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Stamina ATS 1405 Air Rower Review

This model has been discontinued.

Quick Take

While Concept2 holds position as the top quality rowing machine maker on the market, the more we’ve looked at rowers from Stamina, the more we’re impressed with them from a value proposition standpoint. The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 is a prime example. It comes in at under $500 through most retailers, all while delivering a comfortable rowing experience. Its seat is a touch more firm than some alternative models, and its fan generates a bit more noise—FYI, all air rowers make some noise—but overall we’re still impressed. What’s more, it seems their customer service support is more reliable than that of several other brands, so if you happen to have any issues, they’re quick to help to correct the issue at hand.


Easy Folding


No Heart-Rate Monitor
No Preset Programs

Our Review

Looking for a smooth ride on your home rower? Stamina’s ATS Air Rower 1405 produces smooth resistance with a fan flywheel. The machine responds to your effort. So the harder you work, the stronger the resistance becomes. This resistance system makes the rowing machine suitable for almost anyone. Customers have even said that the rower can feel just as powerful as the popular (and more expensive) Concept2 Model D.


The ATS Air Rower 1405 is fairly basic in it’s tech (i.e. no workout programs or heart rate monitoring) but is a far better made than other low-priced rowing machines. It has a metal chain in place of a cheaper tension cord, a steel frame, and a seat that glides on metal bearings instead of nylon wheels.


Sized to fit most users, the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 has a weight limit of 250 pounds and Stamina’s website claims that it fits people up to 6’5”. Compared to other Stamina rowing machines, the ATS Air Rower 1405 is a slightly larger version of the ATS Air Rower 1402. It is exactly the same as the Stamina X, except for the color scheme and pivoting footplates.


The online ‘full ticket’ price for this model is just $549, though it’s often seen selling under that price. Is it the best rowing machine for you? Keep reading to find out.



Here are some reasons to choose the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405:


  • Assembly: Most buyers consider the rower easy to set up. Unlike other discount rowing machines, there aren’t complaints about faulty parts that don’t align.
  • Durable: This rowing machine boasts features that are normally reserved for more expensive model like a steel frame, a metal chain, and smooth ball bearing rollers. Although the Stamina Products warranty is quite short, there haven’t been many complaints about breakdowns.
  • Higher Profile: The Stamina 1405 is raised higher from the ground than the 1402. This height is preferable for users with limited mobility because it’s easier to access.
  • Padded Seat: The seat has a comfortable amount of padding and is molded for an ergonomic fit. Larger riders might consider it to be too small though.
  • Larger Footplates: The footplates on this unit are larger than those on the 1402, which is $50 cheaper.
  • Data: A monitor shows speed (strokes per minute), total strokes, distance, time, and calories burned. It has an adjustable height and can be tilted for easy reading.
  • Saves Space: The seat and beam for the  rower can be folded upward for easy storage. There are wheels for easy transport and the machine weighs a manageable 63 pounds. The unfolded dimensions are about average for a residential rowing machine (78.5” long x 19.75” wide and is 31.5” tall).



The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 has some impressive selling points, but it isn’t for everyone. Here are some potential drawbacks.


  • Warranty: Stamina’s warranties are very short. This product is sold with three years of protection for the steel frame, but only 90 days for moving parts and the monitor.
  • No Heart Rate Monitor: Most rowing machines help monitor your heart rate, and some can even use heart rate data to automatically adjust the machine’s resistance. Not this one.
  • No Preset Programs: The console does not have any exercise programs.
  • Footplates Don’t Pivot: Pivoting foot plates allow your body follow a more natural rowing motion. The Stamina X is very similar to the ATS Air Rower 1405, except for the pivoting pedals. It costs an additional $50.


Our Conclusion

The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 is one of the best budget rowing machines that uses air resistance. If built-in programs and heart rate monitoring aren’t among your priorities, this machine is an excellent  choice. You pay for high quality basics instead of bells and whistles. Despite the worrying warranty package, the ATS Air Rower 1405 will likely run smoothly for years. It is one of the best basic rowers in this price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How large is the Stamina ATS 1405 Air Rower?
A: The Stamina ATS 1405 is 78.5" x 19.8" x 31.5" when assembled.
Q: What metrics can you track on the Stamina ATS 1405 Air Rower?
A: The Stamina ATS 1405 rower's LCD monitor tracks your strokes per minute, total strokes (count), speed, distance, time, and calories burned.
Q: Does the Stamina ATS 1405 rowing machine fold?
A: The Stamina ATS 1405 rower folds and has built-in wheels for easy transport and storage.


Stamina X Rower

Rating: 85%

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