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Top 5 Peloton Bike Alternatives of 2020

Ever since the dawn of SoulCycle there has been a growing boom in indoor cycling/Spin classes. The cult-like nature of the training—friendly competition, leaderboards, the welcoming atmosphere—has drawn huge crowds, and since the arrival of the Peloton Bike, competition from all corners of the industry has been popping up to bring this engaging studio experience into your home. For a while the fitness tech powerhouse was alone in its class, but these days there are a good number of competitors in the ring, some of which are coming in with much more affordable means of getting that streaming studio experience.


That said, things have gotten a bit more complicated with some recent announcements at Peloton. With the announcement of the Peloton Bike+ and a lower entry price on the classic Peloton Bike. The new model will still be more expensive than its competition, but it now comes with a new larger 23.8″ HD touchscreen that swivels, meant to be used to take advantage of Peloton’s growing catalog of strength training, cross training, yoga, stretching, and Boot Camp workouts. The classic bike’s sticker price has dropped to $1,895, making it much more competitive than before.

Best Overall


NordicTrack Commercial S22i

Rating: 95.1%

Top 5 Peloton Bike Alternatives of 2020




Resistance Type








Closest Competitor nordictrack-commercial-s22i-studio-bike-review-with-iFit-coach-enabled-for-spin-class-videos-and-interactive-workouts-with-22-touch-screen-with-high-definition-with-22-resistance-levels
NordicTrack Commercial S22i

22 Levels


Heavy-duty Steel

Adjustable Horizontally And Vertically

Toe Cages, Universal Design

Ifit Coach

22" Hd Touchscreen

Bring Your Own Tech Echelon EX3 Connect Bike
Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3 Max

32 Levels


Powder-coated, Welded Steel

Competition Seat With 6'' Lever-style Adjustment

Spd Compatible With Fully Adjustable Toe Cages

Echelon Fit App

Mobile / Tablet Required

Best Budget Buy MYX fitness bike white
MYX Fitness Bike

1-100 Variable


Welded Steel

Adjustable Horizontally And Vertically

Toe Cages

Myx Fitness

21.5" Hd Touchscreen

Bowflex C6 Bike
Bowflex C6 Bike

1-100 Variable


Heavy-duty Steel

Padded Road Bike Style, Adjustable

Dual-sided - Toe Cages And Spd Clips

Multiple Streaming Options Available

Backlit Lcd + Mobile / Tablet Required For Streaming

Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
Schwinn IC4

100 (micro-adjustable)




Dual Link Pedals With Toe Cages

Multiple Streaming Options Available

Lcd Display + Mobile / Tablet Required For Streaming

What to Consider In a Peloton Alternative

This is a bit of a different animal when just comparing spin bikes overall—a category we have covered extensively here. At a mechanical level these bikes are going to be very similar to one another. They all run magnetic resistance systems that adjust manually, They’re all quite sturdy, and from an ergonomics and adjustability/comfort standpoint they’re too close to really bother breaking down.

Where these bikes will differ will be how their programs are delivered (on bike vs. streaming to your tablet or TV), how many classes (live or on demand) you’ll have access to, how long their warranties last, and how much they cost (both for the bike and for the monthly streaming services. As you’ll see in the options below, in some cases you’re looking at being pretty much on par with Peloton, whereas if you’re willing to give up a few less essential features there are some pretty decent savings to be had.


Streaming Vs. Programmed

First things first, whats the big deal with interactive training? Well, it’s simple, really. Depending on your fitness level, interests, and personal motivations, getting up and onto your bike could be second nature, or it could be a real struggle. Having built in programming is a good start to overcome this, as it gives riders a guide of sorts as to how long and how strenuous your workout should be. For some, that’s enough of a kick in the pants, however not for everyone.

Think of it the same way that many people look at going to the gym in general. For some, having the membership is enough of a motivator to get their butt in the door however many days a week they’re capable of. For others, it’s the added investment in a personal trainer that does the job. If you’re shelling out $XX per day/week/month for a trainer you have no choice but to drag yourself out there, and having a professional push you through your workouts means you’ll burn the calories you want to burn, or build the muscle and definition you’ve long been lusting after.

Streaming training bikes (Peloton, MYX Fitness, the NordicTrack S22i, and other competitors that we’re discussing below) are effectively the equivalent of hiring that personal trainer. You’re paying a premium not only for a well-built spin bike, but also for monthly access to a slew of training classes with high caliber instructors. In the live sessions (depending on the bike in question) instructors can see your training data and offer encouragement as they push you through their classes—not an experience you used to be able to get from the comfort of your own home.

1. NordicTrack Commercial S22i

The NordicTrack S22i was one of the first real competitors in this space, and at a spec-to-spec level is closest aligned to the Peloton Bike’s setup. Its screen measures the same 22″ across, but rather than streaming Peloton classes you gain access to iFit (1-year subscription included), which delivers thousands of on-demand spin classes in a range of formats from a multitude of instructors. You can also follow their “Around The World” courses that take you down real-world HD-recorded circuits from around the globe. You don’t get the same direct live classes you would from Peloton, but you can participate in leaderboards and track your progress in comparison to other iFit users.

2. Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3 Max

When it comes to Echelon, the brand decided that they were better off leaving the hard tech out of the equation, which given the millions of iPads and tablets found throughout countless households around the globe, it sort of makes sense. Their sturdy bike gets the job done just fine, and through a monthly subscription, riders can take part in unlimited on-demand spin classes just like what’s available via the competition. The difference here? You’re into the bike for just over $1000, so even when you roll in the $480 worth of monthly memberships you’re still saving a fair bit of money.

3. MYX Fitness Bike

A lot of brands are claiming to be Peloton alternatives, but few manage to match the majority of its features while still undercutting its sticker price. Enter MYX Fitness—a true Peloton alternative. Your bike cost is lower by a fair margin (at $1,199), and even afterwards the cost of monthly subscription to MYX Fitness streaming classes are more affordable. You’re looking at $29/month to stream a wide range of spin classes, cross training, strength training, and other fitness options. What’s more, unlike the Peloton, you can actually swivel the screen of the MYX bike to take better advantage of their off-bike training options.

4. Bowflex C6 Bike

Bowflex’s latest indoor cycle is all about giving you a well-built indoor cycle that can link up the the fitness app of your choosing (once again including the Peloton app, with limited functionality). It’s worth noting that Bowflex is also working on a handful of apps/services that will also go along with this bike, including their own version of “Around the World” like you see in the higher spec NordicTrack. We’re looking forward to testing this unit in our Fitrated studio head-to-head with the Schwinn IC4 in the coming months!

5. Schwinn IC4

Much like the Bowflex C6, the Schwinn IC4 is all about freedom of choice, about freedom from being pigeonholed into a single brand/single provider of streaming training sources. Mount your own tablet and choose from apps like Peloton, Zwift, and several others to get your daily spin class fix from the comfort of home. It’s a very affordable bike from a longstanding name in the business.