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ProForm ZT8 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The ProForm ZT8 folding treadmill is one of ProForm’s better discount treadmills: It combines a long and low-maintenance track with a good quality 2.75 CHP motor.

It’s also loaded with 22 workout apps and can be used with iFit for unlimited workout downloads.

Learn more from our complete ProForm ZT8 Treadmill review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 89.4/100. The ZT8 Treadmill is one of ProForm’s better $799 treadmills. It’s very similar to the ProForm Performance 600i, which also costs $799. The differences are that the ZT8 has a quieter, more durable track while the Performance 600i has an iFit-enabled console and a holder for your tablet computer. The ZT8 in this review can also be used with iFit but a separately-sold monitor is required. Other key specs are a 60″ x 20″ workout area, a 12% incline and iPod-compatible speakers.

  • Large & durable tread track (60″ x 20″, two ply)
  • Top speed 12 mph
  • Power incline (12% maximum)
  • 22 workout apps
  • iFit-compatible
  • Smartphone-compatible (2″ speakers)
  • Backlit display (6″)
  • Contact pulse monitor
  • Tablet computer holder
  • SpaceSaver (Foldable)


  • Assembly can be a hassle (Parts might not align)
  • No wireless heart rate receiver
  • Small track rollers
  • Slow customer service from ProForm


The $799 ProForm ZT8 combines some high quality components with a low price. It’s one of the best treadmills in the under-$800 price class. Specs include a low maintenance 60″ track, a respectable 2.75 CHP motor and a 12% automated incline. Parts are under warranty for two years.

Workout Programs

The ProForm ZT8 Treadmill includes built-in workout programs and can also be used with iFit. To access iFit a separate monitor is required. The monitor typically sells for $99 and sometimes includes a one-year iFit membership.

The 22 built-in treadmill workouts were designed by a certified personal trainer. Each has a preset length and controls the treadmill’s speed and incline.

With the addition of an iFit monitor you can download a new custom-tailored workout every day. You can also stream high definition video workouts and virtually train around the world with Google Maps™. With iFit’s Google Maps™ function you can select from popular routes or specify any path you please. The ZT8 will adjust its incline to mimic the terrain, plus you’ll get an interactive Google Street View. Some other benefits of iFit are extensive data tracking, online competitions with your Facebook friends, and a calendar for planning your treadmill workouts.

ProForm ZT8 Features

The ProForm ZT8 shows its preset programs and data on a 6″ backlit display. Stats shown are mileage, speed, calorie burn, heart rate and time elapsed. Heart rate is measured with sensors that you grip on the treadmill’s handlebars.

A top feature on the ZT8 Treadmill is its 12 percent incline. Incline training supports faster calorie burn and allows targeted muscle toning. It also helps simulate outdoor conditions and lightens the load on your sensitive joints by shifting your body weight.

The workout area is the industry’s standard size for a runner’s treadmill (60″ x 20″). The ZT8 track is two-ply, which isn’t typical for a $799 treadmill. This relatively thick track helps the treadmill operate quietly and also reduces the need for treadmill maintenance. The running surface is cushioned by the same ProShox™ system that’s used on more expensive ProForm treadmills.

For extra motivation the ProForm ZT8 has an iPod-compatible sound system, which includes a port and 2″ speakers.

This treadmill has a SpaceSaver design. With EasyLift Assist™ you can easily tilt the deck upward to reclaim your floor space.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm ZT8 Treadmill warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Deck: Lifetime

– Motor: Lifetime

– Parts: 2 Years

– Labor: 1 year

ProForm offers a 30-day money back guarantee on its treadmills.


With its strong motor and high quality track, the ProForm ZT8 is a best buy among low-priced treadmills. It might be worthwhile to compare this unit with the ProForm Performance 600i if you plan to use iFit, but overall the ZT8 is your best $799 option if durability and quiet operation are top priorities.

If your budget allows, then also consider some top treadmills sale priced $500 – $1000.

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