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NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The newest X7i is NordicTrack’s entry-level Incline Trainer treadmill designed for the 2017 model year.

With impressive track slope range of -3 percent to +40 percent, this unique cardio trainer supports rapid calorie burn and lean muscle definition.

The X7i is powered by a 2.75 CHP motor, has a 7” LCD monitor with backlighting, and is ready for use with iFit technology.

Learn more from the full NordicTrack X7i review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 85.7/100. NordicTrack Incline Trainers are easy on knees but tough on calories. By letting you walk or run with inclines up to 40 percent, they can boost your calorie burn rate by up to 500%! The NordicTrack X7i revised for the 2017 model year has 38 workout apps and can also be used with iFit Coach (membership required); connect your own tablet computer as a monitor for HD workout videos, interactive Google Maps workouts and other iFit features. Other key specs include a 3 percent decline, WhisperQuiet™ technology that minimizes the sound of your footfall, and iPod compatibility with 3” console speakers. The new X7i carries an excellent warranty and can be yours for a deep discount during online sales events.


  • Enables rapid calorie burn for walkers and runners
  • Gentle on joints compared with non-inclined treadmills
  • Long and extra-wide track (22″ x 60”)
  • Dramatic power incline/decline (-3 percent to +40 percent)
  • 38 built-in workout apps
  • iFit-ready for unlimited workout variety
  • Adjustable tablet holder
  • iPod-compatible with port and 3” speakers
  • Six-year warranty on parts and electronics
  • Three-year labor warranty
  • WhisperQuiet™ deck absorbs sound from each step
  • Easily assembled


  • X7i Incline Trainers have one-ply belts that aren’t as long-lasting as those on some other treadmills
  • The monitor is basic compared with those on advanced NordicTrack incline trainers (the X9i and X11i)
  • NordicTrack customer service is often criticized as slow when replacement parts are needed


Blast calories just by walking! Personal trainers such as Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser weight loss show have described incline training as “the fastest way to lose weight.” Scientific studies back up this bold description: You can burn calories at up to five times your usual rate! Exercising with the X7i is low impact compared with standard treadmill training too, because your weight naturally shifts to reduce pressure on your joints.

Besides the impressive slope, highlights of the NordicTrack X7i include dozens of preset workouts, an iFit-enabled console, music speakers and an adjustable holder for your own tablet computer.
The new X7i is intended more for walkers and joggers than for runners. Although it can support high speeds and carries an excellent warranty, it has less horsepower compared with the X9i, X11i and x22i.

Workout Programs

Train efficiently with guidance from 38 preset workout programs. The X7i’s training apps are professionally designed to target four goals: calorie burn, heart rate control, incline training and speed. Each program can change the machine’s pace and slope.

For infinite workout variety and personalized guidance the NordicTrack X7i is enabled for iFit Coach. With an iFit Coach membership you can access iFit’s HD video workouts, download a new customized workout daily, and design unlimited interactive Google Maps™ workouts. iFit’s Google Maps feature lets you virtually experience any route: As the X7i Incline Trainer adjusts its slant to copy the topography, a Google Street View is shown for a truly immersive workout. You can get an HD view by attaching your tablet computer to the X7i console.

X7i Incline Trainer Features

The X7i is now NordicTrack’s entry-level incline trainer yet it’s loaded with appealing features. These range from its impressive incline/decline to extras for integrating digital entertainment.

The main feature is the dramatic 40 percent incline. Blast calories at up to five times your usual rate! The X7i also has a useful 3% max decline. The dramatic range lets you train different muscle groups and get realistic training for outdoor exercise. The incline/decline is especially fun to use with interactive Google Maps workouts. (An iFit membership is required.)

The 22” x 60” belt is well cushioned, wider than that of a traditional treadmill, and long enough for almost any running stride. The top speed is 12 mph.

OneTouch controls make it easy to adjust the X7i’s speed and incline during workouts.

For audio entertainment the NordicTrack X7i is equipped with 3” speakers. Connect your MP3 player to the iPod-compatible port.

The X7i has an adjustable-angle bracket for your tablet computer or smartphone, which can serve as a secondary monitor. The integrated monitor is a 7” LCD with backlighting for easy viewing regardless of ambient light.

A chest strap is included for convenient and accurate heart rate monitoring. NordicTrack Incline Trainers also have grip pulse readers on their handlebars.

To help keep you cool, two workout fans are built into the console. These AutoBreeze fans can automatically adjust their output to match your workout intensity.

Warranty & Guarantee

The X7i Incline Trainer carries NordicTrack’s best warranty package.

– Frame: Lifetime
– Deck: Lifetime
– Motor: Lifetime
– Parts & Electronics: 6 Years
– Labor: 3 years

NordicTrack cardio trainers are sold with a 30-day money back guarantees.


The new X7i for 2017 offers a comfortable, amenity-rich way to quickly get fit without training at high speeds… and if you like, you can also take this trainer to 12 mph. It’s not as advanced as other Incline Trainers for this model year (the x9i incline trainer, the x11i & the top of the line x22i), but it can support wonderfully effective workouts that keep you motivated.

Buying an Incline Trainer on sale instead of at full price is strongly advised, as the difference can be $1000 or more.

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