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Life Fitness Row HX Trainer Rower Review

Quick Take

The Life Fitness Row HX rower is a solid offering from a longstanding builder of club quality fitness equipment, and a piece of equipment clearly targeted at the likes of WaterRower and First Degree Fitness. Priced within the same range of both competing brands, Life Fitness offers a lengthy warranty from a brand that’s been in the game for longer than any of its competition. It’s on the lower end of adjustability, with only 4 levels of resistance variation. Those looking for a top of the line rower should consider the GX, which offers 16 resistance levels. The rower can be stood up for more easy storage, and a wireless heart rate monitor can be added to your purchase for an additional fee (though you’ll have to contact Life Fitness—the monitor isn’t currently listed on their site).


Easy Storage


Low Seat
No Programs

Our Review

The Row HX by Life Fitness combines modern technology and a steel frame with the rustic aesthetic of a natural wood design. This is the second rower by Life Fitness, available at a lower price point than their Row GX and offering a more entry-level approach to water resistance rowing.


Like the Row GX, this distinctive rower uses the power of Fluid Technology Resistance to create a smooth and natural rowing sensation. The turn-dial resistance doesn’t require users to change the water levels to add challenge to their workout and there 4 resistance levels to choose from. Unlike the Row GX, the HX features ergonomic angled handles with an extra-wide grip and a 2 piece rail system.


You won’t find workout programs or an impressive display on this rower, but you will get a durable and unique machine from Life Fitness.



  • Folding Frame Design: Equipped with a vertically folding frame design, this rower can be made compact for easy storage. When folded, it’s less than 7 feet tall.
  • Price: Water resistance rowers are always on the pricy side, but it’s nice that Life Fitness has added this rower to their series for a more streamlined and affordable option.
  • Appearance: The natural wood frame is quite attractive. Most rowers have brushed nickel or silver frames, but the HX has a vintage look that will catch your eye.
  • Resistance Controls: You only have 4 resistance levels to choose from, but the fact that you can choose specific levels of resistance on a water resistance trainer at all is a rarity.
  • Smooth Operation: Fluid Resistance Technology provides a smooth and natural sensation that recreates the feel of rowing on the water.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the footboard and foot straps as needed.
  • Stability: Many users feel more secure on a rail design where the sliding seat sits on two rails versus one. It also sits low on the ground, which adds even more stability.
  • Easy to Move: The Row HX is pretty compact at just 84” long, and it’s just under 71 pounds without water (108 pounds with water). This rower also comes with transport wheels.



  • Narrower: The pedals share one footboard, very close together with no rail between them. This 2 rail system is preferred by some, but it will give you a narrower design that might not be the best fit for larger users.
  • Lower Seat: You’ll sit just 11 inches off of the ground with this rower. That will be an issue for trainees with limited mobility.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: While an optional tracking package is available that includes a receiver and chest strap, these options are not included with the price of the machine. So, it’s impossible to monitor your heart rate unless you have your own device or purchase the extra package.
  • No Programs: There are no workout programs built into the console.
  • Display Screen: Like the GX model, the dimensions of the display screen are not provided, but it’s small. It’s not easy to read, but it does provide the basic workout readouts.


Our Conclusion

The Life Fitness Row HX offers a low-impact, total-body workout that provides a natural rowing sensation with 4 resistance levels. Overall, it’s quality mid-range rower. Water resistance rowers are generally quite expensive, but the Row HX ‘s $1699 price tag is fairly reasonable compared to the competition. The attractive design, steel construction, and folding frame make a rather exceptional in-home rower. A solid option for anyone seeking a water resistance rower that won’t require them to take out a second mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Life Fitness Row HX trainer weigh?
A: The Row HX trainer weighs 70.99 lbs. (32.2kg).
Q: How many resistance levels does the Life Fitness Row HX rower have?
A: The Row HX has 4 resistance levels.
Q: What is the warranty on the Row HX trainer?
A: The Row HX trainer's home-use warranty (U.S.) includes: Frame 5 years; Tank and Seals 3 years; Mechanical 2 years; Console 1 year; and Labor 1 year.

Rating: 83%

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Resistance Level


Dimensions (inches)

83.85" L x 20.47" W x 22.04" H

Maximum User Weight Capacity

330 lbs

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