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Avari Easy Glide Rower Review

This model has been discontinued.

Quick Take (Discontinued)

Enter the Avari Easy Glide Rower, yet another budget rower that has since bit the dust. This hydraulic rower was about as dirt cheap as they come, and we couldn’t help but question the fact that the entire machine weighed less than 30 pounds. It did get points for being incredibly compact, and for offering variable resistance adjustment (something much easier to do on a budget hydraulic rower than an air or water resistance rower.





Hydraulic Resistance
Cheap Cord

Our Review

Avari’s silver and black Easy Glide Rower sells for just $249. Weighing a mere 29 pounds, it is one of the lightest rowing machines on the planet. At 53” long it’s a few feet shorter than standard rowers too, yet the Easy Glide has a long enough rail to support adults of average height and can hold up to 250 pounds. When you’re done riding the machine, it can be turned upright for storage against a wall or in a closet.

Resistance on the Avari Easy Glide Rower is variable; there are 12 levels. Most riders report that the resistance is stronger than expected, and even better than what they get on more expensive rowing machines!

So why is this ride priced low? Two main factors are the shocks and the pulley system. Hydraulic shocks are used, and they’re the least durable type of resistance used on rowing machines. (Other resistance types that cost more are water, wind and magnetism.) Another lower quality component is the handlebar cord, which isn’t built for heavy use. (More expensive rowing machines use metal chains instead.) For these reasons the Avari Easy Glide is best considered a trainer for starting out or for just using occasionally. With daily use it’s unlikely to last more than six months. There are some other top-rated rowers in higher budget categories.

Despite its faults the Avari Easy Glide Rower gets good reviews overall and is enticing at $249. Here are some pros and cons to take into account.


  • Data Monitor: Most Avari rowers offer an LCD monitor with easy-to-read numbers. This one shows one data field at a time: time, count, total count and calories burned. A scan function rotates the readouts.
  • Quiet Resistance: The Avari Easy Glide rowing machine uses hydraulic resistance, which is virtually silent.
  • Powerful: We weren’t expecting such a cheap rowing machine to be challenging, but the Avari Easy Glide delivers a lot of force even at its lower resistance levels. In fact, some customers find that the tension is too strong.
  • Padded Seat: This rowing machine has a thickly padded seat. Most riders say it’s comfortable, and it glides smoothly down the beam.
  • Strong Beam: The rower’s beam (the seat rail) is made from aluminum.
  • Compact Size: This rower measures 53” L x 23” W x 26” H and weighs just 29 pounds. It can be stored on its side. For comparison, a standard rowing machine is about 80 inches long. Most rowing machines weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Floor Protectors: No workout mat is required. The Avari Easy Glide has built-in floor protectors.
  • Footstraps: Footstrap quality can make a big difference, because if your feet slip, you stop rowing. The old Easy Glide had buckles on the straps, which customers didn’t like. The new Easy Glide uses a strong Velcro instead and gets good reviews.
  • Price: The low price of $249 makes the Avari rower a great buy for people with smaller frames.


Here are possible drawbacks of choosing the Avari Easy Glide Rower.

  • Small Size: Legroom on this machine is surprisingly ample considering its overall size. Still, the Easy Glide Rower would be uncomfortable for tall riders.
  • Hydraulic Resistance: Shocks are the cheapest kind of rowing machine resistance. (Other rowers use wind, magnets and water.) A minority of customers have reported that the hydraulic fluid leaked from their machines. This is especially likely to happen if you work out intensely because the fluid heats up.
  • Cheap Cord: Our biggest caution about buying this rower is the tension cord. Each time a rider pulls back, they pull a cord that’s made of braided nylon. Several customers have reported broken cords after just a few uses. As with the hydraulics, the cord is most likely to snap with vigorous use.
  • Warranty: The Avari Easy Glide carries an especially short warranty: one year on the frame and 90 days on parts.

Our Conclusion

The Avari Easy Glide Rower delivers powerful resistance and has earned lots of enthusiastic customer reviews. For some customers the product broke before they got $249 worth of workouts, but overall it seems worth the gamble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Avari Easy Glide Rower fold?
A: The Avari Easy Glide rowing machine does not fold but you can store it on its end.
Q: How large is the Avari Easy Glide Rower?
A: The Avari Easy Glide rowing machine is 53" L x 23" W x 26" H.


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