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The Importance Of Hydration After Your Runs

If you’re getting started on a running program on your at-home treadmill, one important factor that you can’t be sure to overlook is your hydration strategy.

Many people aren’t paying enough attention to proper hydration as they do their workouts and thus this goes forgotten about.  Hydration is going to play a very key role in helping you see optimal success however and also feel your best both during as well as after the workout is over.

Let’s look at a few of the top points to remember so that you can hydrate properly.

Hydration Before The Session

When it comes to hydration before the workout session you’re doing, you ideally want to be taking a preventative approach here if you can. This means making sure that you are well hydrated for hours before the workout is to start, rather than scrambling to get in enough fluid about an hour or before you do the workout.

Taking in too much liquid in the time period just prior to running can quickly lead to muscle cramps, so this does need to be avoided.

Instead, focus on getting as much water as you can five to six hours before the workout so that when the time comes around, you’re already well hydrated.  Water is going to work best at this point.

Hydration During The Session

Then you also need to consider hydration during the session as well.  If you’re just doing a short run of 30 minutes or less, you won’t need to worry too much about drinking during the run as if you’re well hydrated going in, you should be fine.

But in sessions lasting longer than thirty minutes, especially if you go past an hour, you will need to hydrate.

Some people will prefer a light glucose-solution to maintain energy levels while others will be fine with water.

Keep in mind that if you are using a glucose solution, this will provide calories so may not be ideal for those who also have the goal of weight loss in mind.

If you are going beyond the one hour mark and are sweating quite excessively, then you’ll also want to consider an electrolyte replenishment drink as well as this will help ensure that you don’t suffer from low potassium or sodium levels.

Hydration Post-Run

Finally, when it comes to hydration post-run, turn to nutrient infused beverages here. Unless you are planning a solid source of protein for your after-run meal, go with a fast acting protein powder such as a whey isolate. This will serve to hydrate you as well as provide your muscles with the amino acids they need to kick-start the rebuilding and repair process.

Some people like to mix in their carbohydrates right into the shake post-workout, while others choose to eat them on the side.

Do whatever you prefer, but do make sure that you get both types of nutrients in.

So there you have the main hydration principles to follow as you go about your workout session. Keep these in mind and you can maximise the performance you’re giving.

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