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Proform Studio Pro Bike vs. MYX Fitness Bike


The ProForm Studio Bike Pro and MYX Fitness Bike make for an interesting contrast of differences as screen size and resistance type come into play. With home fitness ever in vogue, customers are finding cooler and more tech-laden options than have ever been in the marketplace. And while both bikes offer smart screens, streaming programming, and lots of bells and whistles, they’re coming from completely different angles. In this review, we offer the highlights of both bikes and compare them one against the other. There’s no question, either bike will give users a great workout. But which one warrants a place in which person’s home will be a matter of personal preference here.


The MYX Fitness Bike comes in at $1,274 with its own specialized workout app targeting heart rate throughout the programming, priced at $29 per month. The ProForm Studio Bike Pro rolls in at $1,404, but comes with a three-year Family Membership in iFit, normally priced at $396 per year, making for a value of $1,188. For more information on iFit, read our in-depth review here. This makes the ProForm Studio Bike Pro but $216 if one factors in the value of the iFit package. The next big question for riders is the traditional friction resistance of the MYX Fitness Bike versus the Silent Magnetic Resistance of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro. Clearly it’s a question of user preference, and that’s why we’re here to boil down the specs.


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MYX Fitness Bike Specs & Highlights

MYX fitness bike whiteMYX Fitness is still a relatively new competitor in the market for connected exercise bikes. Among the first to offer a rival to the ‘Peloton Experience’ a budget-friendly manner, it also differs in its app’s approach to cardio fitness. The MYX fitness programming tailors workouts to heart rate zones, and brings a virtual library with more than 500 videos and routines, with new ones added regularly. The other unique element to this bike relative to the competition is it generates up to 100 levels of friction resistance by way of a heavy 41-pound flywheel, whereas many brand’s have long since gone to Silent Magnetic Resistance. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Adjustable seat both vertically and horizontally
  • 21.5-inch HD touch screen which swivels
  • Heavy 41-pound flywheel
  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor included
  • Dual sided pedals—SPD clips and toe cages both fitted
  • Separate Coach and Music volume controls
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Swiveling touchscreen design
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350lbs
  • Warranty of 1 year

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ProForm Studio Bike Pro Specs & Highlights

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro brings a dynamic mix from a well-established brand. Built iFit-enabled, the machine is able to allow professional trainers to control resistance from remote locations as users engage either live programming or any of the nearly unlimited pre-programmed routines. Equipped with a 10-inch Smart HD Touchscreen, the bike offers 22 levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance. The bike also features a unique, color-coded watts display for users to utilize. The bike can be operated without the iFit package if users so desire but it’s clearly designed to work in conjunct with that package. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Adjustable seat with ergonomic design
  • 10-inch HD touch screen which swivels
  • Designed to afford automatic trainer control
  • Optional toe cages or clip-in pedals
  • Water bottle holders
  • Two 3-pound dumbbells are included
  • Maximum user weight of 250 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, three years parts, one year labor

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ProForm Studio Bike Pro Vs. MYX Fitness Bike Breakdown


ProForm Studio Bike Pros

·         3-year iFit package included

·         Automatic trainer control

·         Silent Magnetic Resistance

·         Lifetime warranty on frame

MYX Fitness Bike Pros

·         Screen swivels for off-the-bike workouts

·         Lower cost of monthly subscription ($29/month)

·         Lateral adjustment of handlebars

·         Heavy flywheel

·         Large fan on console

·         Polar OH1 heart rate monitor included


ProForm Studio Bike Pro Cons

·         Lower max weight capacity

·         Smaller screen

·         iFit fees begin after three years

MYX Fitness Bike Cons

·         Friction resistance, not magnetic

·         One year warranty

·         Less connectivity between rider and trainers


Key Differences Between The MYX Fitness Bike and the ProForm Studio Bike Pro

From a dimensions and construction perspective, the MYX Fitness Bike measures 54 inches x 21 inches x 47 inches, whereas the significantly larger ProForm Studio Bike Pro measures 64.75 inches x 25 inches x 59.25 inches. This could be a decision point for some consumers, as might the difference in user weight capacity. With a maximum of 350 pounds afforded by the MYX Fitness Bike versus the 250 pounds on the ProForm Studio Bike Pro, larger customers might have the choice made for them right there. The fact that the MYX Fitness Bike uses a heavy 41-pound flywheel for resistance might also be helpful for rider stability if their bodyweight is in those upper realms. Meanwhile, Silent Magnetic Resistance does seem to be preferred by the majority of riders. Another key point here is the warranty, with the ProForm machine offering a lifetime warranty on the frame, against the MYX brand’s one year.


From more of a qualitative standpoint, the difference between the iFit package and MYX Fitness App might be of interest to those new to training platforms. The MYX program offers a virtual library of 500 videos, with new routines offered regularly. And, MYX is all about heart rate. Irrespective of one’s fitness level, the goal will be to hit a particular cardio zone. Training on the MYX bike is also more personal rather than competitive. MYX Fitness also structures its classes differently, placing them into four categories—bike, floor, mindful, and cross-training.


The iFit programming meanwhile offers riders a live experience as trainers can control the resistance level from remote while they ride. There is significantly more variety here with Google Street View rides taking bikers around the world. Riders can exercise solo or as part of a class, with a live trainer, or pre-programmed routes. Meanwhile, the ProForm bike does offer a 10-inch HD touch screen, whereas the MYX Bike sports a 21.5-inch HD touch screen. Both swivel, which means riders can still participate in trainer-led drills while on the floor, either practicing yoga, plyometrics, or stretching.


Where The MYX Fitness Bike Leads

  • The 21.5-inch HD Touchscreen is definitely a high-point here as for many customers, “Bigger is better.” The bigger screen is easier to see from a distance if riders go to the floor for stretching, or just want a larger visual experience.
  • The heavier max weight capacity might well be a decision point for some riders seeking a weight loss tool.
  • For those riders seeking a cardio tool with heart rate in mind, MYX is designed for them. The included heart rate monitor and library of programming designed to customize workouts to meet a specific cardio zone is unique and backed by solid research.
  • The MYX Fitness Bike is actually a smaller machine and this might also be a selling point for riders with space issues.
  • MYX also offers independent volume adjustment between the workout’s musical soundtrack and the instructors. Some riders struggle with background noise, while others would rather listen to their own music. This is a novel solution.


Where The ProForm Studio Bike Pro Bike Leads

  • Right off the bat, the 3-year Family Membership in iFit is a big selling point price-wise. Frankly, one would almost have to be anti-iFit to turn it down given the price.
  • The lifetime warranty on the frame is another huge win for the ProForm team. Lifetime warranty on the frame versus the one year offered by MYX. Hands down, ProForm.
  • When comparing resistance, the Silent Magnetic Resistance is a big deal for hard core riders used to pushing themselves hard. The 41-pound flywheel on the MYX is solid for sure, but there’s a reason the rest of the industry is going magnetic.
  • The diversity of programming offered by the ProForm’s deal with iFit is significantly higher than that offered by MYX

In Conclusion…

Unless a rider’s bodyweight exceeds the 250-pound limit of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro, we’re going to have to say it has the advantage on many levels. Between the warranty and the three-year app package, the deal is just too sweet to pass up. That said, for true fans of traditional friction resistance, yes the MYX Fitness Bike brings a solid unit, and it’s screen is significantly larger. That said, because the bikes are designed for the home, one could always park it in front of a smart television set and use the same apps.


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