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Peloton vs. Proform Studio Bike Pro: Which is Right for You?

Peloton vs. Proform Studio Bike Pro, side by side

The Peloton and Proform Studio Bike Pro are two stationary bikes designed for experienced riders and those looking to enhance their indoor riding workouts. Both bikes have different apps that offer unique elements to keep indoor workouts exciting and challenging. In this review, I will break down the best features of both and compare head to head. While both bikes will provide you with a great ride, one may be best suited for your personal goals and interests.


It’s worth noting that since this was originally published, Peloton has adapted their lineup, adding a new Peloton Bike+ to their repertoire with additional features and dropping the price on the original Peloton The original Bike comes in at $1,445, which makes it quite a bit more competitive in the market than it was before. In contrast, the Peloton Bike+ ($2,495) adds a swiveling screen, auto-follow resistance that matches resistance changes made by instructors during live and streaming workouts, as well as a host of other features. At its core, this change is meant to make the Bike+ more of a total body workout bike, allowing users to follow cross training, strength training, yoga, stretching, and Boot Camp classes as well as the brand’s much-loved indoor cycling routines.


For the sake of clarity, the balance of this review focuses on the original Peloton Bike, and not the upgrade model.


Peloton Exercise Bike with HD Display ScreenThe Peloton is sweeping the nation for its next level workouts, luxury style and ability to leave riders dripping in sweat as if they were in a spin studio. The Peloton comes in at a higher price point than most bikes on the market but aims to set the bar high with elite level instructors and thousands of varying rides. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Peloton app built into screen display with monthly membership
  • 5” HD touch screen
  • Thousands of different rides and workout options
  • Clip-in pedals with the option to purchase Peloton cycling shoes
  • Dumbbell rack on back of bike (weights not included)
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Magnetic smooth flywheel
  • can hold up to 300lbs
  • Elite instructors teaching live from a studio in NYC

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Proform Studio Bike Pro

Proform Studio Bike Pro with HD Display ScreenThis bike has a unique style with black and yellow accents, a rear magnetic flywheel and angled handlebars. This bike is eye-catching in its design and easy to assemble for the average rider. You will love the features included in the Apps built into the console and the way the bike simulates incline/decline by physically moving up and down. This bike is compact though fairly long in length so would require the space to maneuver within your home. Some of the best features of this bike include:

  • 10” HD touch screen with built in Apps including Google Maps and iFit Coach
  • magnetic rear flywheel
  • 3lb dumbells
  • narrow, cushioned seat
  • turn-crank style adjustment knobs at seat shaft, forward and backward moving seat capabilities and handlebar shaft
  • Universal pedal design; comes equipped with caged pedals but can easily be switched for clip-in compatible pedals
  • Singular water bottle holder
  • Sleek and modern design/colors

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So which one is best for you?

Peloton Pros

· Large screen display with clear images

· Elite trainers with great music

· Extremely smooth flywheel

· Cycling shoe clip-in option

Proform Pros

· Stylish and modern design

· More affordable price point compared to Peloton

· Bike physically moves with incline/decline to simulate hills

· Small, compact screen on console

Peloton Cons

· Higher price point

· No fan in display or tray for items

· Dumbbells not included

Proform Cons

· Screen only tilts up and down not side to side

· Turn-crank adjustment knobs take time to get used to

· No tray for personal items such as phone, keys, etc.


My Experience

  • I loved how smooth of a ride and how quiet the flywheel was on the Peloton which is ideal when working out around others you don’t want to disturb
  • The Proform screen is smaller but still efficient for users—the con being that it doesn’t turn side to side.
  • The Peloton design and setup is ergonomically speaking more similar to a road bike which I preferred over the Proform design but that would be more of a personal preference from rider to rider. The Proform handlebars are angled upwards much like a bike you would find in a gym which may be more familiar to gym goers.
  • The Proform is significantly more affordable than the Peloton—so, if cost is of concern then you are definitely going to want to lean towards the Proform. However, if you have the budget for the Peloton, the workouts and overall quality of the bike make it well worth it.
  • Both bikes offer a great, smooth and quiet ride. The flywheel on the Peloton is slightly smoother than the Proform and located in the front versus the back, which was a personal preference for myself.
  • When adjusting the resistance on the Peloton, the numbers increase showing you exactly how much resistance you are adding as the instructor leads. The Proform resistance is adjusted on the handlebars, which I found not to be as similar to an in-studio or outdoor experience.
  • Both bikes need adequate space for setup and maneuvering but the Proform is longer so does require more space with its incline/decline moving function.
  • When comparing the apps, I found the Peloton app far exceeded the iFit Coach in terms of the spin classes as I felt the instructors were more authentic and inspiring. I also enjoyed the music far better on the Peloton. However, the iFit Coach does offer unique options and more outdoor rides around the world.

In Conclusion…

Both of these bikes are elite indoor options for users and both have a great design and look. When deciding which of these bikes is best for you I would recommend narrowing down to the app qualities, desire for a bike that moves and price. I would start with the app quality as this is what you will be following on a day to day basis. Loving the workouts and feeling inspired to ride is what is going to give you the best bang for your buck. If you are interested in studio-similar classes, the Peloton is amazing, whereas if you like outdoor rides and want to see various parts of the world, the Proform is the way to go. The functions of the bike are important to consider too and possible unique features. The Proform physically moves with incline and decline, so if you are looking to simulate hills or valleys, this may be an intriguing option for you. If you are not concerned with the bike moving and prefer a smooth, strong ride, the Peloton will more than please. Lastly, the price point is something to consider for your own budget and what you are looking to achieve from your new purchase. Both bikes offer amazing features so it may come down to the best price point. In terms of overall features and quality my personal preference was the Peloton but the Proform offers a better price point, smaller frame and ability to do hundreds of different rides all over the world.

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