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H2O Fitness RX-950 Club Series Rower Review

Quick Take

Usually when we talk about commercial grade fitness club equipment, the sticker price jumps up to somewhere north of a couple grand (at least). Not the case with the H2O Fitness RX-950 Club Series rowing machine. This is the second rower from the brand we’ve covered, and one that delivers tremendous bang for buck when you compare it to similar models from First Degree Fitness, WaterRower, and others. It delivers a significant weight capacity, a sturdy steel frame, a great warranty, and its seat is one of very few that are fitted with a backrest for additional support. All in all this reads really well for a $1,200 price point, but let’s get into the real details here.


Variable Water Resistance
High Weight Capacity


Resistance Challenge
Bungee System
Limited Programming

Our Review

The H2O RX-950 Club Series Rower is the top rowing machine from H2O Fitness by Health Care International. Its centerpiece is a Hydro-Power Drive System that holds up to 4.5 gallons of water. More so than machines using wind or magnetic resistance, the RX-950 effectively reproduces the feel of outdoor rowing. The water resistance strengthens with more vigorous paddling and each stroke brings a satisfying splash! The RX-950 Club Series Rower is built for commercial use and has a spacious footprint of 89″ x 26″. This rower is rare for having an optional seat back. The seat can glide far from the pedals to accommodate riders of all heights, and the frame can hold up to 550 pounds.


With a retail price of $1,299, a lifetime frame warranty, a 3-year tank and seals warranty, and a two-year parts warranty. Is this the right rowing machine for your gym? Here are some pros and cons to consider.


  • Water Resistance: Water resistance enables what H2O Fitness calls “natural adaptive resistance.” The machine adjusts its force as the rider speeds up or slows down their activity; there are no controls to adjust. The water also produces a splash with each stroke, sounding just like outdoor rowing.
  • Footrests: To support healthy motion, the footrests on this rower pivot with the user. The footrests are large enough to accommodate just about any shoe size and are textured to help prevent slipping.
  • Data: A workout monitor keeps track of Exercise Time, Distance, 500 Meters Split Time, Strokes/Min, Calories and Heart Rate.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Exercising within your target heart rate zone makes exercise most effective and efficient. The H2O RX-950 has a wireless heart rate receiver that works with standard chest straps. A readout on the data monitor helps you determine when to speed up or slow down.
  • Size: The H2O RX-950 is sized for commercial fitness centers. It measures 89” long by 26” wide.
  • Mat Included: The purchase price includes a workout mat. With most other rowing machines the mat is sold separately.
  • Lumbar Support: This commercial rower is available with a standard seat or a seat with back support.
  • Very High Capacity: Thanks to dual rails, this rower can hold up to 550 pounds.
  • Warranty: H2O Fitness’s warranty is competitive for this price category. Buyers get a lifetime guarantee for the frame, three years for the mechanical parts and two years for wear parts.


  • Power: H2O Fitness rowing machines aren’t as powerful as some riders would expect. More expensive water rowing machines can challenge a wider range of trainees, including the most advanced rowers.
  • Few Programs: H2O rowing machines provide rather limited guidance. Riders can set the machine for a certain number of calories or strokes, but there aren’t built-in programs for interval training, races and so forth.
  • Not Backlit: The data screen isn’t backlit. Nighttime rowers will want to keep a lamp near the monitor.
  • Bungee System: Resistance is delivered with a tension cord. This might fray and snap, but it is under warranty for two years. More expensive rowing machines use metal chains.

Our Conclusion

The H2O Fitness RX-950 Club Series Rower will please beginners and mid-level rowers at any gym. Acquired for around $1,100 it could be a smart buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the H2O Fitness RX-950 Club Series Rower weigh?
A: The RX-950 water rowing machine weighs 117 lbs.
Q: How large is the H2O Fitness RX-950 Club Series Rower?
A: The RX-950 rower is 89" L X 28" W X 30" H.
Q: Can the H2O Fitness RX-950 Club Series Rower fold?
A: The RX-950 rowing machine does not fold but it can be stored upright.

Rating: 85%

Resistance Type


Dimensions (inches)

89" L x 28" W x 30" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

550 lbs

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