Working out three to six days a week with the goal of looking like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Ronda Rousey might be an unrealistic goal, but developing a fit physique is usually obtainable for those willing to put in the necessary reps. While it might be the driving force behind that 5 a.m. wake-up call – or just a byproduct of trying to live a happier, healthier life – does being in the best shape of your life make you more attractive to men and women?What body parts matter the most to potential partners? Is a firm set of pecs or a shapely posterior more attractive than thin arms or a bit of a belly? We surveyed more than 2,000 people to find out. Read on to see what we discovered.


Women, regardless of sexual orientation, preferred their partner to have an average body shape. However, men weren’t quite as attracted to men and women with an average body. Gay men preferred a muscular build, while a curvaceous companion was more appealing to straight men.

A further look shows that when it comes to clavicles, feet, hands, and pelvises, the generations sure know what they like. Every group (baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials) except centennials found the pelvis to be the most attractive body part. However, centennials preferred the seductive curve of the clavicle on their potential partners.


When looking at a woman’s face, gay women and straight men agree: Eyes are the first feature they notice. Almost 70 percent of gay women and over 80 percent of straight men admire pupils, irises, corneas, and lenses before focusing on another body part. Straight men noticed a woman’s mouth next, whereas gay women were more likely to pay attention to their jawline.

Gay men and straight women noticed the same body parts as well. Eyes were also the first order of business for these respondents (over 62 percent for gay men and nearly 82 percent for straight women). While they agreed, the jawline was the next facial feature that demanded their attention, almost 25 percent of gay men noticed this first compared with just under 9 percent of straight women.


Gay women and straight men feel almost the same about the best physical feature on average, curvy, and thin female bodies. For the most part, they consider the chest to be the sexiest body part. However, straight men are slightly more attracted to thin women’s butts.

On the other hand, gay men and straight women have very different tastes when it comes to men’s bodies. Straight women feel arms are the sexiest body parts on average and thin men, while gay men can’t help but drool over the chest on a muscular man, stomach and abs on a thin man, and the butt and chest on an average-shaped man.


If you had to choose between toned arms and a bit of a belly or thin arms and washboard abs, what would you pick? Those attracted to men would rather have a guy with skinny arms and nice abs, while those attracted to women would opt for the opposite: toned arms and a chubby belly.

What are the hottest muscle groups on men and women? According to our respondents, it doesn’t get much better than a great set of biceps on a man. On a woman’s body, quads proved to be the sexist group of muscles, just above killer calves.


You might have some of the coveted physical features men or women are looking for, whether that’s your body shape, eyes, or biceps. While it’s nice to grab attention, you should love and take care of your body regardless. Working out won’t just give you a better-looking physique, but a confidence that can be just as sexy.

METHODOLOGY surveyed 2,017 respondents to see what body shapes and parts they found attractive in potential partners.


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