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Cybex 770T Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

Built to commercial standards, the Cybex 770T Treadmill is a high performer that requires minimal maintenance.

Its impressive basics include a 5.0 HP peak motor, 12.4 mph top speed, and maximum 20% incline.

Its touchscreen gives access to preloaded workouts and fitness tests, and extra workout programming plus video entertainment can be streamed with CybexGO.

Get the details from our full Cybex 770T review…

Our Rating

Rating: 94.4/100. The Cybex 770T is a premium treadmill available with light commercial, full commercial and residential warranties. Its performance basics are exceptional: A 5.0 HP motor lets trainees exceed 12 mph, and walkers and runners can get workout boosts from the max 15% incline. For training guidance the console computer is loaded with a good variety of workout routines and fitness tests. This treadmill is also wired to work with CybexGO, a digital platform that delivers workout programming, live TV and on-demand content. CybexGO programming can be viewed on an optional high definition monitor called the E3 View. This 15.6” monitor is named for its three viewing modes: Exercise, Entertainment and Escape.

Like other Cybex cardio trainers the 770T Treadmill can be custom painted virtually any color at the factory. Is it a good match for your workout center? Here are pros and cons to weigh.


  • Low maintenance
  • 5.0 HP motor
  • Spacious workout area (60″ x 22″)
  • Top speed 12.4 mph
  • 15% power incline
  • Excellent cushioning (IS3 Intelligent Suspension System)
  • Touch screen monitor
  • iPod/iPhone integration
  • Optional widescreen monitor with three viewing modes
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Contact heart rate monitoring
  • Magazine rack
  • Utility tray
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Safety rails
  • Safety lanyard
  • Personal cooling fan
  • High weight capacity (400 pounds)
  • Available in any color


  • High price
  • After warranty expires, replacing parts is expensive
  • Large size (82” long, 3 feet wide, 500 pounds)


The Cybex 770T treadmill is a top choice for better fitness centers and plush home gyms. It’s built for high performance and is also equipped with impressive electronics. Here are details about the Cybex TRM 770T’s programming, special features and warranties.

Workout Programs

This treadmill is available with two monitors. The standard monitor is called CardioTouch™. It features a 4.3-inch touch screen for accessing exercise programs and controlling an iPod® or iPhone®. The workout menu includes nine preset programs with different challenge levels, eight fitness tests, quick start and manual mode.

The Cybex 770T is also available with a 15.6″ monitor. Called the E3 View HD, this widescreen display offers three viewing modes: Exercise, Entertainment and Escape. It can be used with CybexGO, a digital platform that delivers virtual workout environments, on-demand music videos, live HDTV and workout tracking.

Cybex 770T Features

Treadmills with inclines are especially popular for adding variety and helping people avoid fitness plateaus. On the 770T a maximum 15% incline can help walkers and runners get an additional cardio challenge, more calorie burn and targeted muscle toning.

The treadmill supports heart rate monitoring with wireless and contact readers. Heart rate feedback is color-coded for quick mental processing.

The TRM 770T has an extra-wide track and a high weight capacity. It can accommodate trainees of just about any height or weight, and with 5.0 HP it won’t be strained.

Convenience features include speed and incline controls on the crossbar, two bottle holders, a magazine rack and an accessory tray.

This unit is advertised with 15 frame colors. It can also be custom painted.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Cybex 770T Treadmill is sold with light commercial, full commercial and residential warranties.

– Frame: 10 years
– Parts: 5 years residential, 3 years light commercial or full commercial
– Labor: 3 years residential and light commercial, 2 years full commercial


The Cybex 770T is a top luxury treadmill. It lets runners test their limits and gives walkers a challenge with its power ramp. This unit has impressive electronics too: The standard monitor with touch screen provides plenty of training routines and fitness tests, and the optional widescreen monitor offers video workouts and TV programming. For home use this treadmill seems rather extravagant, but it’s a great option for finer fitness clubs.

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