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WaterRower Signature Rower Review

Quick Take

At its current price of just over $1,200, the WaterRower Signature Rower—designed and built with the guidance of Olympic gold and silver medalist (and elite coach) Xeno Müller—delivers quite a few perks over standard WaterRower models with only a nominal increase in price. From an equipment standpoint only a little has changed, but from a programming side you’re getting a ton more bang for your buck here. The machine still lacks variable resistance—a feature that some are in love with and others are happy to do without—but otherwise more than keeps up with any other water rowers in this competitive pool.


Variable Water Resistance
Easy to Store



Our Review

The WaterRower Signature Rowing Machine is a very natural looking wood-and-water fitness machine for serious rowers. Unlike other WaterRowers, it bears the signature of elite rower and rowing coach Xeno Müller and gives riders digital access to more than 50 hours of his workouts. Exclusively with this model customers can also get personalized frame-by-frame stroke analyses and technical exercise lists from the Olympic champion! This machine is topped with the S4 Monitor as well; it has six preset programs, lets riders design their own workouts, and gives plenty of feedback.


At a construction level, the pull bar on this rower is a touch wider than standard, measuring 17″ across. Its dual rail frame makes for a very stable tracking of its seat even when rowing at a brisk pace. In trade you’re riding a little closer to the ground, which can be troublesome with folks with any kind of mobility issues, but personally I prefer this setup over a taller single rail design. The standard construction of WaterRower machines are a bit larger/longer than some of the competition, with this unit measuring 84″ long. This is a bit less relevant when it comes to space constraints, as the machine can be stood up vertically and tucked away when not in use. It’ll be too tall to hide in a closet, but stand it in a corner and it will save a tone of space.


The WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature indoor rower is crafted from sustainably sourced ash hardwood and stained a warm honey oak. Most importantly, it features the patented WaterFlywheel. You’ll really feel as if you’re paddling a boat!

Is this the best rower for you? Here are some positives and negatives.


  • Resistance: The WaterRower Signature uses water resistance to reproduce the sensation of rowing a boat. It’s outfitted with a “water flywheel,” which is a set of paddles in a water tank. This is the best sort of resistance system on the market.
  • Low Impact: The WaterRower Signature can recruit up to 84 percent of your muscle mass. This makes it an especially efficient fitness machine. Resistance increases the more quickly you paddle, but the exercise remains low impact because of how your body is positioned.
  • Wider Handle: This WaterRower is distinguished from the others with its wider handle. This is a more comfortable design for people with broad shoulders.
  • Pro Workout Programs: Riders get access to more than 50 hours of rowing workouts led by Xeno Müller. Other WaterRowers don’t have this feature, although they do have some preset workouts.
  • Data: The S4 Monitor is packed with useful features and can be connected to a PC for integration with other software. For session data and interval data the S4 Monitor displays intensity in m/s (meters per second), mph (mile per hour), /500m (time per 500 meters), /2km (time per 2 kilometers), watts and Kcalories per hour. It can also display heart rate with an optional attachment. The machine’s total distance traveled is tracked too.
  • Workout Programs: In addition to showing session data, the S4 Monitor has six preset workouts and makes it easy to program new workouts based on distance, duration or interval training objectives. The monitor saves nine consecutive sessions for comparison and quick starts. Again, you can integrate the resulting data with third party apps for advanced tracking.
  • Advanced Heart Rate Analysis: The WaterRower Signature can work with wireless telemetry and an alert system to help you stay in your desired heart rate zone.  It can provide the following readouts: maximum heart rate achieved, time spent above desired heart rate zone, time spent in desired zone, and time spent below desired zone.
  • Good Looking: The WaterRower Signature is hand crafted from ash hardwood and stained honey oak for consistent color. It’s finished with Danish Oil for warmth and shine.
  • Eco-Minded: Built from replenishable Appalachian wood, this fitness machine has a relatively light carbon footprint.
  • Long-Lasting: All WaterRowers are built to endure. The patented water flywheels are virtually impossible to wear down, and the frame on the Signature rowing machine is made from premium hardwood that’s known for its dimensional stability.
  • Easy to Store: The frame can easily be flipped upright for storage.
  • Very High Capacity: The WaterRower Signature has a user weight capacity of 1000 pounds.
  • Good Warranty: This product initially carries a one-year warranty on the frame and components. WaterRower will upgrade the warranty to five years on the frame and three years on the components with the completion of a registration form.


  • Size: The WaterRower Signature Rowing Machine measures about 84″ long and 22″ wide, so it has an above-average footprint.
  • Price: This model is pricier than most other rowing machines.

Our Conclusion

The WaterRower Signature Rowing Machine is an excellent choice for competitive rowers. Along with this brand’s impressive water resistance system and S4 Monitor, it features Xeno Müller’s professionally-coached workout routines and a personalized stroke analysis. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How wide is the handle on the WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature Edition rower?
A: The WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature Edition has a wider 17" handle.
Q: What is the WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature Edition rower's frame made from?
A: The WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature Edition is made from American Ash Wood.
Q: Does the WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature Edition rowing machine fold?
A: The WaterRower Xeno Müller Edition rower does not fold but can be stored upright.

Rating: 85%

Resistance Type


Dimensions (inches)

82.25" L x 22.25" W x 20" H

Maximum User Weight Capacity

700 lbs

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