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Rating: 92.0%

Proform SMART Performance 800i Review

Quick Summary

The ProForm Smart Performance is top of the line in the Performance treadmill series; which is the entry level for ProForm treadmills. It is for walkers and joggers, not for experienced runners. And as such, it is a decent, affordable choice. It has a 2.75 continuous-duty horsepower motor, a 14” display screen and a 18” x 60 “ running deck; all of which work well to view and use the 50 on-board programs, or the 12, 000 plus iFit sessions. You can monitor your heart rate with the grip touch sensor and keep cool with the built in fan. With all these features combined it’s a decent entry level treadmill.

Our Rating

Rating: 86.6/100. The ProForm Smart Performance 800i is a great treadmill for walking and jogging. For the more serious runner, it will not be challenging enough with the motor power of just 2.75 CHP. But it has an almost endless supply of workout sessions at your disposal via the 50 that comes built in along with the iFit app. There are enough programs to motivate and keep you active on the treadmill, pushing you to new levels.

The incline of 10 % is the usual standard range and actually on the low end, but the -2% decline rounds it out to tone and strengthen additional muscles.  The running deck itself, is a decent size, the length is similar to the standard used in commercial gyms; which means it will fit most everyone’s stride.

The 14” display is a good size to easily view your stats, instructor led videos and the outdoors. The two-inch speakers filter music from your tablet or smartphone – so whatever your preference you will have enhanced audio to help keep you motivated. The heart rate monitor is touch grip, easy to reach and use without breaking your stride. Fans are always good to keep you nice and cool. Although it can carry a runner weighing up to 315 pounds, it is made to easily fold up and move out of the way. Overall it is a good machine for walking and jogging, and with the seemingly endless amount of programs between the on-board and the app, you really can’t go wrong.


  • Free one-year iFit Coach membership subscription
  • 50 built-in programs
  • Speed: 0-12 mph
  • Incline/Decline:  -2 up to 10%
  • Fold and stash design
  • 14” display screen
  • 2” speakers
  • Holder for tablet or smartphone
  • Weight capacity 315 lbs.
  • Running deck: 18” x 60”
  • Heart rate monitor: EKG grip pulse sensor
  • Built in fan


  • Not powerful enough for serious runners


Are you looking for a beginner treadmill? The ProForm Smart Performance 800i is a great option to consider. It has just enough power (2.75 CHP) to make it challenging and it has the ability to decline (2%). It has 50 built in programs to choose from in addition to the iFit app subscription which you get the first year free – and that includes an additional 12,000 workout sessions. From these on-demand instructor led programs, you have the option to follow in studio or outdoors; plus the Google map to walk on any terrain Google map goes, too.

Workout Programs

The SMART Performance 800i comes with 50 built in programs; that’s a lot of variety and options to choose from. Select from the following categories to build on your cardio and muscle tone: speed, incline, high intensity, calorie burn and mixed workouts.

In addition to the built in programs you have access to the iFit Coach app. that comes with a one-year free subscription; at the end of the year you can continue with the monthly or yearly rate.  The app gives you access to the whole new world of virtual workouts, a staggering number of 12,000 plus workout sessions. The on-demand, trainer led videos are facilitated by some of the most experienced trainers globally. As well, if you are tired of the studio and want to virtually run or walk on terrain in places you have never been, you can do so via the Google maps feature. Your treadmill’s incline/decline will automatically sync with the elevation of the landscape and give you the same intensity and resistance as if you were actually on location.

The workouts are bountiful and you will be hard pressed to get bored, in fact you will be challenged in fun and adventurous ways to the point that you probably won’t realize how well you are keeping up.

ProForm SMART Performance 800i Features

Decline/incline: The incline range goes from -2 to 10%. The decline is a new feature to the Performance series, one that adds to toning and the challenge. The 10% incline is standard to the various treadmills, and is low for some which is why the innovation with the decline adds just enough of an extra range to bring it up a notch. Not to mention, if you are on the app, tracking on terrain, it can give you a truer sense of the land while building your cardio and endurance.

Running Deck: The running deck is 18” x 60”, it is a little longer than the standard 55” for a residential treadmill. It gives enough room to walk and jog or for a taller member of your household with longer strides.

Motor: The motor (2.75 CHP) is the most powerful in the ProForm Performance series. It is strong and durable enough for walking and jogging but will not be as challenging for serious running.

Speed: The speed range is from 0-12 mph. This is more than enough to walk and jog to build your cardio and to get the blood circulating.

Display: The 14” display screen may not seem like a big deal these days with 22” screens coming out. But this is a fair size that is large enough to read and follow your stats and instructors.

Heart Rate Monitor: The EKG Grip Pulse Sensor is conveniently placed to monitor your heart rate, without having to break your stride or concentration.

2” Speakers: The 2” speakers can bolster your workout, when you have your favorite music or instructor’s motivational words loud and enhanced enough to keep you moving.

Tablet Holder: Rest your tablet or smartphone for easy access and use.

Fans: Built in fans help to keep you cool as you trek through the Himalayan Mountains or while following your favorite instructor.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Performance series treadmill warranty includes:

Frame and Motor: Lifetime

Parts: Three years

Labor: One Year

As well as a 30-day money back guarantee.


The ProForm Smart Performance 800i is a solid machine for walking; from the  power and the decline/incline to the 14” screen. The myriad of workout programs and sessions via the on-board options and the iFit app means that you will be well motivated and entertained for years to come.

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