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WaterRower M1 LoRise Rower Review

Quick Take

The WaterRower M1 LoRise is one of three metal framed rowers from the brand, and the only variant with a tubular aluminum frame. Also available in a taller ‘HiRise’ version, the M1 LoRise rides close to the same profile as most of the brand’s wooden water rower models. The biggest advantage to these models other than a different aesthetic is the fact that its frame (0nce assembled) should never require additional tightening or adjustment. This model is fitted with all of the niceties seen throughout the model range, including the brand’s S4 performance monitor, complete with the ability to export and upload training data. It still does not feature adjustable resistance, but WaterRower stands by the fact that variable resistance isn’t a needed or demanded feature on their water resistance rowing machines.


Variable Water Resistance
Lower Entry Level



Our Review

The M1 LoRise Rowing Machine is part of WaterRower’s M Series, which consists of two commercial-grade models with aluminum frames. Along with the M1 LoRise, this series has the M1 HiRise with a higher entry point. For an extra charge these can be powdercoated in virtually any color. You can even specify a color by copying a HEX code from your computer.

Like all WaterRowers, the M1 LoRise is popular primarily because it features the WaterRower brand’s patented WaterFlywheel. Using water resistance is of course the most natural way to emulate the physical experience of outdoor rowing. It not only helps produce the physical sensation of rowing, but makes a pleasant swooshing sound with each stroke!

Workout guidance with useful feedback is provided on this rower’s S4 Monitor. The monitor can also be connected to a PC to enhance your rowing experience. For example, with your laptop computer connected to the M1 LoRise, you can take part in online boat races! These montitors have the ability to store programmed workouts on them, but they don’t come pre-loaded (unlike most other rowing machines out there.

Is this the best indoor rower for you? Here are some points to consider.


  • Custom Colors: The M1 LoRise can be painted to precisely match your decor. You can choose a color using the Pantone system, the European RAL System, an RGB code or a HEX code.
  • Lower Entry Level: As captured in its name, the M1 LoRise is closer to the ground than the M1 HiRise. The difference is 12” versus 20”.
  • Resistance: The WaterRower M1 LoRise uses a patented WaterFlywheel, which is a water tank with encased paddles, to simulate rowing in a body of water. The WaterFlywheel operates smoothly and creates a pleasant swishing sound. The resistance naturally increases or decreases in accordance with your paddling intensity. This system makes WaterRowers suitable for all skill levels.
  • Low Impact: The WaterRower M1 LoRise provides a full range of motion for the upper body. It works an almost incredible 84 percent of your muscle mass! Still, the machine is gentle on your body. It is a low impact fitness machine that relieves pressure on your ankles, knees and hips.
  • Data: WaterRower monitors include workout programs and give a good deal of feedback. The S4 Monitor displays intensity in m/s (meters per second), mph (mile per hour), /500m (time per 500 meters), /2km (time per 2 kilometers), watts and Kcalories per hour. It can also show heart rate, although the heart rate monitoring equipment is sold separately. The S4 Monitor has an odometer and other useful features as well.
  • Workout Programs: The S4 Monitor has six preset workouts and lets you set up new workouts. These can focus on goals for interval work, distance or time. The monitor saves data from nine sessions for comparisons and “quick starts.” By connecting with a PC, you can integrate the programming with third party apps for advanced tracking.
  • Advanced Heart Rate Analysis: The WaterRower M1 LoRise can work with a wireless transmitter and receiver to help you exercise within a desired heart rate zone. Detailed feedback lets you know how much time you spent at, above or below your desired zone. It also shows the maximum heart rate achieved.
  • Long-Lasting:  Built from aluminum and using water resistance, this machine is built to last. The components are covered for three years if the product is registered, and WaterRowers are made to work for decades.
  • Easy to Store: The frame flips upright for easy storage.
  • Very High Capacity: The WaterRower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine has a user weight capacity of 1000 pounds.
  • Good Warranty: The M1 LoRise initially carries a one-year warranty for its frame and components. WaterRower upgrades the warranty to five years on the frame and three years on the components when a registration form is submitted.


  • Size: This rowing machine needs a good stretch of floor space. It measures 82.25″ long and 22.25″ wide.
  • Price: WaterRowers are very high quality, so they understandably cost above average. Custom painting adds to the price too. Tip: The M1 LoRise is also available for rent. You could pay just $9.98/week! You can find out more by visiting the “Shop” section of the WaterRower website and clicking on the product.

Our Conclusion

All WaterRowers are built to work well for many years. They offer the best resistance in the industry and have great programming. The WaterRower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine is a top choice for rowers who like the look of aluminum and prefer lower seating. It is one of the few rowing machines that can be custom painted to suit your workout area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How large is the WaterRower M1 LoRise?
A: The WaterRower M1 LoRise is 88" L x 22.25" W x 20" H.
Q: Does the WaterRower M1 LoRise Rower fold?
A: The WaterRower M1 LoRise does not fold but can be stored upright.
Q: What does the WaterRower M1 LoRise Rower weigh?
A: The WaterRower M1 LoRise rower weighs 111 lbs (dry) and 148 lbs (with 17 l of water).

Rating: 85%

Resistance Type


Dimensions (inches)

88" L x 22.25" W x 20" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

700 lbs

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