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Strength Exercises That Runners Should Do

If you’re a runner who’s regularly pounding the pavement, it’s going to be important that you’re paying attention to the strength training workouts you’re doing so that you can be sure to include plenty of exercises that are going to position yourself for success by strengthening all the key muscles that you need to get in a good running workout.

Far too many runners forgo strength training entirely, which is a very bad move if optimal results are to be seen.

This said, let’s look at the top strength training exercises that almost all runners will benefit from having in their program protocol.


First you’ll want to make sure that you get a few sets of lunges into the picture. Lunges are going to be ideal for helping to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, as well as the quads and will also work the hip flexors as well.

This is important because the hip flexors are going to be called into play significantly when doing a running program, so if you’re neglecting them, you could experience this as a significant weakness.

Do both walking as well as stationary lunges for best results. To make lunges even more fun you can try them on a treadmill, but this is only recommended for more advanced users.


Next, also make sure that you’re doing squats as well. Squats are ideal for building up lower body strength (ellipticals can also be good for working out your lower body) and are also going to work on the core development as well.

As a runner, maintaining a stronger core is going to ensure that you are able to keep the spinal column in good alignment, even once fatigue does set in, which is key for injury prevention and best performance.

If your core muscles begin to fatigue during the workout session, don’t be surprised if you notice that you’re running form begins to slip.


The plank is the next strength building exercise that you’ll want to make sure you’re doing as a runner who is looking to boost their performance.

The plank is another standout core builder that will help to strengthen all the muscles running up and down the spinal column very well, while also preventing lower back pain from developing.

The plank exercise can be done either on the floor for the easier variation, or with the hands up on an exercise ball for a more challenging variation.

Some people may also try this one lifting one foot up off the ground as well for additional difficulty.

Shoulder Press

Moving along, the shoulder press is the next one to get in. This one will be good as it will help ensure that your shoulder muscles stay stronger so aren’t as likely to fatigue as you move through the running movement pattern.

Since the arms are continually swinging as you go about the running movement pattern, if your shoulders aren’t strong enough, they can begin to fatigue, which could take away from your performance.

Calf Raises

Finally, don’t overlook calf raises. Your calves will be called into play during every step you take throughout the run, so will also be vital to getting into place in your program plan.

So there you have the top exercises to ensure you do as you move through your running training. Get these in and you will see faster results and progress.

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