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Presidents’ Day Home Gym Sale 2019

Quiet operating running deck, strong motor, and folding frame are some of the reasons why we like the NordicTrack 1750. This popular treadmill is on sale now for $1,699 and ships for free.
Reg. Price: $1,799
Sale Price: $1,699

An extra roomy 22 x 60 inch running deck and powerful motor is why we like the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill. Now on sale for only $1,799.
Reg. Price: $1,999
Sale Price: $1,799

The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer requires only half the space of a traditional elliptical machines. This low impact trainer is $200, and 18 month financing is available.
Reg. Price: $1,299
Sale Price: $999

The SB900 from Sole is a great value at $999. This durable bike has many essential features such as SPD pedals, a heavy drive and an ergonomic design.
Reg. Price: $1,799
Sale Price: $999

Feature rich NordicTrack s22i comes with 2 three pound dumbbells, 2 water bottle holders, 22 levels of resistance and electronic movement for incline and decline.
Reg. Price: $2,999
Sale Price: $1,999

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t particularly like going to the gym, or paying for an expensive gym membership, you might’ve contemplated investing in a home gym that you can use to gain strength and lose weight. After all, what could be better than working out in the comfort and privacy of home, without the crowds and without having to share your equipment? Unfortunately, though, the price of home gym equipment might hold you back from making this smart purchase.

But there’s great news: Presidents’ Day sales are offering deep discounts on a wide range of products for the home, so why not check out the gym gear that’s also being offered at surprisingly low prices? That way, you can take charge of your health and weight without breaking the bank.

Make the Most of Presidents’ Day Home Gym Sales 2019

The problem for a lot of people is that home gyms can be expensive and out of budget. But if you thought that you couldn’t afford great at-home gym equipment, think again.

This year, Presidents’ Day falls on February 18th, 2019, and you can take advantage of everything from elliptical sales and treadmill sales, to exercise bike sales and home gym sales. Everything that you could possibly need to create a workout space at home is much more affordable, thanks to these sales.

Whether you’re trying to shed extra pounds before swimsuit season rolls around, you want to build more strength and flexibility, or you just want to start exercising at home so that you can fit it into your schedule more easily, the right home gym will allow you to do everything from cardio to resistance training. In other words, you won’t have to sacrifice anything, even if you’re used to going to the gym and using the equipment there.

Want to Make the Most of Presidents’ Day Sales? Shop Online!

When it comes to buying gym equipment for your home, you can shop online to find some amazing discounts for Presidents Day. Plus, online shopping gives you access to exclusive sales and promo codes that you can’t use in stores, so it’s definitely worth staying in and shopping from the comfort of home.

Consider, too, that the selection in stores might be limited, and you might have to deal with large crowds and persistent salespeople. On the other hand, when you shop online, you can visit a multitude of websites at the same time, so you can see what different retailers are offering.

Put simply, when shopping online, you can check out a wide range of stores and brands, as well as find plenty of information on a variety of home gyms and their features. And you can compare products easily by reading the reviews left by customers.

No Better Time Than Presidents’ Day to Invest in a Home Gym!

With so many fabulous Presidents’ Day home gym deals, there’s no need to keep putting off investing in the equipment that you need. Instead, you can get the gear that’s necessary to maintain a fitness routine at home for your health and wellness.

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