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Three Signs You’re Overdoing Your Cardio Workouts

Hooked on cardio training? While many people despise the thought of heading to the gym for yet another cardio workout session and are often quick to fall off the cardio workout bandwagon, there are those people who get into the gym without fail each and every day for their session.

They hardly ever miss a beat and are always committed to maintaining their cardio workout program.

If this describes you, you might think you’re on top of the workout game as you’re staying so committed to your training each and every day.

But what you may not realize is that this dedication could in fact be setting you up for a massive failure in the long term.

There is definitely such a thing as too much cardio, so it’s going to be your job to pin-point whether this is occurring.

Let’s have a look at three signs that you are doing too much cardio training so that you know what to look for.

Your Bones And Joints Ache

The first sign that you’re doing too much cardio training is if you find that your bones and joints are always aching. If it feels like even short bursts of activity send you into pain and a feeling of inflammation, this is a good sign that you’re overdoing things.

Remember that just like your muscles need time off to rest and repair themselves, so do your bones and joints as well.  If you are going too hard each and every day, your ligament tissue may also start to be impacted.

You Feel Listless Throughout The Day

Moving along, the next sign that you’re doing too much cardio training is if you are feeling rather listless throughout the day.

You may find that you can get through your cardio workouts fine, but then the rest of the day you feel extremely fatigued and low on muscular strength.  If you do your cardio training and then sit on the couch all day because you’re too tired to do much else, that cardio training isn’t contributing to a healthy lifestyle in the way it should.

Cardio training should energize you for the day ahead, not drain you.

Your Strength Level Is Down

Finally, the last sign that you might be overdoing things on the cardio front is if your strength level is down.  If you’re doing a strength training workout along with your cardio training, as you should be, and you are noticing that your strength levels are approaching new lows, rather than getting better and better, something is very wrong with this picture.

Start reducing back on your cardio training and see if that doesn’t help progress things along and get you back on track in the weight room.

So there you have the primary factors to consider with regards to your cardio workout volume and frequency.  Remember that balancing exercise and rest is key so that you can come back to the gym stronger than you were before and make progress in the right direction.

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