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LiveStrong LS10.0T Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The LiveStrong LS10.0T features a 2.75 CHP motor, spacious 20″ x 55″ running surface, 12 workout programs, versatile speed and incline range as well as a user capacity that supports up to 325 lbs.

Despite all of the above, by far the most luring of the LS10.0T’s features is the Livetrack Interactive technology.

The Livetrack Interactive technology enables users to connect a USB device directly into the trainer, which, in turn, monitors workout results. After you are finished exercising, connect the USB into your computer and monitor/update workout results online.

Learn more by reading our full LiveStrong LS10.0T treadmill review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 82.6/100. Professional road bike endorsed LS10.0T provides general workout look and feel of a treadmill. The LS10.0T features the ability to track and monitor workout progress with a USB drive and access to Get workout advice from conditioning coach Peter Park.


  • Quiet 2.75 CHP motor backed by lifetime guarantee
  • Livetrack Interactive technology included
  • Music friendly (mp3, speakers)
  • Treadmill folds creating extra storage space
  • Customers rave about sturdiness of trainer
  • Portion of each sale goes to Lance Armstrong foundation


  • Not compatible with iFit Live
  • Assembly of trainer after shipment is a complaint of some
  • Customers have mentioned using USB is difficult and could use more instructions


The LiveStrong LS10.0T is not quite the 3.0 CHP motor that we’ve seen a lot of late; still you’re not sacrificing a lot with the 2.75 horsepower and at $999 — the motor is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The motor is also quiet and allows you to focus on the workout while you watch television or listen to music (mp3 dock and built-in speakers included).

The LS10.0T does fold, but unlike some compact treadmills the trainer is durable and does not shake and/or rattle much when jogging.

Workout Programs

The LS10.0T provides 12 individual, pre-defined workouts.

Traditional workouts include speed, peak, weight loss, 5K/10K, rolling hills and other popular routines as well as a manual “on the fly” setting.

The COOLfit fitness fan makes your workout more enjoyable and keeps your body comfortable as well.

In addition to the pre-defined workouts, the Livetrack Interactive technology is a nice bonus.

Plug in the USB device and it will track workout results. Later, head over to and monitor workout progress as well as download new workouts designed by Peter Park, personal strength and conditioning coach.

LiveStrong LS10.0T Treadmill Features

The primary feature of the LiveStrong LS10.0T is the aforementioned Livetrack Interactive workout program.

The treadmill also has a quiet 2.75 CHP motor which the manufacture claims will handle any workout while also allowing you to watch TV at a normal volume.

The durable frame of the LS10.oT is backed by a lifetime guarantee and is advertised to support users up to 325 lbs.

Monitor key exercise data courtesy of LCD and LED readouts.

Lastly, a portion of each purchase goes to the LiveStrong Foundation, created to support the fight against cancer.

Warranty & Guarantee

The LiveStrong LS10.0T treadmill warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Motor: Lifetime
– Parts: 3 Years
– Labor: 1 Year

LiveStrong offers an outstanding FAQ resource on their official website. If you prefer to reach them by phone dial: 1-877-548-7864.


LiveStrong has invested a lot into making their trainers competitive with other manufactures and the LS10.oT is no exception. It’s a good value for the price paid.

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