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Three Moves For Stronger Triceps

If you’re someone who has set the goal to work towards getting ‘bigger arms’ or you simply want to increase the amount of muscle definition present in the arm muscles, triceps need to be your focus.

The fact of the matter is that the tricep muscle makes up a far larger portion of the total arm mass as opposed to the bicep, so if there’s one muscle that you need to work on increasing, the triceps would be it.

Most people have it backwards and think the biceps are the largest muscle group and wind up spending all their time in the gym doing curl after curl after curl.

It’s time to change your focus and put more emphasis on the tricep muscles so that you can see faster results.

Let’s go over three of the top moves that you should be doing throughout your tricep training.

Triangle Push-Ups

The very first movement that’s excellent for strengthening the triceps and also going to target many other upper body muscles at the same time is the triangle push-up. This exercise is so good because it’s compound in nature, meaning it’ll help you take your strength levels up a notch further than tricep isolation exercise will.

Plus, you can do a triangle push-up anywhere, so this is a great option for those doing at-home workout programs.

When doing triangle push-ups, make sure that you lower yourself as far down as you can go and then pause at the bottom of the movement. Once there, press straight up again until the elbows are extended.

Close Grip Bench

The second great exercise to stimulate the muscles to a larger extent is the close grip bench press. This exercise is ideal because it’s also going to hit the chest, the shoulders, as well as the biceps to a small degree as well, making it a perfect fit for full upper body strength and muscle tone development.

Do keep in mind that you will be weaker when doing the close grip bench press compared to the standard bench press, so reduce the weight back accordingly.  You will definitely feel it more in the triceps however as you go about the exercise, so that’s something to be fully aware of.


Finally, the last great exercise that you should consider doing for the tricep muscle is dips. Dips are nice since they are going to place full emphasis on the triceps, so are a great finishing exercise to add to your workout program.

When doing dips, if you do want to increase the intensity of them, consider placing the feet up on an exercise ball as you go about the movement.

This will reduce your base of support considerably, and get not only the triceps contracting much harder, but also get the abdominal core muscles tensing up as well. It’s a fast way to boost the level of intensity on the body and make sure that you are seeing optimal benefits from each rep you do.

So there you have three great tricep exercises to add to your workout routine. Are you missing out on any of these?


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