonomics with reasonable pricing. The new TT9 is their best treadmill yet, and it has the bonus of a touchscreen with web apps. This new technology makes the machine rather expensive at full price, but on sale the TT9 can be a very good long-term value. Shoppers who aren’t so interested in having a touchscreen might prefer the similar TT8 Treadmill for about $1K less.

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