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Schwinn 840 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Schwinn 840 treadmill is labeled as “ideal for toning up, managing your weight and improving your cardiovascular health”. Essentially all the things you would ever want to accomplish in order to feel healthy and fit.

The 840 features a decent 2.5 CHP motor and optimally cushioned 20″ x 55″ walking/running surface that utilizes SoftTrak suspension.

Manage your fitness routine between 0 to 10 percent incline while striding to maximum 10 mph speed.

Learn more by reading our full Schwinn 840 treadmill review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 66.5/100. The little brother of the 860, the Schwinn 840 is a well-rated option under $1,000 according to (4.4 out of 5 stars from 7 customers).

– Ideal for walkers or light joggers
– Easy to fold with SoftDrop technology
– Wide range of pre-defined workout programs
– Get heart rate readings with built-in pulse grips
– Track workout progress with LCD display
– Softtrak suspension deck puts less stress on joints

– No mp3 or built-in sound system
– Speed and incline range less than competitors
– Poor warranty coverage, especially on parts


Perhaps the biggest puzzle to the Schwinn 840 is the true value of components versus cost. Priced a little too high to be labeled a “budget treadmill”, the Schwinn 840 does not really fit with the more elite treadmill options either, but finds a perfect place in the middle.

No doubt about it, the 840 not only sports a quality frame, motor and suspension, the Schwinn 840 also combines integrated heart rate programming with dual screen monitoring to ensure a hearty cardiovascular workout.

Users will appreciate SoftDrop technology that allows you to easily fold up and take down the Schwinn 840 as well as transport wheels to move the 840 into another spot in your house.

Workout Programs

When you buy any treadmill (regardless of the price) you usually expect 6 to 8 general, fairly traditional workout programs.

However, the Schwinn 840 takes it a step further with an impressive 20 different programs.

Choose between six course profiles, calorie goal or Quick Start workouts. If your goal is to just keep running, be creative and build your own custom workouts.

The only thing the Schwinn 840 is missing is compatibility with iFit Live, one of the latest fitness toys.

Treadmill Features

The Schwinn 840 includes an integrated fan that keeps you cool and comfortable, enabling you to workout longer.

Stay hydrated with the built-in water bottle holder. Tax your mind as well as your body by reading your favorite novel from the convenient magazine rack.

Adjust from miles to kilometers through the 840’s quick controls.

The Schwinn 840 features Softtrack folding technology, making the compact trainer a breeze to store away when not in use.

The treadmill has many of the same features as the higher priced Schwinn 860, though the size of the motor, speed/incline range, etc, etc are not as stellar.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Schwinn 840 treadmill warranty and guarantee includes:

– Motor: 10 Years
– Frame 5 Years
– Electronics: 1 Year
– Parts: 6 Months
– Wear Parts: 90 Days

For all questions (including returns), please contact (800) 605-3369.


The Schwinn 840 treadmill is an important step up from budget treadmills.

While a lot of fitness enthusiasts expect a treadmill that at least reaches 15 mph and 15 percent incline, the 840 still challenges users with 10 percent incline and 10 mph maximum speed. The 20 detailed workout programs is the premiere feature on a treadmill priced in this category.

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