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ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 vs. NordicTrack Commercial S22i: The Battle for Value


The ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 and the NordicTrack Commercial S22i bring a distinct choice concerning cost to studio bike shoppers, as the value of bells and whistles comes into question. What’s interesting here is the number of similarities, right down to the programming options as both bikes are engineered to deliver high-tech programming by way of the iFit app. As with most home exercise equipment though, no two machines are identical, hence the contrast. In this case, the price difference, bike size, and options will most certainly rule the day. But in terms of overall quality, shoppers really can’t go wrong with either. Below is our side-by-side spec analysis, along with our own experiences testing these bikes, along with others from rival brands.


The pricing difference is probably the first thing one notices here as the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 comes in at $1,299 with a free 30-day trial of the iFit Family Membership valued at $39. The S22i is priced at $1,999 with the same iFit package. If unfamiliar with the iFit fitness app and accompanying technology, read our analysis here. Both bikes come with a 22-inch swiveling screen and identical warranties, but the S22i features a unique 10% decline and 20% incline option that the ProForm model does not. Both offer 24 levels of digital resistance by way of Silent Magnetic Resistance, but the S22i is a larger bike, has a higher user weight maximum, and more Bluetooth options. And that makes sense when considering the difference in price. The question for potential buyers is whether the extra options are worth the $700 difference.


For this reason, we see these bikes as a great value match-up with the question being the cost associated with added features. There are certainly pro’s and con’s associated with both. Read below for the complete details and links to our complete reviews of each bike. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our comprehensive Exercise Bike Reviews for 2021 here. 

Interested in the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22?

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Interested in the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike?

See the S22i Price Here!



ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Specs & Highlights

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 is designed to work in conjunct with iFit-trainer controlled capability and live training options. This means that while using iFit, live trainer can control the speed and resistance of the bike. With a 22-inch rotating screen, this machine can also work with the SmartBeat Forearm Heart Rate Monitor which is sold separately. Purchase comes with two 3-pound dumbbells, water bottle holder, and audio auxiliary port. Measuring 21.9″ x 56.5″ x 54″ the bike sports a 250-pound weight maximum.  Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Adjustable ergonomic seat
  • 22-inch Smart HD touch screen which swivels
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • 24 levels of resistance
  • Pedals with toe cages and clips
  • 30 days iFit Family Membership plan
  • Two 3-pound dumbbells included
  • Water bottle holder
  • Multi-position, adjustable handlebar
  • Ergonomic seat
  • User weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • 10-year warranty on the frame, two years for parts, one for labor

Read our full ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Review here.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike Specs & Highlights

The S22i also features automatic trainer control as it has been engineered to work with the iFit app. Measuring 63″ x 22″ x 60″ with a 350-pound user weight maximum, this bike also features a 22-inch Smart HD Touchscreen. This bike comes with Bluetooth headphone and heart rate connectivity. What really stands out is the bike’s ability to incline up to 20% and decline 10%, which really comes into play when the iFit trainers can control this from remote. But even without the app, the ability to incline and decline offers riders the opportunity to hit the virtual trails, mountains, and roads of Earth. Two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers and an autobreeze workout fan round out a few more of the many added benefits to the bike. Other features include:

  • Ergonomic padded seat
  • 30 days iFit Family Membership plan
  • 22-inch Smart HD touch screen which swivels
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • 24 levels of resistance
  • 10% decline and 20% incline
  • OneTouch Controls
  • Android 9.0 OS
  • Dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Headphone and Heart Rate Connectivity
  • Google Maps Workout Technology
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Two 3-pound dumbbells included
  • User weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • 10-year warranty on frame, two years for parts, one for labor

Read our full NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike Review here.


ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Vs. NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike Breakdown


ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Pros

·         More affordable price

·         22-inch HD screen can swivel

·         Silent Magnetic Resistance

·         Great warranty

S22i Bike Pros

·         Incline and decline option

·         Higher user weight capacity

·         Bluetooth-enabled

·         Dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity


ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Cons

·        No workout fan

·         Lower user weight capacity

·         No Bluetooth

S22i Bike Cons

·         Higher price

·         Large bike requires more room



Key Differences Between the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 and NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike

In terms of raw specs, the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 measures 21.9″ x 56.5″ x 54″ and has a 250-pound weight limit. Meanwhile, the larger NordicTrack Commercial S22i comes in at 63″ x 22″ x 60″ with a 350-pound weight limit. The Pro 22 weighs in-box 144 pounds against the S22i’s 203 pounds. Both bikes offer the same warranty of 10 years for the frame, two years for parts, and one year for labor. Mechanically, both bikes utilize Silent Magnetic Resistance and offer 24 levels which are digitally controlled.

The big difference is price, and to that degree, one sees the little extras which do in fact add up with the S221i. The biggest point of value would be that bike’s unique ability to decline and incline. We really like that feature and can see where indoor studio bike riders would as well, particularly when partnered with a 22-inch screen that brings Google Maps Workout technology to the living room. Riders aren’t just able to see the mountains on which they ride, but actually feel the incline and decline as well. Tech-wise, the S22i just brings more action, processing speed, and Bluetooth features. Yes, the Pro 22 has a forearm heart rate monitor option available for separate purchase and it does indeed work. But the Bluetooth features of the S22i work not just with a more varied set of options involving heart rate monitors, they allow for headphones as well.

It’s interesting both bikes not only offer iFit and a 30-day membership trial, but both offer the same trainer controls which allow the bikes to be adjusted from a remote location. Also of note, either bike can be used without the iFit app, and the machine could simply be placed in front of a smart television if desired. So, just how important is the bike size, maximum user weight, and ability to incline and decline? That’s really the deciding point here with a $700 difference. The size of the bike is also of note given it will be inside a home and frankly that’s more of an case-by-case situation.


Where The ProForm Studio Pro 22 Bike Leads

  • If a smaller bike is desired due to home space, the ProForm model is certainly the better of the two.
  • Price-wise, the ProForm model is less expensive and by all appearance of solid build and high quality.
  • The ProForm bike would be better for riders who don’t want all the bells and whistles and are simply looking for a good indoor studio bike.

Where The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike Leads

  • The S22i has the ability to incline 20% and decline 10%. That’s a huge benefit not common amongst indoor studio bikes and frankly might be the deciding point for buyers.
  • The S22i is Bluetooth-enabled and therefore offers more by way of entertainment and interactive heart rate monitors.
  • The S22i has a significantly higher maximum user weight which might be a deciding point for some riders. The same would be true for the overall size of the bike as some riders feel more comfortable on a bigger model.

In Conclusion…

We’re rating the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 slightly higher than the NordicTrack Commercial S22i due to the difference in price and overall similarity in features, although there are no bad choices here. Is the ability to incline and decline worth the difference in price? That’s entirely up to the individual, but in terms of ratings we just can’t see any other major difference between the two to justify cost. Granted, the S22i has more features overall, but in terms of bang-for-the-buck, the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 definitely brings the better deal overall. With equal warranties, iFit packages, and 22-inch screens, we feel one would have to be choosing the S22i simply for the incline/decline.


See ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Bike Price


See the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Bike Price Here!

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