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Stamina 1333 Rower Review

Quick Take

Looking for compact, basic, and dirt cheap? That’s Stamina’s strong suit, and the 1333 Rower is one of many examples from the brand that will tick those boxes without fail. Is it any good? Well, that really depends on what you’re looking to get out of a rowing machine. Units like this won’t give you that real-world rowing feel. The mechanics of your motions will feel a bit clunky and awkward, you’ll still get a workout.  The advantages here are really cost and size, and that’s about it. For the occasional user that wants something more than nothing, is tight on space, and is on a shoestring budget? It might be passable for you.


Strong Beam


Hydraulic Resistance
Some Cheaper Parts

Our Review

Small on space? Stamina’s 1333 Rower is among the most compact rowing machines we’ve reviewed. While others can similarly be tilted to save space, this rower is small even when it’s in use, measuring just over four feet long. For reference, that’s a little more than half the length of more conventionally designed rowing machines out there. It provides an efficient way to get a full body workout at home or in your office. Workout data is shown on a large LCD monitor. There are 12 resistance levels to choose from.

The low cost of this machine is explained not only by its compact size, but also by its resistance system. It uses shocks or hydraulics rather than water, air or a magnetic flywheel. Shocks are the most inexpensive resistance system and the least durable. Because of this, the Stamina 1333 Rower should really only be considered as a starter machine, or a backup fitness machine for rainy days.


At the same time, the Stamina 1333 has some impressive features. Unlike most rowing machines, it gets a seat with back support. It also has pivoting footplates, which are better than fixed plates in terms of supporting natural motion. The beam is aluminum.

Here are some other pros and cons to take into account.


  • Data Monitor: Stamina’s 1333 computer monitor gives a good amount of feedback: strokes, strokes per minute, total strokes, time, time per 500 meters, calories and tempo. The LCD has large and easy-to-read numbers.
  • Quiet Resistance: The 1333 rowing machine uses hydraulic resistance, which is quiet enough to not disturb others.
  • Padded Seat: This rower has a nicely made but small seat. It’s quite well padded, given the price of the machine, and is curved to provide lumbar support.
  • Strong Beam: The main beam for rowing is made from aluminum.
  • Weight Limit: The advertised weight limit is 250 pounds. That seems impossible — we figured the machine would likely scoot across the floor unless you add weights — but customer reviews say it is stable with 300 pounds.
  • Compact Size: This rower measures 5” L x 34.25” W x 18” H and weighs just 55 pounds. It can be stored on its side to save more space.


Here are possible drawbacks about choosing the Stamina 1333 Rower.

  • Hydraulic Resistance: Hydraulic resistance is the cheapest type available. The hydraulic fluid is sensitive to temperature, so the rowing machine will feel stiff to use in colder settings. More importantly, it is prone to overheating with vigorous use. The shocks can be expensive to repair and are only under warranty for 90 days.
  • Some Cheaper Parts: Besides using hydraulic resistance, this machine has a cheaper frame (not metal) and some plastic parts. The sturdiest part is the aluminum beam.
  • Small Size: While the machine’s small size has advantages, it also means that the Stamina 1333 Rower is uncomfortable for taller riders.
  • Warranty: Stamina puts short warranties on all their rowers, including the best ones. The Stamina 1333 gets an especially short warranty even for Stamina: one year on the frame and 90 days on parts.
  • Price: Given the short warranty and the hydraulic resistance, this unit seems overpriced even at $549. Other Stamina rowing machines with longer warranties have similar prices.

Our Conclusion

The Stamina 1333 Rower is meant for light workouts and occasional use. It could be a good choice if you have very limited storage space and are a smaller person. It’s not a great choice for vigorous workouts though, and it probably won’t last long with daily use. If you have the room, we recommend choosing a larger product. We’ve given higher rowing machine ratings to other Stamina options that cost the same or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How large is the Stamina 1333 Rower?
A: The Stamina 1333 rowing machine is 48.5" L x 34.25" W x 18" H.
Q: How much does the Stamina 1333 Rower weigh?
A: The Stamina 1333 rowing machine is 55 lbs.
Q: Does the Stamina 1333 Rower fold?
A: The 1333 Precision Rower does not fold but it can stand on its end and has wheels for easy storage.

Rating: 55%

Resistance Type


Resistance Level


Dimensions (inches)

48.5" L x 34.25" W x 18" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

250 lbs

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