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NordicTrack T 9.5 S

NordicTrack T 9.5 S

Rating: 94%

NordicTrack T7.5S Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

If you want a cost effective home treadmill to train on to help give you the best possible results from your efforts, the NordicTrack T7.5S is definitely a machine to consider. This model is going to provide you with many of the same features and benefits that many of their higher end models have but without higher price tag.

If you’re someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles and aren’t training incredibly hard, then you will find this one definitely fits the bill. Just like with the higher end NordicTrack models, you’ll still get access to iFit with this purchase, which will give you an endless number of workouts all at your fingertips.

iFit will also help guide you through many factors in your workout programming including your nutrition and lifestyle behaviors.

With a continuous horsepower motor, the NordicTrack T7.5S should support ongoing training sessions multiple days a week without a problem.

Our Rating

Rating: 93.3/100. The NordicTrack T7.5S is a treadmill that offers a lot of advanced features for a not-so-high price tag. The biggest downfall you’ll find with this treadmill compared to some of their higher models is the screen size is smaller at just 7 inches (compared to up to 22 inches on the higher end models) and the horsepower rating on the motor is lower as well.

But considering it still stands at 3.0 continuous horsepower, it’s a motor that should still get the job done for most people. You may not sprint for lengthy periods of time of this treadmill if you are a heavier individual, but if you’re just doing normal jogging or walking workouts, it will cover you just fine.

Most people don’t need to spend the additional extra dollars to go up to a higher horsepower motor if they are just using the treadmill themselves or possibly for one other person.

If you are buying a family treadmill and it’ll be used multiple times per day and many days per week, then a better motor would be necessary. Consider your needs and evaluate from there.

With the EasyLiftTM feature, this treadmill also folds up nicely to allow for more usable space for your workout room. You can perform strength training or stretching in where the treadmill normally sits, giving you the ability to get in that full workout even in a small bedroom.


  • Is a foldable treadmill so can help save space in tight spaces
  • Comes with a continuous horsepower motor to ensure that it can keep up with ongoing workout sessions
  • Offers the special NordicTrack FlexSelectTM cushioning system, which allows you to choose the level of cushioning you desire so you can get that real world feel with your workout sessions
  • Offers an integrated tray so you can place your keys, reading materials, or whatever else you have with you on the machine
  • Offers incline features, which will help give you a more intense workout and allow for superior fat burning without having to increase the impact on the joints by running
  • Has a good speed rating at 12MPH.
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities for convenience and enjoyment
  • Comes with the iFit application, which will help you combat boredom and ensure that you are always seeing maximum results from your workout sessions
  • Gives you 50 on-board programs, which at this level of treadmill is a massive amount. Many higher end treadmills don’t even provide this outside the NordicTrack line.
  • Will keep your stats tracked when you use the iFit app so you always know precisely where you stand with your workout sessions
  • Is equipped with Google Maps so you can run or walk around the world, checking out the sights as you go


  • The screen size is definitely on the smaller end. If you are someone who really does want to take advantage of the iFit app and stream live classes or travel the globe, you may find this small screen a bit hard to see into, especially if you are running at a faster pace. While it’s doable, it’s definitely not as nice as some of the larger screens that are offered on more advanced models.
  • The weight rating for this treadmill is set at just 300 lbs., which will fine for lighter users, may be problematic for those who are in the range of 225 or 250 pounds and want to train hard.
  • The treadmill only offers a one-year warranty for labor, so if something should go wrong in that first year, it will be up to you to fix it. Granted, for the price you are paying for this treadmill, it is quite understandable.


The NordicTrack T7.5S model is a great treadmill for those who want to get fit at home and who plan to do moderate intensity workouts most of the time. It comes with many built in features that you are going to love, including one-touch controls so you never have to get out of sync with your workout session, coupled with a 12% incline rating. Being able to go on this incline is great as it’s going to help you burn calories faster without having to actually start running, which could potentially put your joints at risk for a lot of additional pain.

This treadmill also features FlexSelect cushioning, so if you are training for a road race such as a 10KM, marathon, or half marathon, you can select to have less cushioning overall. This is going to help ensure that you are getting that real road running feeling as you train. This way, when you hit the road for the actual race, it’s not going to feel totally different compared to how it did when you trained on the treadmill. This can really throw many racers off, so it’s a great feature to have.

The motor on this treadmill is decent at 3.0 CHP. While it may not support extremely intense workouts done multiple times per week with many users using it, for a home treadmill, it should fit the bill just fine. The motor is a big component of what you will pay for on higher end treadmills, so if you don’t need that extra motor support, why spend the money?

This treadmill offers many of the great things those other models do and if you don’t even need that powerful of a motor, you’re simply better off going with this model.

The one biggest drawback however to this model is the screen size. At just 7 inches, it’s not large by any means and some users may find using iFit on this treadmill not as enjoyable because of this.

Workout Programs

This treadmill comes equipped with 50 different workout programs built right in so you should have no problem choosing a program that will meet your needs.

NordicTrack T7.5S Features

This treadmill features a good incline capability at 12%, a good max speed rating, the ability to remove the added cushioning and give yourself a real road like experience, as well as the iFit app, which will almost guarantee you make good progress.

It also features a continuous horsepower motor, which will help you keep going day after day and a self cooling mechanism for the machine to ensure it runs smooth at every point during your workout.

Warranty & Guarantee

When you purchase this treadmill, you’ll have a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, three years on parts, and then one year on labor. While this isn’t a lot of labor warranty, at the price point of this treadmill, it’s still quite good all things considered.

But if you do feel you are very hard on your treadmills, this could be reason to step it up to the next model that does come with a two-year warranty as sometimes the cost difference can easily be covered by any labor fees for having to do work on a treadmill without that warranty.


Overall, the T7.5S is a treadmill to take notice of. This treadmill will certainly help you get your workouts in, feel comfortable while on it, give you a challenge, and stand up to most regular use.

The fact it’s foldable also makes it easy for just about any workout situation and the lower price point helps accommodate almost any budget range. It’s a must see!