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Precor TRM 835 Review

Quick Summary

The Precor TRM 835 is a premium treadmill built especially for commercial use.

Facility managers appreciate its reliability and easy maintenance.

Trainees appreciate its extensive workout menu, spacious track with incline/decline, and industry-leading shock absorption system.

For added luxury this Precor can be enhanced with audio channels and a 15″ viewing screen.

Learn more from our complete Precor TRM 835 review below.


Model Precor TRM 835

Our custom rating considers all of the treadmill's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

List Price

Suggested retail price, typically higher than the price you'll pay with our recommended retailers.

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Treadmill Speed is measured in Miles Per Hour (mph). Average running speed is 5-9 mph.

0.5 - 16 mph

Treadmill Incline measures the angle of the deck, and how steep it is relative to the floor (0% is flat, and 15% is like a steep hill).

-3 to 15%

The Treadmill Motor is what turns the belt as you run. We recommend at least 2 HP (Horsepower) motors, 2.5+ HP for jogging, and 3.0+ HP for running.

4.0 HP AC

Treadmill Deck dimensions are measured in inches: Width x Length. The wider and longer the deck, the safer it is (55-60 inches long recommended for running).

22" x 60"

The Treadmill Belt is the surface you run on. The thicker the belt, the less impact on your joints. At least 2-ply (1 inch) recommended.

Seigling E8 multi-ply polyester belt with optimized lubrication integrated into the material

Some treadmills are designed to conserve space by folding up. This is a convenient option, but some features might be reduced.


Treadmill Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.

Max. Weight

Treadmill Max User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that it can safely support, which can represent durability.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate programs allow you to track how many times your heart is beating per minute (bpm), and some control the workout for you.

Fixed on handlebars

Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this treadmill will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

83" x 35" x 62"

Treadmill Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

15-inch LED
Cooling Fans

Treadmill Cooling Fans are designed to help keep you cool during an intense workout.

Accessory Tray

Some treadmills include an accessory tray for holding items such as water bottles, wallets, keys, or MP3 players like iPods.


Treadmills that include a sound system allow you to listen to your MP3 player/iPod through built-in speakers (no headphones).

Quick Controls

Quick Controls allow you to select speed, incline and even workout programs with the touch of a button (usually on the handles).


The warranty is a very important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs by the manufacturer.

Frame: 7 Years
Parts and Wear: 5 Years
Console: 2 Years
Labor: 1 Year

Rating: 87.3%

Our Rating

Rating: 87.3/100. High performance and low maintenance, the Precor TRM 835 is an ideal treadmill for busy fitness centers. It’s the middle model among three treadmills in the Experience Series, which is Precor’s top line of commercial cardio trainers. Gym members love how these treadmills put a spring in their step; Precor’s unique track technology significantly minimizes joint stress and fatigue.

Of the three commercial treadmills in this series, the TRM 835 is the best value for shoppers seeking a trainer with great workout variety. Key points about the Precor TRM 835 are a 4.0 HP motor, a 60″ track, an automated incline and decline, 27 workout programs and wireless heart rate monitoring.

Here are pros and cons to consider about choosing this Precor treadmill for your fitness center.


  • Low maintenance
  • Optional 15″ video screen
  • Optional audio receiver
  • Spacious workout area (60″ x 22″)
  • 4.0 HP motor
  • Top speed 16 mph
  • Power incline and decline (-3% to 15%)
  • 27 workout programs
  • Allows workout pauses
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Touch heart rate monitoring
  • Multilingual display
  • Standard and metric data settings
  • Reading rack
  • Auto-stop for safety
  • Long handrails for support
  • High weight capacity (400 pounds)
  • Transport wheels


  • High price
  • No workout fan

How does the Precor TRM 835 compare with others in its series? It’s a big step above the TRM 811, which only has seven workout programs and lacks an automated decline. It is almost identical to the top-of-the-line TRM 885, which is upgraded with a touch screen.


When you’re shopping for high quality treadmills, Precor is a “must see” brand. This international leader earns stellar reviews for its low-maintenance, high-performance cardio trainers. Their TRM 835 treadmill is a top choice for commercial fitness centers. It has a spacious workout area (60″ x 22″) to accommodate walkers and runners alike, and its generous menu of 27 preset workout programs can help any trainee meet their fitness goals. A special feature is its automated ramp, which can angle between -3 and 15 degrees for uphill/downhill training. This treadmill also has a patented Ground Effects Impact Control System for shock absorption that other brands can’t match! For user safety it has an emergency stop feature (a lanyard with key) and long handrails. Read on for details about the Precor TRM 835’s programming, special features and commercial warranty.

Workout Programs

Loaded with 27 workout programs, this treadmill can support anyone’s cardio fitness goals. For simplified navigation the programs are grouped into the following categories: Manual, Interval, Weight Loss, Variety, Heart Rate and Performance. The Performance category includes workouts with distance goals and also has a variety of fitness tests inspired by training for law enforcement, firefighting and each branch of the US Military.

Plenty of exercise feedback is provided: Speed, Incline, Distance, Pace, Average Speed, Calories, Heart Rate, Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Percent Complete, Time in Zone, Segment Time, Calories per Minute, Calories per Hour, Watts, METS, Target HR, Average HR and Elevation Gain.

Precor TRM 835 Features

A highlight of the Precor 835 is its power ramp for uphill and downhill training. The ramp has a range of -3 degrees to 15 degrees, and the angle can be adjusted in half-degree increments.

An optional feature is a 15″ screen for digital entertainment. Also available are wireless receivers for a selection of audio channels.

Heart rate monitoring is supported with touch sensors and Polar wireless compatibility.

The TRM 835 has a 60″ x 22″ tread track. Multi-layered and pre-waxed, the track is durable and low maintenance.

For remarkably effective shock absorption, the treadmill deck has a Ground Effects® Impact Control System. Trainees also benefit from Precor’s Integrated Footplant Technology™, which micro-adjusts the track speed in response to user motion. This combination of features reduces fatigue and promotes endurance.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Precor TRM 835’s competitive warranty includes:

– Frame: 7 years

– Parts: 5 years

– Console: 2 years

– Labor: 1 year


The Precor TRM 835 is built to please club members and club managers alike. Reliable, powerful and loaded with training support, it’s one of the best commercial treadmills on the market.

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