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Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 is an affordable “budget treadmill” providing adequate specs, including their prized “CrossWalk Upper Body Arms”.

With the new adjustable grips, the manufacturer promises that users will “burn 50 percent more calories and increase their cardio benefits.”

The Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 makes a decent attempt at changing the way you exercise on a treadmill (more on that later), but it would have been nice if Gold’s Gym also focused a little more on the motor, noise and wear parts.

Learn more by reading our full Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 68.2/100. Folding, 2.8 HP motor, 20″ x 55″ deck, CrossWalk Upper Body Arms, iPod dock, built-in speakers, ComfortShox Max Cushioning, 16 workouts, Clearview Backlit LCD Display, QuickSelect speed and incline, SpaceSaver folding design, Workout Intensity Control


  • Treadmill exercises upper body too
  • Music friendly (mp3 compatible)
  • SpaceSaver folding and compact
  • Quality number of pre-defined workouts
  • Quick controls for speed/incline adjustment
  • LCD display system


  • Not compatible with iFit Live
  • Durability of some wear parts questionable
  • Customer complaints about treadmill shipped w/ damage parts


The Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570, retailed at just under $600, is what you would expect from a budget treadmill. There is some good, some bad, and some ugly.

The manufacturer attempts to sell the Crosswalk 570 solely on the CrossWalk Upper Body Arms feature, but the 570’s ComfortShox Max cushioning which guarantees a comfortable workout is also worth mentioning.

Besides the components needed to power the treadmill, the Crosswalk 570 is also compact with patent SpaceSaver folding design.

Workout Programs

The Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 offers a fair amount of workout programs, 16 to be exact.

Users can burn fat, lose calories and stay motivated with the selection of aerobic, endurance and weight loss pre-defined programs, which combined with the Dual-Grip Heart Rate monitor and CrossWalk Upper Arms, create a rather diverse range of programs.

Even though the Crosswalk 570 “upper body workout” promises to give you an advanced workout, some users have classified this feature as nothing more than a gimmick.

Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 Treadmill Features

The Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 presents a 2.8 HP motor with 20″ x 55″ running surface and 10 mph/10% incline.

Although some users will find this inadequate, low impact and out-of-shape trainers will find that these features meet their needs.

The workout intensity control feature lets you adjust your intensity at any time during your routine ensuring the Crosswalk 570 helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Motivate yourself further by plugging in your favorite tunes on the iPod deck and listening through the built-in sound system. Stay cool as well with the built-in cooling fan.

The Crosswalk 570 is backed by a 25 year warranty on motor (below), and one year guarantee on parts.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Motor: 25 Years
– Parts: 1 Year
– Labor: 1 Year


If you’re tight on cash the Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 is a decent buy.

Some consumers will get excited about the CrossWalk Upper Arms, but the deck size, ability to fold and store as well as number of workout programs also make the Crosswalk 570 a viable under $600 treadmill.

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