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Precor TRM 811 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The smooth-running TRM 811 is a premium Precor treadmill with a commercial warranty.

Highlights of this popular club cardio trainer are a roomy track for runners, advanced shock absorption, a 4.0 horsepower motor, preset workout programs and wireless heart rate monitoring.

With a multilingual readout and other custom choices, this Precor treadmill has easily become a favorite in health clubs around the world.

Read on for our full Precor TRM 811 treadmill review.

Our Rating

Rating: 90.6/100. The Precor TRM 811 is a top quality treadmill found in hotels, commercial fitness centers and cruise ships worldwide. It’s a virtually maintenance-free cardio trainer that’s sized to fit small and tall gym members alike. Key specs include a 60-inch track with advanced cushioning, a 4.0 HP motor to support tough training, a power incline with 30 settings (zero to 15 degrees with 0.5° increments), seven diverse workout programs, and Polar compatible wireless heart rate monitoring. The Precor TRM 811 treadmill also has a cell phone holder and water bottle holder built into its console. Overall it’s an easy choice for its price class when priorities are reliability, low maintenance and comfortable cardio training. Here are pros and cons to consider about choosing this treadmill for your light commercial or commercial fitness center.


  • Low-maintenance track (Pre-waxed)
  • Spacious workout area (60″ x 22″)
  • 4.0 HP motor
  • Top speed 12 mph
  • Power incline up to 15 percent
  • Seven workout programs
  • Allows workout pauses
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Touch heart rate monitoring
  • Reading rack
  • Auto-stop for safety
  • Long handrails for support
  • High weight capacity (400 pounds)
  • Transport wheels


  • High price
  • No workout fan

The upgrade to this treadmill is the Precor TRM 835. It has the same horsepower and basic track specifications as the treadmill in this review. Its main advantages over the TRM 811 are a downhill training option and an extra-large data display with additional workout programming.


Shopping for a health club treadmill? The Precor TRM 811 is a leading club treadmill with a very low-maintenance design. It has a long and extra-wide tread track (60″ x 22″) to support walkers and runners of all sizes, and its variety of preset workout programs can help any trainee make the most of their treadmill time. Precor’s 811 treadmill stands out partly for its automated ramp, which offers 30 settings up to 15 degrees. The treadmill also has unique shock absorption, which results from smart cushioning combined with the micro-adjusting of track speed. For extra security the treadmill has an emergency stop feature and long handrails. Read on for details about the Precor TRM 811’s programming, other features and commercial warranty.

Workout Programs

The Precor TRM 811 commercial treadmill has seven preset workout programs including a fitness test and manual mode. Interval training, weight loss training, distance workouts and other routines are provided. Plenty of training feedback is given throughout each session: Speed, Incline, Time, Calories, Calories/min, Distance, Heart Rate, Pace, Average Speed, Workout Profile, and Smart Rate. (Smart Rate is an indicator of your heart rate zone; three target zones are displayed.) After each session a workout summary is shown.

Precor TRM 811 Features

A special feature of the Precor 811 treadmill is its power ramp with maximum 15% incline. The ramp can be adjusted in half-degree increments for customized challenge. With each increase in incline, calorie burn is naturally boosted. Trainees can track their calorie burn with a clear 7″ data display.

This treadmill supports heart rate monitoring with touch sensors on its handlebars and a wireless receiver.

The TRM 811 has a multi-ply 60″ x 22″ tread track; thick and pre-waxed, it resists wear and is easy to maintain. For advanced shock absorption the treadmill deck has a Ground Effects® Impact Control System, which provides different cushioning levels in the push-off and landing zones. Gym members also benefit from Precor’s Integrated Footplant Technology™, which reduces stress on joints by instantly micro-adjusting the track speed in response to user motion.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Precor TRM 811’s competitive warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts and Wear Items: 10 years
– Console: 3 years
– Labor: 1 year


The Precor TRM 811 is a classic treadmill for health club cardio training. It has the power and spacious size to meet the needs of walkers and runners, and it’s low-maintenance for club managers. Precor treadmills are high quality and easy finalists for any commercial fitness center’s shopping list.

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